Written by Anon

26 Jun 2017

Going for training for work with one of my colleague's booked into a guest house in separate rooms.

We always get along good and altough we did anything sexually tonight something was different. We started off just talking but then the topic of sex came up.

Her being divorced she didn't have a sex life. We talked about fantasies and what and how we like it. We started flirting a little. Even shared a quick kiss. She has s petite body and screams sex appeal.

We decided its time for bed and rather went our own ways.

In my room i get undressed and get into bed and see what movies is on. A few minutes later there is a knock on the door. I open the door and find her standing there in a bath robe.

She walks in and close there door letting the bath robe drop to the floor. She is wearing a very sexy skimpy gstring and nothing else.

She comes closer and start to kiss me passionately. I just let it happen and pick her up and lay her down on the bed.

I get ontop of her and kiss her my hands expoloring her petite titties. Pinching her nippels making her groan in my mouth. I kiss my way down her body sucking her nippels softly biting them. I rub her clit through her gstring feeling her wetness. I go down and kiss her inner tights.

Taking off her gstring i smell her sweet juices inviting me to taste them. I spread her pussy lips and lick her clit. She tastes so sweet I go crazy and let my mouth go to work.

Sucking and licking her clit while putting first one then two fingers into her pussy that is so wet by now that she is dripping.

She moans and arches her back. My fingers and my tongue driving her mad. She runs her hand through my hair as she i about to cum.

She cums with a loud moan as her body spasms. I kiss her with her juices still on my lips which she taste and smile.

She rolls me over and whisper that performance should be thanked.

She goes down and suck my balls and play with my cock. Then takes my cock in her mouth and gives me an amazing blowjob.

I lay back and enjoy it. My hands on the back off her head. I feel im close and tell her to stop.

She stops and mount me. My cock sliding into her wet pussy. We both groan as it slides in.

She slowly starts to ride my hands on her hips so i can keep to her rhythm. She bends over and we kiss. Passion and lust keeping us going. She breaths faster and we pick up the rhythm. I feel the tension in my balls building up.

Without telling her she tells me let it go. I cum in her pussy in a flood and i feel it run down my cock mixed her juices. A cocktail made of lust and passion. Then she cums again and collapses on my chest.

We kiss for a while. She whispers in my ear two more days of training left. Kiss me again. Gets off and put the bath robe back on and leaves the room.

Her gstring still on the floor....