11 Jul 2016

I could feel him swelling behind me as I awoke, pressing into me and pulling me closer while he dreamt. As always, his hand was clutching my breast, twitching uncontrollably, but his steady breathing on the nape of my neck reminded me that he was asleep. Damn! The bulging nearness of his cock at the top of my thighs was driving me insane! Instinctively and hopefully, I opened up my ass cheeks to let him fall perfectly in place and began rotating my hips ever so slightly, pushing back into him and letting my obsession take control. Feeling him behind me wasn't going to be enough to satisfy my wet throbbing pussy, I needed something inside of me to set my juices free! Spreading my legs and groping blindly, my fingers found their target, digging deeper and deeper until I could feel the familiar trembling of my pussy in uncontrollable ecstasy! Panting and wet, I faded back into his chest, completely spent.

"Mmmm," he mumbled as he pulled me closer, squeezing my breast to the point of pain. I could feel his teeth nibbling on my shoulder while he guided my wet and sticky hand down my body, wiping my freshly spewed cum all over my ass. "You are playing a dangerous game, waking me up like that!"

His warm breath and husky just-woke-up voice sent shivers down my spine. I grinned like a Cheshire cat, subconsciously holding my breath. I knew exactly what game I was playing, and I knew exactly what beast I had awoken! Suddenly, I found myself flat on my stomach, pinned face down beneath him......