Written by Sassiladytina

30 Apr 2014

There we stand, facing one another, not touching but the electricity is tangible. I can feel it coursing through me. Down my spine, in my tummy, on my breasts, between my legs. Not a noise in the room because the beating of my heart is drowning out all else. Intense expectation meets excitement meets nerves. I make the first move. I have to because I need to. I owe it to myself to be brave. It only takes one step. I lean forward to kiss her, gently, softly at first. I pull away slightly to gauge her response and then pull her in again –this time against the wall and I kiss her harder, passionately.

My tongue parts her lips and I take her in for the first time. Breathe her in, taste her, touch her, engage all my senses and hers with just our tongues meeting for the first time. She awakens and takes her lead. Her fingers trawl through my hair, her lips hover over my ears and down to the nape of her neck, using just her breathe to tease me. Her lips are so close to my skin but not touching. She using that space, that air, like a magic wand. I don’t know who starts undressing who –its all a muddle now. Instinct, raw animal attraction taking over now. Slowly undressing the top. Without rush, without a goal in mind, just savouring every movement, every response, every first touch on strange skin. Pulling my t-shirt enough to the side to expose my collarbone. One of my favourite parts of the body, she runs her lips over my skin. It tickles and my first response is to pull away but I stay. It’s intense. She takes off my bra. I love it that she knows what to do. I love it that I don’t need to think or try. She doesn't expect that. Me just allowing her to touch me is enough for her. Just being vulnerable is enough for her. I have never allowed anyone close like this. I have always keep myself aloof. I have never let my body lead me.

She brushes my nipples by running her fingers down my shirt. Oh the teasing is almost to much to bear but I want to make it last as long as it can. I take her shirt off and mine too. We stand there exposed. It’s unusual to see my body mirrored. She senses my hesitation and pushes me down onto the bed, pinning my hands above my head with one of hers and she stretches down to taste one of my nipples. I feel her torso stretching confidently against mine. She smells so good. She feels warm. Her tongue taps my nipple and then her lips envelop it. Her tongue wrestles it between her teeth. I break free and turn her onto the bed, getting on top of her. I kiss her again and take in her lips, her nose, her cheek, her ear, her neck, her collar bone, her shoulder, each centimetre of skin. My fingers cling to hers and she transfers her energy to me. Arm for arm. Leg for leg. I kiss her nipples and feel them harden again in my mouth. I wet them with a kiss and then leave them for the air between us to work its magic. Our toes are tangled together. Lying so close is surreal.

She travels her fingers down my side, followed by gentle kisses. While her lips are exposing my side, her fingers push against my mound. I turn her around again and run my fingers along her waist, hips, side, and thighs. So shapely. So smooth. I take longer to unbutton her jeans because I am rubbing her from the outside. Running my hands over her curves. Taking her in. …

we lie intertwined with clothes half entangling us like sexy bits of bondage. Giggling, smiling, just enjoying the new experience of being with eachother's bodies. She wastes no time now in moving her mouth between my legs, teasing my inner thighs with her tongue, breathing over my vag driving me crazy with expectation. Then her tongue, straight and without hesitation, licks a stripe of confident pressure all across my clit -one electric shock and then back to kissing the walls and folds of my vag. Nothing is expected -its all a surprise -the pressure of her tongue, the lingering of her breathe, the movement of her lips. I lie enthralled in expectation that she knows exactly what she is doing. I am not sure what and how but I know that I feel all parts possible swell, perk and juice. Even all parts impossible, layers upon layers of pressure and pleasure are building. At first I open my legs shyly but then as my pleasure mounts, they stiffen and open, letting her feel my response more. She does just enough to leave me on edge and just enough to keep a rhythm and build a pressure. Then she inserts two fingers into me. I was hoping she would know that the shallow inner walls are the most orgasmic and often forgotten. My clit is ready to explode but I hold back, enjoying how the pressure builds from the inside. I know that she can feel the rough swollenness of my g-spot and she keeps going relentlessly making me buckle under her pleasure until I can't withstand it any longer and give in to surges of pleasure up and down my being.

That first release only sets the scene for another build up as I find the courage to reciprocate. slowly, gently, little by little, edging my way across her mould, her clit, her walls, her inside. Its all new territory and instead of being frustrated at my inexperience, she is enthralled by my childlike way of approaching this wonder. She cums, but not really because of me but because my intent, my vulnerability was the biggest complement and because I made her feel beautiful and sensual. and because she knows her body and directs it confidently towards climax. She shifts her hips leading me where to focus and how much pressure to apply. She guides my fingers. Holy crap. We both retreat to try absorb the pleasure. She has some red wine, I have a cosmo with a sweet cherry. Then we start again.....