27 Jun 2017

I had been working late, with a project deadline looming. I needed a break and so went to make a cup of tea. I had thought I was alone in the office, but noticed a light up the corridor. Not paying too much attention, I entered the kitchen and put the kettle on. A minute or two later my manager, a greying woman, probably in her mid-fifties - around ten years or so older than me, walked in.

"Derek, hi," she said, "I thought I heard the kettle. Working late to try and impress the boss?" She smiled.

"Mrs. Kimble, I'm just finishing my progress report on the Fischer Project," I responded. A felt a little silly calling her Mrs. Kimble, after all I was a fairly mature man and she was not that much older than me, but she and her husband were directors of the company they'd established, and I always thought it important to show respect, so I'd never felt entirely comfortable calling her by her first name either. She didn't correct me.

"When you're done with your tea, come and see me in my office, I'd like to discuss another project."

A few minutes later, with my teacup in hand, I walked through to her office. Her head was down, looking at some papers and so I cleared my throat, "You wanted to see me?"

"Yes," she responded. "Derek, I was joking when I asked whether you were trying to impress me. Your work is good and your professionalism impeccable. I always value that very highly."

She paused and took off her glasses, looked me straight in the eye. "Derek, let me get straight to the point, you're an attractive man and I value that too. It's one of the reasons I hired you. I have been feeling a little stressed lately and need an outlet."

Was Mrs. Kimble propositioning me? I cannot say anything like this had ever happened to me before, so didn't really know how to respond. I managed to say, "Yes?", in a questioning tone.

"George, Mr. Kimble, works hard too and is also not always around, so we have a little, er, arrangement." She stood up and walked around to the side of the desk where I was standing. She reached out with her right hand and placed it on my arm and then drew closer and kissed me on the lips.

I was a little flabbergasted with her directness, with everything her actions might imply, but the forcefulness of the kiss was arousing. I cannot say that Mrs. Kimble was the most attractive lady I had ever worked with, but she dressed well and I had experienced fleeting fantasies of what it might be like with her. And she certainly knew how to kiss. I responded and as our kissing became more frantic I allowed my hands to start exploring. I ran my hands down her back and cupped her buttocks. She grabbed my crotch and gave it a good, almost painful squeeze. I was hard already from her kisses. She loosened my belt buckle and trousers and pushed her hand into my underpants, squeezing again and giving me a tug. I groaned. In the meantime, I had started fondling her breasts through her blouse, which I now started unbuttoning. She had me out now and was busy stroking my cock rather furiously. I needed to slow her down a little.

I tried unhooking her bra and as I was fumbling with the clasps she brushed my hands out the way and quickly hooked it and pulled it away. "That is something you men never seem to be able to do properly - there should be a class at school."

Her exposed breasts were a large and a little droopy but her big nipples were erect and I lowered my mouth to first one and then the other and started sucking. She unfastened her skirt and moved my right hand down to her crotch. She was not wearing any panties. "Wow," I thought, had she removed them earlier, or was she in the habit of not wearing underwear? Her trimmed hair felt damp as I moved my fingers over her mound and slowly started probing her. Soon I had an index finger in her very wet vagina and used her wetness to lubricate her clitoris, which I started massaging. She changed position and sat on the edge of her desk with her legs pulled up and pushed my head down from her breasts to between her legs. I teasingly licked at her oozing wet slit and slid my tongue deep inside her, tasting her delicious, wanton femininity before moving my attention to her clitoris which I licked and then drew into my mouth, sucking it while simultaneously flicking at its little head with my tongue. She came with a shudder and a gasp and pushed my head away from her. After a little she lowered her legs off her desk and turned around, bending over her desk. I moved in and sliding my throbbing cock deep into her vagina which was so wet it was almost dripping. I started thrusting hard with my hands cupping her buttocks and then teasingly ran a finger gently between them brushing her anus. I started massaging her anus with my fingertip, and then licked my finger tip to moisten it before returning it to her little rosebud. I gently pushed at the hole while still thrusting and slowly slipped my finger inside her. As my second knuckle was starting to disappear, I felt her muscles tighten around my finger and knowing she was about to climax again, I thrust harder and we both orgasmed almost simultaneously, as I had managed to hold back until I knew she was nearly over the edge.

I collapsed against her, my body pressed against her back and after a minute or so had passed she said a little breathlessly, "Nice work Derek, but don't expect a raise."