Written by RenJayKay

20 Nov 2014

“You fucken filthy beautiful slut” he said and her brain stalled in mid-thought.

“Baby”, she said’ “I want you so bad. I need you. Come for me?” and she waited for his reply. This was agony. He was so far away and she was stuck here, in this hell-hole they called Africa. SOUTH Africa to be exact.

She watched the words appear on screen in her messages and smiled. He was so eloquent. The way he stated the dirty, filthy things he wanted to do to her, for her made her tremble inside and he knew it.

I AM coming for you, he had written, and she had smiled sadly, knowing that it was almost impossible. Work had driven them to opposite corners of the planet, hours apart on any timeline, no matter the day or date. They’d agreed that it wouldn’t, shouldn’t, take longer than a few years, 4 at the most, to be able to be together and yet it already felt like a lifetime.

They spoke daily and mailed each other all the time but it wasn’t the same as when he was right next to her. She missed him terribly when he wasn’t awake or when she had to go to bed. Alone. Always alone. The separation was horrid and was driving her crazy! She wanted him in her bed, touching her and making her cum as many times as he kept promising her he would do if he ever got hold of her again. Of course, the sexy, slutty texts she kept leaving him weren’t helping her cause either and she grinned. “Serves him right”, she thought.

She sat down to tell him what she wanted him to do to her the next time he saw her. She thought for a minute and then scrolled through her files til she found the pictures she wanted. Erotica In Shades Of Grey. Mind-blowing stuff that she looked at when she missed him too much.

One or two of the pics always made her catch her breath, and she’d been looking for more of the same before she sat down to write. Always the same. She wanted him to debase her, violate her body, never let up until she was a sweating, dripping wet heap of desire that the hardest fuck in the world couldn’t satisfy. She blushed and grinned again. Holy crap she WAS a filthy slut. LOL!

She heard a noise and wondered what it could be, so late at night? She shivered slightly, the cool autumn temperature making her nipples hard and dark, pushing against the short white silk nightie she wore. The dogs hadn’t even growled so she must be imagining it. Probably just the rusty old pipes but she got up to check nonetheless.

He stood in the shadows at the base of the stairs and looked up at her on the landing. Her nipples were straining against the material, pulling it taut across her tits and he felt his desire for her grow. As painful as his hardon for her had been some days, she never saw it, couldn’t ever understand how badly he wanted to be sliding in and out of her. Every waking thought, every desire, consumed by images of her, of fucking her, of slamming hard into her juicy wet pussy, saying her name over and over again.

His hardon now throbbing, he waited as she advanced down the stairs cautiously. He dared not even breathe lest she heard and sounded an alarm. That would ruin everything he had planned and waited so long for! He didn’t know HOW he knew, but he just did. She was one of those women who wanted to be taken by force, pushed to the very edge and then over the top into a world of debased behaviour that they couldn’t ever hide from again.

He smiled grimly. Tonight was the night. He was going to violate her very senses and awaken the slumbering fires inside of her, even if it took all damn night to do it!

As she got to the bottom of the stairs, he reached out and slid a hand across her mouth, pulling her ass hard and fast against his raging hardon. He wanted her so badly it hurt dammit!

She squirmed and he growled low into her ear not to move or scream or he would hurt her even more than he already planned to. She stiffened at the accent, unknown. A stranger.

She nodded and he slipped the handkerchief he held in his other hand into her mouth. Her body began to tremble and he grabbed her arms, forcing them behind her back, watching as the movement forced those incredible tits of hers up and forward. The nipples were rock hard, solid points against the white silk and he swallowed hard. Fuck she was beautiful!

He slid the leather belt up her arms, pinning them behind her back just above the elbows so she couldn’t wriggle free and slipped a blindfold down over her eyes. She whimpered and he took a step back, appraising her helpless state in the bright moonlight filtering in from the big bay windows at the base of the steps. He pushed her up against the balustrade and grabbed a bar stool from the bar area below the stairs. Removing the belt from her arms, he gripped them tightly and held them above her head long enough to wrap the belt around the balustrade.

His cock was tight up against her ass and he knew she could feel how hard he was for her. She stood quietly, breathing hard, her shoulders rising and falling sharply with each breath. He snapped the handcuffs he had in his pocket around her wrists and raised them above her head, slipping the belt between the two cuffs to keep her hands raised. The nightie she wore had risen and he could see her ass peeking out from the hem. If it was ever possible, his hardon slammed into top gear and he was sure he was going to bust through his jeans!

He placed a knee between her legs and spread them wide, sliding the bar stool in so that only her clit and the pubic bone rested on the bar stool. She faced the wall, the bar stool forcing her ass out, the nightie now inviting him to explore. She wriggled and the bar stool rubbed her clit, deliciously hard and erotic and she whimpered, but more of a moan and he smiled in satisfaction. Taming this hungry slut was going to be such a pleasure!

He dropped down to his haunches, her legs spread helplessly in front of him and ran his tongue up the inside of her thigh, her trembling body giving him momentum. He slid his hands up her outer thighs, up under her nightie and found no underwear to hinder him. He swallowed hard and let his thumbs caress her inner ass cheeks while she tried so hard not to rub her clit on the bar stool.

