05 Apr 2016

On Friday 01.04.2016 @ 16h00pm, I decided to visit Sir J. this time he granted me permission to visit. You will think he is sweet for doing so,hahaha think twice!

I drove to Sir J’s place, I was well dressed not like before where I was ordered to take all my clothes off. I got to his place, went to his door and I was let in by a stranger. I was greeted and invited inside the house. I got scared of getting in further and I asked if Sir J was home and the stranger told me he was. He introduced himself as Sir Mike and would like to be called that. Sir Mike walked me into the lounge and God, to my surprised the lounge was packed with at least- 8 guys excluding Sir J and Sir Mike.

I greeted the guys, as I was ready to sit my ass down, Sir J called me. I went to see him and find out why he was calling me. As I got to him, he kissed me for a good minutes, I mean a tongue licking ,lip sucking kiss which makes your knees go weaker by seconds. He stopped, raising his finger to my mouth and said to me “SUCK IT CANDY, SHOW ME WHAT YOU CAN DO WITH THAT MOUTH OF YOURS”. Being a good girl I sucked his finger, licking it like I am licking his thick cock. Slowly at first and going at it faster as I imagine it’s his cock in my mouth.

I heard him moan, groaning and said ‘`YOU REAL ARE A GOOD BITCH AND TODAY YOU GONNA SHOW ME HOW SLUTTY YOU ARE”. I did not understand his words until he tells me to strip to my bra and panty and follow him to the lounge. I refused following him and he made it clear to me it was not a question nor a request but an order, so I was to do what I was ordered to do. I followed him, so embarrassed and yet I was getting horny. My pussy was letting me down. How can I be so excited by what was happening? As we got to the lounge, he held my hand and ushers me to the center of the room and orders me to get naked. He introduced me to the guys but I never got to know their names as it was not important for me to know them…. His words.

I was shivering, scared, panting and horny… so so horny. I think having people see me naked real makes me horny. From the lounge we moved to the private room so big like a conference room, with amazing furniture and finishing. I was also put on display in the middle of the room. This time Sir Mike came closer to me while Sir J sat down with the rest of the guys. Sir Mike asked if I was okay and comfortable and I told him I was okay but not comfortable, He came to me and kissed me telling me he was making me comfortable. I refused at first and he hold my head still and kissed me, plunged his tongue deep in my mouth forcing me to open my mouth for him. I struggled a bit till I let him do as he pleased. He laughed and told me “NO BITCH CAN FIGHT HIM’ he kissed me again this time lovingly and gently.

His hands were on my body, caressing me putting me on fire. He slide his hands down my ass and locking my arms under his arms, I felt powerless and at his mercy this time. He cupped my ass as he continue kissing me, my neck, my breast and my lips… yes he had skills on alternating these. At that moment my cunt was hot, I was wet and I wanted him to shove his fingers inside my wet black cunt. All that his hands did was to play closer to my cunt, rubbing my ass slowly teasing the slit of my cunt and my labia.I felt my orgasms approaching, at that moment he bite on my nipples and I cried out loud as I came and felt my juices dripping down my thighs. Immediately I was let go by Sir Mike. Still horny and wanting.

I couldn’t stand on my own, Sir J was there to see that I was well and stable. He put me on his lap and told me I have been a bad girl for coming without asking for permission and with that Sir J was very disappointed in me. To Sir J I was just a lousy bitch who cannot control her desires and needs. Sir J told me he was going to spank my lazy ass for embarrassing him and for being bitch. He spanked my ass 4 times and I was screaming and cursing him for embarrassing me in front of all those strangers and he just laughed and told me if I do not stop being bratty he was going to find a gag for my mouth, he pinned me with his elbow and administered another few good blows on my behind. After few minutes he stopped, turning my ass blu. I was crying, my pussy was wet and I wanted him to fuck me than beating my ass.

