Written by curlygirl

26 Oct 2014

Today has been awful. Being a flight attendant to such stupid passengers can take its toll . So I decided to play my favourite game. Who on this aircraft would I Fuck ? Oddly enough my mind went straight to the flight deck . But it's not what you think , today our Capt is a smoking hot blonde chick . Petit as me. But oh so powerful and sexy . What would she do if I went in there and just kissed her . Would that white shirt show her hard nipples ? I'd love to unzip her pants and gently finger Fuck her while the first officer takes his cock out and strokes . It will be hard to manoeuvre but I bet I could get her pants down and lick that powerful pussy . As a flight attendant it's my duty to see to my captain's needs. I'd lick that pussy while She has her tits out , playing with them . Shouting filthy commands at me. I bet the FO will be ready to slam his cock into either wet pussy by then . Since we're both small I could probably get the captain to sit on the jumpseat while the FO slides a finger into my now exposed pussy. I'd continue to eat her out . Making her squirm in that seat. Fuck she's hot . She'd grab me by my perfectly neat hair and really start to fuck my face . Oh that pussy juice messes up my make up. Not to mention the perfectly timed fingering I'm getting . I can sense she's about to come and i wanna climax with her. I'm licking . He's fingering. And she's moaning . I can taste her come now. I love it. Fuck I'm coming too. I turn around quickly so FO can lick Can lick me clean . Can't go back into the cabin with a drenched pussy. That, after all, isn't company policy.

But tragically I'm stuck in this aisle for now. Think I might have to check on the Flight Deck , after all they have needs .