06 Oct 2017

Her pussy ached with desire but she was too timid to turn her fantasy into reality. "I wonder if I will encounter a threesome with a younger and older pair. It will be a dream come true if I could be sandwiched between a father and son. Aah well, I doubt it will happen." Let's call this fantastic woman in the desert. Sahara scrunched her lunch wrap and tossed it in the bin. It was time to get back to work.

Later that evening, she took a scented bath and drank some warm milk with honey. She was beautiful but most men saw her as a formidable, powerful woman. Many were threatened by her confidence and character. She was Indian: long black hair; brown eyes; 36 C breasts, flawless skin. When she walked, her silky mane danced about. She had everything except good sex. Work was priority and now that she is at the top of the corporate career,end are afraid to approach her. If only they knew. She was crazy about white cock. In her mind, she fantasised about fucking her CEO...riding him hard and in every position. Believe me, the kama sutra had nothing on her. But all this in her imagination. Poor girl?

She peeled her sheets back and climb in. The electric blanket was a Godsend that winter. She hesitated a bit and then gave in...she touched herself down there. "How I wish there was a thick cock next to me." She then decided it was no use feeling sorry for herself and frigged her her clit with wild abandon. Two fingers were in her pussy. Her hips bucked and she felt tiny stars exploding in her. She came hard. She came good.

She drifted off to dreamland. Tomorrow was going to be a quiet day at the office. ..should I continue with this fantasy. Share your thoughts please. This is my first story here.