While still crying and bad mouthing him(only in my head as I don’t want any more punishment), I felt his fingers parting my cunt and pinching my clitoris. I cried ‘OOH FUCK’ I felt him thrusting his two fingers inside me, roughly fucking me, giving me no time to complain, the heel of his palm pressed tightly against my clitoris. I was pleading with him not to stop as it was feeling so good inside so beautiful and so full. I begged him to let me cum, to fuck me harder, faster and the bastard just laughed at me as said “CANDY YOU BEEN A REAL BAD LOUSY BITCH AND YOU NOT WORTH OF COMING BY MY HAND” I pleaded with him, begged him. Sir J called 3 guys from the group and said if I made them cum he will make me cum as much as I needed to cum.

I crawled to those men and took each into my mouth sucking, licking and rubbing the others with both my hands. My cunt was neglected and that was painful but I knew what I had to do. I swapped them around satisfying each man as per my Sir’s instruction. I knew I wanted them in all my holes even my virgin anal hole, I knew I wanted them to fuck me senseless, to torture my cunt, to make me sore. I knew I want all of them to take turns fucking me because I am a slut and I am my Sir’s slut and he knew I will want them all. I begged for my Sir to let them take me (fuck me) let them fill my holes, rub their dicks in my body. My body was on fire for them, it was calling for them and my vicious monster Sir just laughed at me.

Sir J ordered me to come by his side, he laid me down on beautiful table. Told me to lay still and not move. He then tied each of my ankles to the legs of the table and did the same to my wrist. I was so horny, so wet, so dripping and I couldn’t care less what happens to me at that moment. All I knew was I wanted him pounding me so hard. After he finish cuffing me up, he came between my legs with his cock in his hand and said:



I couldn’t answer him as all that he has said was the truth. He started teasing my cunt with his cock, rubbing it on the slit of my cunt, slowly parting the lips of my cunt with his cock, I moaned aaaaah, and it was so good. He then fucked my clitoris with the head of his cock. I cried out loud as my thick clitoris was so sensitive all the torturing I received, than He did the worse thing he held his cock and slap my clit hard with it, I couldn’t take it any more I begged and pleaded with him to let me cum but all he did was to shove his cock hard deep in my cunt, he thrusted his thick cock inside me 2, 3, 4 strokes and he ordered me to cum!!. I screamed as my orgasm ripped out of me. I squirted all over his cock, I was convulsing, panting and my clit throbbing. He fucked me, he thrusted deeper and deeper and deeper into my cunt each moment I felt his cock growing bigger in my cunt.

I thought he was going to cum inside me, he took his cock out, came up to me and slide his cock in my mouth and told me that I have to suck him like my life depends on it. I sucked him, swirled my tongue around his cock head, tasting his and my juices on him. Licking his cock from the balls to the tip of his pre cum leaking head. I knew it was getting too much for him as soon as he started fucking my mouth. He was fucking it like he is fucking my wet cunt. I gagged few times but I was given no choice but to manage his cock deep in my throat. As he was nearing to the end I felt people around me and when I looked up all those men were around me jerking off. I was changed the position and laid on my side. Left leg tied together with the right arm; I was so exposed to them at that moment I felt a cock in the opening of my ass while I was concentrating on that, I felt a cock sliding inside my cunt and it was Sir Mike. As he continued pounding my wet twat I felt my orgasm. as I was cumming the cock in my ass just slam hard inside me. Two cock fucking my holes, sweet pain. It was too much too good for me,

I let them fuck me, I squirt all over Sir Mike’s cock. The other 7 guys were still jerking over my body and I felt hot loads of spunk hitting my body, they were cumming over my nipples, back, hair and ass. I was drenched in their spunk. Sir J and Sir Mike continued fucking me till they both filled my cunt and mouth with hot very hot load. I swallowed Sir J’s spunk and scooped Sir Mike’s spunk inside my cunt and ate it all.

I was later taken care off and pampered by my Sir………