Written by TheLibrarian

19 Nov 2014

The contrast between the cold air and the warm air inside the Night Club, coiled its delicate fingers around Riley’s body, caressing her skin as she entered. With one glance in the full length mirrored wall to her left, she gave herself an internal nod of approval before averting her eyes and returning her attention to the dance floor where wet, skimpily clad bodies rubbed and twisted around each other’s like snakes in a pit. Everyone seemed entranced, moving in sync with the rhythm of the track called Frozen by Celldeweller. Tapping a manicured tip against the red purse in her right hand, she shifted her weight from one foot to another while she searched the crowd for a familiar face. The corner of her crimson lips lifted as she spotted Mr. D at the bar, his usual spot, the woman hanging on his side hardly a threat to Riley. Lifting her chin she ambled her way through the crowd and as she reached Ken, she slid her one hand along his thigh allowing her thumb to graze against his zipper.

“You called. Sir?” She whispered seductively into his ear, while subtly severing the connection between him and the other woman, by sliding in between them.

“So reliable Ms Raven” He said as he slid his hand around her waist, pulling her in between his thighs “Does anyone know where you are tonight?”

“Not a soul, according to them – I’m on a business trip, so I’m yours for 48 hours.”

“That’s a good girl” There was that tone again, satisfaction laced with seduction and authority all in one.

“Shall we?” He continued while standing up and reaching behind her for his drink and downing it in one swift move”

Mr. D’s games and adventures have become like a drug for Riley, each time it was something new and exciting, she never knew what to expect other than the end result being complete euporia and her desires sated until the next meeting. Silently Riley followed Mr. D as he lead her by her hand through the crowd, although hundreds of eyes were following them, she had no care for what they were thinking or assuming for that matter. They reached the large matt black door, Mr. D rapped on the door with his knuckles and a large muscled brute opened it, filling the entire entrance.

“Two Eight Falcon” Mr. D’s tone was hushed. Goliath glaned down on the iPad scrolled a little then stood aside with a slight nod. He was so cold and pokerfaced that for a moment I thought he may not be human.

A long dark corridor with purple LED lights lining the skirting, casting a sensual ambiance across the black carpeted floor stretched out before them. Mr. D dropped Riley’s hand and instructed her over his shoulder to follow him but to keep a 2 meter distance between them and not look left or right. Obliging Riley did exactly as she was told, as they started down the corridor, conspicuous sounds echoed from behind some of the closed doors. Sounds depicting intense pleasure, the further they ventured into this place, the more Riley felt her body responding to what awaited her. Her nipples had already grown taught against the lace of her bra, between her legs, she could feel her clit throbbing while her lips slid against each other due to the natural lubrication that now left her thighs completely damp. She felt hot and flushed and oh so excited.

Stopping at a door to the left, Mr. D keyed in a pin code and the door clicked open. He smiled at Riley as he pushed the door open and stood aside for her to enter. Shocked at what she saw, Riley swallowed and stepped over the threshold. Dead center was a bench that was fitted with Movie.

“Get undressed” it was a simple but stern instruction from Mr. D.

Riley knew better than to hesitate, but this time, she was not 100% sure if she could manage this game.

“Did you fail to understand the instruction Riley?” Mr. D’s sardonic tone had Riley’s hands move instinctively to the Zipper at the back of her dress.

“Yes sir, I did” without further indecision Riley unzipped her dress, and it slid down her body pooling at her feet. She bent down to undo the clasps of her shoes.

”Leave those on” Mr. D was looking at her, just simply looking. He had made no attempt to do anything other than that. Fully aware of his scrutinizing gaze Riley stood up and raised her chin slightly before reaching to unclasp her bra, letting the straps slide down her arms freeing her full D cup breasts.

Riley knew she was no super model, she had curves in places that should not have curves, although not completely out of shape, she knew she could look a lot better with some effort, but effort was something she did not always have time or willpower for. “It’s all about the base, bout the base no treble” Riley sang words to one of the most popular songs currently trending all over the place in her mind, which somehow gave her a boost of confidence, and besides, Mr. D keeps coming back, so clearly he does not find her that distasteful. In fact, if she didn’t know better, he was probably very attracted to her and her curves. Or it was merely a case of her willingness to experiment. Whichever it was, Riley liked it, she liked feeling free to explore her inner nymphomaniac, and allow her to surface on occasion.

Riley stood before Mr. D in all her glory, and she could see he approved.

“Have you ever been machine fucked?” he asked as she reached out to take her hand, leading her over to the bench.

“No, I haven’t” was her response as she eyed the contraption at the foot end of the bench.

