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wife rush


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hi all! our profile pic refers to the story below, hope u enjoy , p.s . still looking for her pic with the belly dancing outfit it was a warm thursday afternoon...we arrived at our coastal resort for our 3 day getaway. it was hot , i was horny , asked for a blowjob before settling down to the beach , she obliged , i offloaded my full cum in her mouth... she swallowed all and enjoyed every bit.. she changed into her two piece bikini and we enjoyed a drink or two by the bar at the pool.. eventually , we set off to the , men were ogling at her body ,,passsing comments on how fine she is... we settled on our spot and she began to read , { she loves to read all those erotic books} a group of 5 young men , around 22 years to 25 years were passing by when they stopped and enjoyed the view of my wife , whilst she relaxed with her book and her thighs were spread open ...they commented on what a good fuck she will give...and continued to find their spot to throw their rugby ball... i heard this and waited for the right moment to "break the news to her" that evening , we had a romantic dinner for two , she had a black sarong wrapped around her lower body , which exposed her juicy thighs as she sat on the chair cross legged..her white organza blouse exposed her black skimpy bra , this gave me an instant hArd on...EVEN THE WAITER WAS DISTRACTED!! she downed a couple of rum and cokes after dinner and wanted to retire to the room...we walked up to our room grabbing and kissing ..eventually we got to our room , she was drunk and horny we fucked and fucked about 2 rounds later and after 45 minutes , i broke the news to her....i told her how the group of 5 young men wanted to fuck her , she said if they come her way , she would not hesitatehmmmm she fell asleep , i was bored and went down to the bar , alas a,,i met up with the 5 guys from the beach....they were drinking and enjoying themselves , when i walked in , i could see their faces burn with envy, how can this timer have such a fresh beautiful wife ! they thought... eventually the ice was broken and we all bpought rounds at the bar , it was i little after 2 am , when we simmered down our drinking and began talking....i told them what i over heard them say and even told my wife about it ....i invited all 5 to our room .... we walked in silently and by this time my wife was completely topless and fast asleep.... the lights were still switched off, and told these guys , we are going to play by my at a time , as im not sure if she would handle all of them...they obliged and the first one went , he started sucking her and began to man handle her large voloptuous breasts , then she awoke , seen me sitting by her side , smiled and began to fuck this guy.....he was not doing it for her so she took it upon herself and invited all five into the bed.... i was guy face fucked her, one guy anally fucked her , one guy fucked her from the front and the remaining two guys had a breast each in their mouth......they fucked right up to 7.00am and thanked each one of them with a blowjob... her tanned pussy lips were swollen , her chocolate vanilla nipples were also ravaged, and her ass was sore....but she was satisfied... she pleaded with me to invite the 5 guys all time to our room, as she really wanted to enjoy for the remaining time left on our getaway.. i obliged , treated her wish as my command and told these guys to fuck they please... she really really enjoyed!!! when we got home my horny wife returned the favour with a 7 day hall pass, meaning i can bring home and fuck any lady i like without her objecting , i also managed to squeeze a blowjob everyday till end 2016..... HAVE A GOOD ONE !!!!!!!!! MR AND MRS SWINGER02

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