Written by atinu

06 Jul 2014

The following story, is a fantasy that I hope will come true one day.

And the fantasy is as follows................

My wife and I are sitting at our home, having a braai with a couple of friends. We are about six in total, having a nice time around the braai, each with his own drink in hand. Laughing and chatting away. As the night progresses, we al start get more relaxed, and talking a lot of nonsense. At one staged, sex became the topic.

Now, my wife and I are swingers. And while she was the only female in the group of six, she was listing to what we men were talking about. I became a bit horny by lessening to what the other guys are saying, not knowing what my wife thinks of it.

Every body had a chance to tell someting about some sexual experience with a girl. And before I knew it, it was my turn to tell.

By that time I was already horny, and I noticed that my wife (who did not had a bra on, under her shirt) nipples is a bit stiff, that was not the result of cold weather. So it was my turn to tell about a sexual experience that I had. So, without hesitating, I told our friends that my wife and I are swingers. Told them about the 3sums and partner swapping that we had.

By that time, my wife,s nipples showed that they were very hard. And I noticed that my 4 friends attention is on my wife and her tits with the nipples that's showing true the shirt. And with a look from my wife, acknowledging that she's horny and wet and want some sex.

We never had a gang bang before, and every time we had a 3sum or 4 sum, we used condoms. But this day, we were short on condoms. But al of us, were so horny at that stage, we were already half naked when my wife took her shirt of. Revealing her nice tits, with her nice, big stiff nipples. We didn't even think about condoms at that stage. All of our friends came together around my wife.

We all started playing with her tits. Some of kissed her, some sucked her nipples. One of my friends, stripped her skirt from her hips. Revealing her nice tight as and her pussy. (My wife doesn't wears panty's). All our men had n a hard on at that stage. I took the 1st step and pulled a chair closer, made my wife bend over the chair. I went to stand behind her, took my fingers and placed it in her cunt.

It was all wet and dripping with her horny juices. I finger fucked her for a couple of minutes. One of my friends dick was in her mouth, wen I placed my dick in her wet pussy. I starting fucking her, still not worrying about condoms. I was so horny,

it didn't take me long before I filled her pussy with my cum. By that time, al my friends were standing behind her, waiting for their turn to fuck my wife. Each of them, placed their hard cocks in my wife's, wet and cum filled pussy. Fucking her good, and with each one that fucked her, she came, when they filled her cunt with their cum. By the time my last friend where finished filling my wife pussy with cum, the rest of us were readt for 2nd round. We all startded from the begining again.

So a placed my hard cock into my wife cumfilled pussy again. Fucking her a bit longer this time. Made her come twice, before I added more cum into her pussy.

By the time my last friend finished fucking my wife, the cum was running from my wifes cunt down her legs, also dripping from her cunt lips. We al sat down. Tired from the great sexual experience. My wife went inside, cleaned her self from the cum. And came to sit with us again. While we all had last drink, before going home.