Written by youngcockforyou

08 Nov 2013

I wrote this and quite liked it actually, was for a special person on the sight that inspired me! (And made me hard fir a very long time just thinking about it.

Hope you enjoy it!!!................xGx

This is briefly what I would like to do to you - I come over to your place, knock on the door not knowing what to expect at first. As you open the door and invite me in I hand you a bottle of champagne for you to pour us a drink...as you start pouring with your back facing me I come up behind you and start unbuttoning your blouse revealing your breasts who's nipples are rock hard now from the eagerness and slight breeze which is drafting through your shirt. I start to fondle each one while you let out a slight moan letting me know you ready. I slide my one hand underneath your skirt and rub your throbbing and wet clit firmly over and over again. By now I have the biggest hard on and am pushing it between you bum cheeks letting you know what I have for you.

I hike your skirt up above your waist and slide your panties down around your high heels, then I insert two fingers deep in you while my thumb massages your ass hole.

You start moaning and dry fucking me begging for me to drive my rock hard cock deep inside your now dripping wet pussy but I say no and push you over the cold granite kitchen counter that your bare breasts are now pressing against and your ass and pussy are spread wide and in full view.

I would then finger fuck you gradually putting more fingers in while I spread your juices over your bum hole so I can insert my thumb in you to fill up all your gaping holes.

By now you have cum twice and begging for me to ram it hard and deep in you! I slap your bum letting you know I'm ready to ride you like never before.

As I put the tip of my rock hard 10" cock in you just enough for you to feel it I pull it out teasing you one last time before we really get ready to have the best sex of your life. I pull your hair back as I thrust deep inside you so you can feel the full length of my cock.

First I thrust slow and unevenly so your pussy and my cock are well lubricated and give your ass another slap before I really start pounding away at your now stretched and gushing wet cunt.

I slow right down and grab your tits with both hands while I'm still deep inside you so you can feel me covering every part of you and my naked chest and back are pressed up against you.

As I slowly thrust with just my hips I start to feel your pussy contract, first its little contractions then gradually they become more intense and longer while your pussy squeezes my cock indicating you about to cum.

You are your back and release a shudder as you cum over and over again before leaning your full weight on the counter exhausted from the mind blowing and breath taking orgasm you've just had.

I am now about to blow my load so I pull it out, turn you around and squirt my load all over your bare breasts.

We recoup and gather our strength while we enjoy a glass of champagne and I tickle your back lightly.

Now you lead me to the lounge push me down on the couch and start to take over.

You open my shirt and pull my pants down around my ankles, grab my cock with one hand and firmly grab my balls with the other.

You start to slowly stroke my cock and massage my balls before just about swallowing my entire cock.

While you go at my cock I feel your breasts, Rubbing them and squeeze your nipples.

You turn around reverse cowboy and slowly sit down on my cock spreading your juices all over, lubricating my rock hard throbbing member.

You grind your hips while I'm deep inside you and my head is pressing against you from the inside cause your cunt can't take anymore of my length.

You move your hips in a rocking motion and in time with me, like you riding a horse. We are in tuned with each other and synced in every movement. Thrusting in perfect harmony like a well oiled machine.

Then you spin yourself around place your knees on the couch for support either side of mine and ride me like its the last time you are ever going to be fucked on earth and your life depended on it.

Your breasts are bouncing and every second up thrust brush your nipples up over my face teasing me.

I try to bite them as they briefly touch my mouth but you have pinned my arms against the couch holding my wrists firmly down.

After a few minutes of pure ecstasy going at it I pick you up under your arms while I'm still inside you. I Lay you down on the couch and put your legs on each shoulder. Your pussy is now squeezed on my cock for a tighter more intense fit and I can push even deeper inside your wet cunt.

After thrusting and feeling you from the inside I pull it out and move my hips above your head. I Shove my cock in your mouth and you drain every bit of cum I had left to offer while you suck me dry.

Hope you enjoy reading xxx