15 Jan 2019

Saturday night, do we have to braai with the vanilla friends when we could be dancing the night away at the club, I muttered to my wife. Yes she replied, they asked nicely but I will make it a night to remember anyway. E spent two hours to get ready while I set up the braai and bar area.

At about six she appeared in the doorway, she looked super sexy, dressed in one of her super short mini dresses with high heels and make up in perfection. She had my imagination running wild about how this night will turn out, all kinds of sexy scenes making me wet before anything even happened. At about six thirty the guests started arriving, three couples and a single male friend. The men all stared in awe at E while the women tried to be by her side at all times to get a bit of attention she was getting.

The music was sexy and loud while the drinks were flowing freely. It was as if all the men were trying to get to get E's attention as the was dancing around very seductive and sexy. Every now and then her bum or a titty would show when she turns or bend. The men made no secret to me or their wives that she was turning them on and making them wet. I am sure they were reliving my fantasies of earlier. E was drinking blue zambuca and getting more and more daring. One of the wives, sexy I must say, asked E for something cooler to put on after which she appeared with an equally short dress from E's cupboard.

The two of them teamed up and not much later the touching started, soft erotic touches making sure all the men see. I must say I don't think there were one male not turned on. At about eleven my one friend's wife announced that she was going home and called an uber. She was tired she declared. He stayed and the music got louder and the drinks stronger. E and her friend got more daring and were even kissing in front of us, touching each other more daringly. By now we were five very horny men and only two very naughty horny women. I started imagining what E would do next as she likes to take her clothes off when she gets a drunk and turned on. I could see she was enjoying all the attention whilst driving these supposed to be innocent vanilla men up the walls. By now they made no secret of it that they would love to have sex or even an orgy with E. To be honest I think she was thinking the same thing because the next moment she was standing there with only her tiny black g string on, inviting everyone into the pool. The catch, only underwear allowed. The other lady followed and the men feverishly fought their clothes off to join. I took up a seat near to the pool and lit a cigarette, this was going to be one hell of a show. E started the show by playing with one guy's dick, I could clearly see see how big and hard he grew. Another guy started kissing E in her neck whilst fondling her boobs, I noticed the guy with the hard-on sticking his finger up her fanny and playing soft and slow. Her lips parted slightly and she gasped short breaths whilst her eyes looked and me and begged for permission to sex both of them up. I nodded and blew her a kiss.

My eyes caught movement at the other end of the pool where the other lady was having a similar situation . She was moaning and making small pleasure sounds as the two men drove her crazy. Her body was shaking and curving as both men fondled and fingered her beyond her wildest dreams. I was sure this was her first experience beyond vanilla and was glad it was a good one.

E jumped out the pool, now naked and invited her two playmates onto the couch, who followed in an instant. They kissed and sucked her pussy and nipples feverishly hoping to be the first to sex her up. Her body was moving around and her mouth wide open while she made sounds of pure pleasure. Suddenly she grabbed the one by his dick and lead him into her soft wet hole. She grabbed him by the buttoks and pulled him into her as if she wanted his balls inside too. The other guy was getting one of her master blow jobs and I could see she was giving him her best. E arched her back and started getting spasm like movements and I knew she was about to cream him with her juices.

The other group took up the other couch and that was an amazing threesome to watch too. The two men were enjoying the lady to the limits but my attention was with the show my wife was giving whilst living out one of her fantasies. E had now swapped partners after the first guy made her scream and gasp for breath while she was wetting everything in her orgasm. The second guy pounded her hard and deep and I could hear her begging him to tear her open. She dug her long red varnished nails deep into his skin on his back, letting me know that he was driving her crazy with pleasure. The next moment she let out one wild scream and the spasms of a beyond wild orgasm took over her whole body. She gasped for breath and pushed him deeper, sucking the other guy's dick like crazy. The three of them reached an orgasmat the same time and messed up each other with their juices.

E rolled over and looked at me with far away eyes and smiled as if to say thank you for letting me live out this fantasy. The other group joined us and we all went for a swim before everybody headed home.

The next day me and E had sex numerous times as every time one of us spoke about the previous night we could not resist grabbing each other.