Written by Tenshi

13 Feb 2017

Please keep in minds that this is all just fantasy.

I arrive at D's house early Saturday morning. We have been chatting for quite a while and decided to make our fantasy talks a reality. Him and his friend, P, meet me in the driveway just as I pull up in my car. Complete gentlemen, one opening the car door and the other offering to take my bag for me. We step through the front door and they lead me towards the living room.

"You ready for a long day?" says D as he put my bag down on the table. I laugh nervously and softly nod my head. Without noticing P had stepped behind me. "We are going to need to hear you actually say it" and start nibbling my earlobe. My knees go weak and I let out a yelp "Yes". D steps closer and gives me one of those lingering kisses you read about in romance novels. Once he finishes the kiss he smirks "That's my girl".

I was instructed to come wearing a dress with no underwear. D put his hand up my dress and slowly runs his finger through my slit. "You are not nearly wet enough" he says to me as I feel P lift me up from behind and put me down on the couch. He lifts up my dress and puts his face between my legs. My breathing quickens in anticipation. I feel his tongue slowly parting my lips. He truly does know what he is doing with that tongue and within second i feel myself go weak. While I am losing myself in the feeling of P's tongue expertly licking my clit, I feel D pulling my dress up over my head and throws it to the other side of the room. "Now isn't that better?"

P lifts his head from between my legs and suggests we take the party to the bedroom. Before I know what's happening I am being picked up again and carried to the bedroom. P softly puts my down on the bed as D starts tying my wrists to the bedposts. "We don't want you escaping now do we?" says P with a naughty glint in his eyes.

Up to this point I have not been able to utter a single word. D moves down and put one finger deep inside me. "That's better, shall we get started?" Both men undress and I gasp as I see their hard members escape from their underwear, much bigger than I imagined. A thought crosses my mind, what have I gotten myself into?

"See anything you like?" quips P as he climbs on top of me and slowly slides the tip between my lips. "Yes, but I am suddenly afraid that I might be in over my head" fear clearly audible in my voice. The answer I get was not in words, but in the form of P pushing himself into me, hard!" A suprised cry escapes my lips. D leans over and takes one of my nipples in his mouth. As P starts fucking me in deep long strokes, D is keeping himself busy with my breasts.

The sensory overload sends me over the edge and I feel my muscles contract as an orgasm takes over my body. P stops and lets me calm down. Not even a second later though D jumps up and shouts excitedly "My turn". I still wanted to ask for a minute to compose myself when I felt D push his rock hard member deep into me. A louder moan escapes my lips as D was quite a bit bigger than his friend. I felt P's fingers on my clit while his friend was fucking me. What a sensation!

Again I didn't last long before I felt the rush of an orgasm pulling my body into spasms. "I think she is enjoying this" said D as he extracted himself from me. I struggle to answer as my mouth is dry and my breathing ragged. P unties my hands and offers me a glass of water that had been on the nightstand. "Ready for round 2?" I shake my head furiously. "Well too bad. On all fours missy. We promise we will take it slow"

Not sure if I should believe them I turn around and stand on all fours. P takes a bottle of lube and puts some on the entrance of my ass. This is the part I dreaded. I slowly feel him inserting a finger into me. "This isn't too bad" I think to myself. When the second finger was added, I started doubting my previous thought.

"Are you still okay?" I hear him ask behind me. "Yes, but I won't be with much more"

"You will be fine" I hear as I feel the fingers slowly receding. D positions himself underneath me so that his face is in line with my pussy. He starts playing with my clit and I feel myself relaxing. Then I feel the tip of P's member on the entrance of my ass and I instantly tense up! "Relax" says D "it will hurt less if you relax"

I feel P push deeper and deeper inside, the pressure is beginning to be unbearable, but D's tongue on my clit does help a bit. I start crying from the pain and P asks if he should stop. "Please go on" I ask him. This has been a fantasy of mine for a very long time and I wasn't going to stop now. After what feels like hours, I feel that P is in me. Completely in me. I wanted to start celebrating and forgot about the pain for a moment.

Then I feel D entering my pussy and I feel like passing out.

Once both men were fully in me and started fucking me slowly, I thought to myself "This is going to be a long day".