Written by funawayfromhome

23 Jan 2012

I recently visited an old friend of mine in hospital. He had been admitted for a battery of tests to determine why he had blacked out expectantly. My wife came with me to visit. She was sitting at the bottom of his bed and I was standing near his side.

During the course of our visit I noticed that he had developed a distinctive tent under the sheets, he looked a little awkward about it and I saw my wife smiling evily. I'm sure he was about to start sweating and one look in my wife's direction gave me the answer as to his discomfort..she was sitting with her legs open, allowing him a glimpse of her pussy lips which had bulged out of the side of her g-string. Her nipples were hard, I could see that she was just as excited. This made me start to get hard, I wanted to bend her over right there and then and fuck her. I started to quiver.

I walked over to the door and closed it, then positioned myself behind her and put my hands down her top, feeling her stiff nipples. She let out a little gasp.

My friend could not hold out any longer. He took out his cock and started to stroke it.

She moved forwards a little, pulled up her skirt and went down on his meat with her mouth.

I pulled the g-string aside and drove hard into her with my cock, she moaned lightly.

It wasn't long before she sat up straight, moved forwards onto his cock and rode him like a bronco.

He squirmed and tensed and I could tell he was about to fill her with hot cum.

As the two of them groaned, I felt a burst from my balls, I shot my cum over her ass and it dripped onto his balls.

We went all silent as she righted her clothes and I put my cock away.

Then all of a sudden we all burst out laughing. I was wondering what the hell the ECG was going to show when they came to read it and how he was going to explain the waves on the graph.

We all left happy that night but the impromptu sex in the ward led to me shagging my wife again as soon as we got back to the car.