Written by Tonguemansa

11 Jun 2013

The walk through the woods was invigorating and just what I needed to get my mind straight. The scenery was breathtaking and although I was only in the lowveld, it felt like I was in a rain forest somewhere. The trees above had created a canopy that almost blocked out the hot summer sun so most of my walk was along little paths covered in dappled shade. Every so often I would come upon a crystal clear mountain stream that's water was icy cold and refreshing to drink. But being the lowveld and being summer, the heat and humidity was still taking its toll on me and even with the cold mountain water, I was sweating so I removed my shirt as I trekked further and further.

In the distance I could hear what sounded like running water..... maybe a waterfall - just what I needed to cool off. As I neared I was sure it was what I had being hoping for. I knew that there would be a icy cold mountain pool below the waterfall that I could strip naked, dive in and cool off. I quickened my pace but was suddenly stopped in my tracks. Over the sound of the waterfall I could hear someone singing - a beautiful soft woman's voice carried through the trees to caress my ears. Then I heard a splash followed by silence - obviously she was alone. I approached slowly so not as to scare her.

As I rounded a large rock in the path a magical rock pool and small waterfall came into view. But the most breathtaking view was the vision of a woman climbing out of the water onto a flat rock in the middle of the pool that was bathed in sunlight. She was beautiful, completely naked and awe-inspiringly sexy. She was blonde, deeply tanned - obviously from hours in the sun - and had beautiful round full breasts topped with hard pink nipples - perfectly erect from the cold mountain water. She lay don on the rock with her feet facing where I was hidden behind my rock in the path.

As she lay there in the sun drying off, I noticed that she had pulled her legs up slightly and bent her knees. She had begun singing again and I watched as she had began stroking her breasts and flicking her nipples with gentle feather-light touches. Her other hand had crept down between her legs and my breath was taken away again as she spread her legs fully, revealing a a perfect smoothly waxed pussy. The labia were already red and swollen from her excitement and from her touching her nipples and clit. I could almost make out the sheen of her wetness... whether it was from lust ot the water I wasn't quite sure, but I longed to taste it! By now she had stopped singing and was beginning to moan audibly from her excitement as she pinched her own nipples, rubbed her clit and finger-fucked herself. My mind had blocked out the sound of the waterfall almost completely. By now I had taken off my backpack and rest of my clothes, my cock was hard and throbbing in my hand as I watched mesmerized by the sight of her and the sounds I could hear as she upped the tempo and started to reach her peak. Her head was moving from side to side, her one hand was rubbing and caressing her breasts, pinching her nipples and the other was moving at a blur as she stroked and fingered herself to orgasm. When she let out a scream of pleasure as her orgasm exploded deep inside her, I almost came too. My legs became like jelly and I stumbled forward into view of the woman in the pool!

She was startled by my sudden appearance in the path ahead of her and she let out a little shout of alarm, sat up abruptly, closing her legs and covering her breasts with her arm. But her alarm turned to laughter as she saw the funny side of me stumbling down the path with pants around my ankles, throbbing cock in hand, trying hard not to fall flat on my face into the mud or ferns surrounding the path and pool. When I finally regained my balance and stood up to face her, she was roaring with laughter. From the sight of my cock she knew that I had been watching her and that all her attempts at modesty were wasted on me so she had stopped trying to hide her nudity. I just stood there looking sheepish and embarrassed.

With a twinkle in her eye she motioned to me and said "Well don't just stand there letting that hard-on go to waste, swim out te me and lets put it to some constructive use! I may just have masturbated to orgasm but nothing beats the feeling of a hot hard cock - especially when one just gets out of a icy cold mountain pool!" as she slid off the rock into the water.

"Ok.... I'll be right there,' I replied, "let me just get rid of these last hindrances" as I finally removed my boots and pants.

"Just don't take too long.... I can really do with a good hard fuck right now!" she laughed.

"I'm moving as fast as I can princess," I laughed in return.

Finally I was free of all my clothes and dove into the ice cold water and swam across to where she had climbed back onto the rock. As I climbed out and was surprised that the cold water had done little if anything, to the state of my erection and had to be very careful so as not to scrape it against the rock.