“Well then it’s time we break your virginity in that arena” Mr K helped Riley unto the bed, but before he urged her to lay down he slid his fingers down between her legs, and unexpectedly thrust two fingers into her. Riley gasped for air as her body responded and her legs fell wide open. It felt so good when he had anything of him stuck in her, that she would be more than happy to be in this position for the rest of her life. Mr. D thrusted his fingers mercilessly into her pussy a few more times before he pulled them out and reached up to stick them in her mouth. Riley wanted everything he had to offer, so she sucked his fingers into her mouth, tasting herself. He then slowly pushed Riley down unto her back with her head, hanging off the end of the bench. He strapped her arms by her elbows and wrists with the leather constraints attached to the bench. The same constraint was pulled over her waist as she was strapped to the bench. Taking rope, he made her bend her knees and he wound rope around he knees to keep her knees bent, making sure it was secured he then took leather constraints connected to chains and strapped them around her ankles. Riley was not going to get out of this, even if she wanted to. The thought both terrified and excited her. What she did not expect was the leather strap that Mr. D wrapped around her neck it wasn’t too tight that she couldn’t breathe, but it resulted in hear head hanging downward, if she tries to raise her head it would restrict her breathing.

“Is this needed?” she dared ask.

“Don’t you trust me?” case closed.

Riley remained silent, but her heart rate had accelerated due to the adrenalin pumping through her veins. Mr. D was not talking to her, he was simply moving about setting up everything. Riley closed her eyes and for a moment, she wondered if she should use her safe word. Having joined this organisation they were very strict on members abiding to the rules.

1. All acts performed are done only if both parties consent.

2. No forced acts permitted.

3. No unreasonable acts of abuse or torture to be tolerated

4. Safe words to be respected, used and accepted.

She had time to pull out of this, should she? All her fears and her desires that raced through her mind, body and soul seemed more like a mosaic of things that delineated no clear choice of thought. With her inner conflict she had not paid attention to Mr. D, not that she could see what he was up to in her current position. All she could see was upside down paintings depicting medieval torture methods. What the fuck was wrong with her, why was she here, and why the hell did she always come back? With her mind made up to use her safe word, she felt the gentle suckle of Mr. D’s mouth on her left breast, and the safe word was silenced. His fingers slid over the strap across her waist and delved into the folds of her pussy, his fingers sliding over her clit. Just gently stroking.

“I won’t do anything to hurt you Riley” his tone was calming, for some fucked up reason she trusted him.

“Now relax, and at any time when you need me to let you go, use the safe word”

He was a bloody mind reader too, Riley thought as she relaxed somewhat, and suddenly Mr. D had moved away from her and she instantly missed his touch. She listened for a clue as to where he was and all she could make out that he was at her feet, a soft buzzing noise started before Riley felt a rubbery tip of a dildo push against her clit, It was a rhythmic motion as the dildo pulled away and bumped against her clit again, but then it slipped into her, and that’s where it stayed, moving in and out at a steady pace. Riley felt her body respond, her desire rising. She wishes she could see what he was doing to her. She knew now, that he was using a fuck machine. Riley had nowhere to go or no way to move, while this dildo penetrated her pussy over and over, slowly picking up speed. Riley felt it hit her cervix causing her body to shiver in anticipation. As the machine fucked her at pace, she felt her pussy get wetter with each stroke. She tried to move her head but each time she did, she could feel the constraint around her neck tighten.

Mr. D was now standing beside her, he had put nipple clamps on her aching nipples and although the sting was painful it was also extremely erotic. By using the same breathing method as a woman in labour and chanting ‘you can do this’ in her mind, it eventually became a thing of mind over matter. She was trapped no doubt, and although the safe word was on the tip of her tongue it evaded her. With her eyes closed and tears stinging the corners, she was suddenly presented with the tip of Mr. D’s cock against her lips, without protest, she willingly opened her mouth, and Mr. D slid his length deep into her mouth, slowly at first with his hands were on either side of her head holding her in place. The pace of the machine had now picked up again and the silicone dildo was drilling into her core over and over. At the same time Mr. D, was thrusting his rigid length into her mouth. Experience has taught her how to manage without gagging too much, so she focused on relaxing her throat, and flattening her tongue. Her mouth partially open and not closed around his cock, it was like visiting your GP and saying ‘Aah’.

Mr. D simply had the freedom to fuck her mouth, and Riley had no option but to accept. She could taste the salty taste of his precum as it leaked unto the back of her tongue and she liked it. This was what her darkest desires were all about. To the world out there Riley was a normal every day woman, who wakes up and goes to work, one who stops at the Grocer to pick up bread and milk, occasionally even visits church on a Sunday. Joining this organisation was a way of escaping the solemn bone dry, dreary life that consumes a person, until he or she is nothing more but a moving breathing corpse.

The machine’s pace had picked up more, it was now drilling like a jackhammer, hitting her deep and hard, spit was running down over her face, as Mr. D continued pumping his cock relentlessly into her mouth, and just as Riley thought she was about to pass out, the dildo popped out of her, and with that she squirted her juices all over it. The sight must have been just what Mr. D needed as he grunted and shoved his cock right into her throat holding it there. She felt his member throb as spurts of cum shot into her mouth, and all she could do was swallow. The rest of the evening involved many other adventures with the machine and Mr. D, and very soon Riley’s weekend would be over, and she will have to face the real world again, until the next adventure.