Lifting the nightie with his wrists as he went, he slid his hands up her body to cup her awesome tits. At least a DD, he was sure of it! She moaned a soft little sigh deep in her throat and he squeezed her nipples with both hands, not so hard to hurt, but not gently either. Her head flew back, chest heaving, as she moaned exquisitely in his ear.

He stepped up to the bar stool, legs between hers, and rubbed his hardon across her bare ass, mashing her clit into the stool, his fingers now painfully squeezing and she bucked at the onslaught. “Stand still” he growled and she moaned again.

He rubbed his palms against her nipples, loving the way they rubbed against his rough skin. He slid one hand down the front of her body and slipped a finger into her hot wet cunt as his other hand released his throbbing cock from his jeans. He slipped his cock in between her ass cheeks as his fingers continued to stroke her clit, slipping in and out of her slippery wetness. He let his fingers guide the tip of his cock into her soaking wet cunt and she moaned long and deep.

He slammed his cock deep into her, bending his knees to slide in deep and hard enough to make his balls hit against her lips. She was panting and moaning all at the same time and he suddenly withdrew his hands to cup her tits and give her nipples a hard squeeze as he drove deep into her one more time. She bucked and slammed her cunt deliciously deep onto his cock.

He reluctantly withdrew from her and, removing his hands from her tits, he took out his knife and sliced the nightie up the middle of the back until it hung open and then he sliced the silly little straps off too. The nightie dropped to the floor in a rustle of silk and he stepped back to appraise her body.

Sliding the bar stool out and away from her clit, he grabbed the nightie and ripped it in two. He turned her around so her tits were just inches from his aching tongue and checked the blindfold before moving the bar stool in under her ass. Still standing, he slid only half a stool in under her and knelt down to grab an ankle. He tied her leg to the back strut and repeated the procedure with her other leg.

She was still panting and whimpering, moaning deep in her throat and he reached out to flick her nipples with his fingers. She forced her chest out, wanting more and he stepped out of his jeans and shoes, slipping his shirt over his head. His cock reared up angry and proud and he stepped right up close to her, smelling her cunt juices as he did. Sweet fuck he was lost in his lust for this woman!

He bowed his head in worship and slipped one beautiful nipple into his mouth and she moaned again. He was enjoying her moans and whimpers and hoped she never stopped. He pinched her other nipple at the same time that he bit the nipple in his mouth, his other hand sliding down to finger her clit fast and hard and her legs started to shake from how hard her muscles were clenched.

He swopped nipples so his mouth could suck on the other one and slid his cock slow and deep into her hot wet pussy. She arched her back and bucked her hips as much as the bar stool under her ass would allow. He continued to eat her tits as he fucked her, his pubic bone grinding into her clit with each thrust. Her moans got louder and her trembling increased and he knew she was close to cumming for him.

He withdrew and she shook her head violently, begging him with muffled sounds not to stop. He bent down and blew across her clit and her hips slammed forward for more. Reaching out with the tip of his tongue, he traced a wet, hot line around her clit, sliding his tongue down her glistening and slightly swollen pussy lips. He flicked his tongue gently up and down, around and all over her clit, his hands snaking up her body to squeeze and pinch her nipples once again and her hips arched forward.

He found the little hollow to the left of her clit and forced his tongue in deep, sucking up her whole clit while his tongue ravished the hollow and now he could hear her almost screaming behind the gag. He dropped a hand and slammed a finger deep into her, now two fingers and her body slammed into his mouth, grinding his lips hard against her clit as he licked and sucked, his fingers jabbing so fast in and out of her and she really did scream as he felt the cumming on his fingers, dripping into his mouth and he continued finger-fucking her through the orgasm, waiting for the exact moment when she would peak again.

He felt her pussy click into overdrive and he stood up quickly, his fingers back on her tits, squeezing, pinching, pulling her nipples. He slammed his cock deep down into her quivering cunt and felt her muscles suck him in deeper.

He removed the gag and let her taste the pussy juices she had covered his mouth in, his tongue sliding into her mouth, her kisses sweeter than he could ever have imagined them to be. He fucked her hard and fast and felt her slip over the edge once more, and he rammed faster still into her dripping cunt and she let go for him once more, squirting all over his cock, her tongue hungry for him, kissing him hard, whimpering as she exploded onto him and he couldn’t hold on anymore. He grabbed her ass and pulled her so very deep onto him, impaling her as he shot his load straight up into her, his cock still slamming in and out of her, rock hard, his orgasm doing nothing to dampen his immense lust for her.

She collapsed against the stairwell, her body sagging in exhaustion, and he withdrew, kneeling once more in front of her, his tongue now gentle, not teasing, as he licked her clean and stroked her desire into flame once more.

“Oh my fuck” she said. “Please, I’m begging you. Please. Fuck me slow and deep from behind, the stool under my clit, your hands on my tits” and he stood up silently and turned her gently to face the wall once more …


This is one of my own short stories.

Feel free to copy it, but please give credit where it is due.