"Nice to meet you ma'am," I said as I got out, "and since we know each other intimately already, my name is Mike by the way!"

"Well its a pleasure to meet you Mike, mine is Hendrien." she laughed.

As she laughed she leaned towards me and kissed me full on the lips. Her lips were soft and sweet and the kiss was gentle and loving which was most surprising - something that I had never expected from this magical encounter. My arm went around her shoulders and I felt her skin get goose-bumps at my touch. Her skin was soft, smooth and silky and sent a shiver down my spine. As we kissed her hand moved down to take hold of my hard cock. Even while kissing I could feel her sigh from the pleasure of the touch. She instantly began sucking harder on my tongue and began masturbating me. It was almost too much to bear and I broke off the kiss, lay back on the rock and luxuriated in the sun on my naked body and the feeling of this beautiful stranger playing with my dick.

I felt her move and reposition herself to be able to suck me. The feeling of her rock-hard nipples against my thigh made me tremble. Then I felt soft butterfly flicks of her tongue on the head of my cock while her hand massaged my balls. She gave it long licks from the base all the way to the tip with broad strokes of her tongue. Then she began nibbling it and sucking gently between nibbles. Suddenly she took me in her mouth and began sucking hard and fast. It was extremely sensual and I was close to shooting my load deep down her throat when the sensation of her mouth suddenly stopped and she disappeared! Had I been dreaming? Then I heard the splash as she dove into the cool water again!

"Hey what happened? Why did you stop?" I asked as I sat up.

"Nothing," she laughed "I felt you were about to cum and I couldn't allow that as I still wanted to feel your cock deep inside my cunt before I let that happen!"

"You are sooooo evil," I laughed in return as I too dove into the pool and swam over to her.

As I got to her I embraced her and as we trod water, we began a long sensual kiss. Our tongues dueled and our hands explored each others bodies in the icy mountain water. My cock was still hard and she rubbed her thigh against it and murmured something inaudible then began rubbing her pussy against my leg. I lifted my knee so that it was between her legs and she arched her back to get her hot sex even closer to me. This of course made us forget to tread water and we slipped under the surface. We came up spluttering and laughing but still embracing.

We swam back to the rock and discovered that we could stand quite easily near it. As she began climbing out I reached forward and touched her pussy from behind.

"Don't get out, I want to fuck you right here in the water!"

She complied immediately and leaned forward over the rock but spread her legs slightly and offered her pussy up for me to fuck! I moved in and positioned the head of my throbbing cock at the entrance and teased the lips with the head. Although we were in the water I could feel the slippery wetness that seeped out of her pussy. Then, when she wasn't expecting it, I shoved my cock deep into her in one thrust. She let out a moan of pleasure and pushed her arse back to meet every thrust I made. Her pussy was tight and I could feel the inner muscles grip my cock with each thrust. The cold water around us made it even more sensual and I could feel that we were both very near orgasm.

"Oh yes Mike.... fuck me, fuck me hard..... I want to feel when you come deep inside me.... fuck me.... make me come!" she moaned in pleasure. I continued my hard thrusting but increased the pace as I felt her nearing the point of no return. She began pushing back harder with each thrust and I felt her cunt muscles begin to tighten and to draw my cock deeper and deeper. Then suddenly she let out a growl and her pussy clamped shut around my cock as she began to cum. The sensation of her orgasm and the sounds she was making pushed me to my own orgasm. As I started to spurt hot cum deep inside her pussy, I could sense she could feel the heat and this prolonged her orgasm . As the last tremor of my orgasm began to subside, she reached back and took my hand and held it tightly. As her own orgasm ended, she moved so that my now semi flacid cock slipped out of her pussy.

She stood erect, turned to me, embraced me and we kissed long and sensually.

"Thank you my sweet, that was awesome. I really needed that! And I loved every second!" she said as our kiss ended.

We clambered up onto the rock and lay in each others arms in the sun, luxuriating in the after glow of and incredible experience that we, two total strangers, had just shared here in this mountain pool under the trees beside a waterfall. As we lay caressing each other gently and chatting, getting to know each other we both realised that fate had brought us together in this idyllic location and that our path had forever been joined!