Written by ExcitedTrekkie

11 Mar 2016

The sheets are cold but soft to the touch as you both dive under them. Laying a small distance apart, you can hear the excitement in the breathing. a cold hands rests on your hip as you both lay on your sides, facing each other. The cold is a shock but just spurs on the excitement. You start feeling warmer as the body heat from both of you radiate outwards. He slowly moves closer and you engage in a kiss, while he slowly moves his hands up your side and round your back. Pulling you close into a firm hug. Your body’s touch for the first time and electric energy moves between you. As he kisses you, you feel his hands moving over your soft warm skin, gently rubbing your breast and moving down to your bum. His hand moves over your hip and to your front where the fingers gently explore you. Nibbling in your neck breaks your concentration on what the hand is doing as he slowly moves down to your breast.

The hand moves down to your knee, lifting it up. Still facing each other, you understand that he is moving you into position for something. Your right leg, lays right next to his left leg as he puts your leg down in and for of a triangle, lifting the sheets away. The hand returns to your bum as it pulls your hips straight in line with his. Still facing each other he kisses his way back up your neck and onto your mouth. The hand lifts the bent leg over slightly to rest on his legs, which are straight next to yours.

Both his hands return to your breasts, rubbing, gently pulling and twisting, as he kisses and sucks your neck down to your collarbone. You feel a warmth between your legs, not moving, just there. His hands move further down. As he pulls your hips close you feel him moving slowly through your soft hair to your warmth, making him wet, but not going inside. He moves you away and it returns through the hair and through your soft lips. He stops moving you, hoping you will continue on your own. Everything is so wet and warm, you move your hips forward as he moves though you, then back all the way so that it touches every part of you. You are is full control of the speed and rhythm. You find support on his straight legs, as he lays totally still, enjoying the feeling of your outside on his skin.

You stimulate yourself more and more. Small moans of pleasure escape your mouth as his hands and month play with you while you move him through your legs. You feel you want him inside, but you are enjoying the sensation too much. You feel the build up of energy and you know you are on the high road. You move quicker, over the points that stimulate you most, he sense how you are feeling and pays more attention to getting you there. You moan louder as it stimulates you more and more. You can’t hold it back anymore as your body pulls tight. Pleasure rushes through your veins, as you continue to rock back and forth.

Without warning he rolls you over onto your back, you feel for the first time how he slowly pushes the tight muscle back, making room for himself, as he continues to kiss and pay attention to your breasts. He fills you, then moves back, continuing to stimulate you. Then he moves all the way forward and your bodies touch.