Written by Unknown

04 Jun 2017

I don't know why I let Palesa talk me in to coming to this place. It's so not my thing. I feel weird in this outfit too, with thigh high boots, short pleated black leather skirt and a matching bustier. What was I thinking?

"It will be exciting," Palesa had said, giggling. "An experience you'll never forget."

I'd argued against it, saying I didn't need this particular experience.

Then Palesa had hit me with the deathblow to my argument, "Imagine yourself on your deathbed..." She knew that she could always get me with that one. And when she saw that I was still hesitant, but wavering, "We can always leave if you feel uncomfortable."

I finally agreed, partly just to shut her up.

She'd been preparing for days, fixing us outfits, buying new makeup, dragging me to the hair salon. And I'd indulged her, letting her have her fun. Now I kind of regretted it, being alone and lost in this labyrinth of an underground sex club.

I don't know where Palesa got us the invites, but we had to show proof of being STD-free just to get the tickets. As if I would ever have sex with a stranger in a place like this. Ha! No. Fucking. Way.

Of course Palesa abandoned me as soon as a cute guy caught her eye. Five minutes later he had his tongue down her throat and his hand showed up her skirt, making her moan and writhe. So typically her!

I do not share her exhibitionism, not at all. Though, if I was totally honest, watching all these people making out and more, in different stages of undress, was highly erotic. Actually, I was really turned on seeing it all, feeling my panties getting soaked through. Maybe I'm not exhibitionistic, but I sure as hell seem to be voyeuristic.

Lost in thought I get turned around. "God, what was it with all these red drapes and nooks and crannies everywhere?" I mutter to myself, frustrated about the fact that I seem to be completely lost.

I walk through a set of drapes, in the hopes it will lead me back to the main room of the club, only to find myself in a small space with drapes on both sides. No, this isn't right at all, I realize. I need to retrace my step. I begin to turn around, when I hear something that makes me stop.

It's a slap followed by a moan. I peek through a crack between the drapes and freeze. The scene before me is intensely erotic. It's like nothing I've ever seen before. A voluptuous woman lies on a platform. Red ropes tie her down, creating a beautiful pattern crisscrossing her flesh.

The woman is blindfolded and two men are on the platform with her. One has his cock in front of her mouth stroking himself. Every now and then he teasingly lets the tip touch her lips. She desperately tries to get a taste, but he pulls his dick away before she truly can. The other man is alternatingly spanking and stroking the woman's buttocks. She seems to enjoy both equally. Moaning loader at each slap of that palm.

I hide behind the drapes, watching in secret, as the scene unfolds. This is so forbidden. I feel so naughty, so wicked and turned on by standing here. I push a hand down the front of my panties rubbing my clit slowly, biting my lip not to make a sound. I'm soaking wet and I slip a finger inside my slick pussy.

Suddenly, I feel a presence behind me. I quickly pull my hand away from my crotch, embarrassed for being caught snooping and touching myself.

"Don't turn around, little girl," a deep voice whispers.

Of course I try to do just that, but his large hands catch me by my shoulders, holding me in place. I breathe deep and let out a small whisper, "I'll be good."

At that his hands stroke down my arms. When he reaches the hand that is still wet with my arousal he chuckles low, "Does watching them turn you on, little one? Do you wish it was you in her place?"

I'm glad he can't see my crimson cheeks. He takes my hand and guides it back down my panties again, moving his fingers with mine. I watch the scene behind the drapes. The man in front now has his cock showed down the woman's throat, fucking her face hard. The other man is pounding her pussy equally hard. She looks ecstatic, like she's in seventh heaven.

Here, behind the drapes, I feel the mystery man's warmth behind me. His strong body close to my back. His fingers slipping, teasing, working me towards a climax. I moan.

"Hush, quiet, don't make them see you," he hisses and slips a finger inside my cunt, curling it to rub my g-spot. Biting my lip to stifle my moans, I cum around our combined fingers, gushing wetness.

His slippery fingers trace my lips and I open to invite him in. He grabs my hand and sucks my fingers clean, as I run my tongue over his, collecting the last drops of my honey.

He puts his hand around my throat, squeezing just a little, as though testing how I'll react to the gesture. I lean my head back against his shoulder, letting him hold me to him.

"Keep watching them", he whispers.

I hear a zipper and feel his warm hard length press against me. My pussy clenches and I instinctively push my ass into his groin. He pulls my skirt up, pushes my panties aside, and then enters me slowly from behind.

I guess he came prepared.

I can feel that he still has his pants on, only bothering with opening his fly, taking his cock out. That knowledge has me so hot. It feels so wanton, so erotic.

He fucks me quietly. Holding me in place with the hand around my throat and a grip on my hip. Whispering sweet and dirty things in my ear. What a good little horny slut I am. What a dirty sneak, deserving to be fucked like a whore.

The whole scene, the moans of the people on the other side of the drapes, his dirty words, the feel of his hard cock gliding into my pussy, his hand squeezing my throat just a little harder, is all very intense. My pleasure is building once more, making me shake. I'm so close, just on the edge and he keeps me there with his slow hard strokes.

Then he picks up speed, working his hips faster, grunting quietly in my ear. I sense him getting closer to his peak, losing his poise, becoming more feral. I shatter when I feel him filling my cunt with his warm jets.

He pulls out and puts my panties back in place. I hear his zipper closing, before he leans in, giving me a soft kiss on the back of my neck and a quiet, "Thank you."

After that he leaves, I stay a few seconds catching my breath, trying to figure out what just happened, my panties soaking with our combined cum.

And then I go after him, trying to catch him. But he's not there. The corridor is empty and I don't know what he looks like. He could be anyone...