Written by MISSY

31 Oct 2011

My man and I, with another couple (good friends), were on abit of a road trip, at about eight at night.

All talking and laughing on the way there. I started digging in my bag for lipgloss to borrow this friend of mine, and my phone started ringing so I completely forgot and dropped the lipgloss. So while I was speaking on the phone, she got pretty anxious

and started feeling for it everywhere. I felt her hand slip between my upper thighs, digging for it, her hand moved up to such a point that her hand was by my crotch, (I had a short skirt on, so i felt alittle weird), the call finally ended and as I looked at her to say something she gently squeezed my "lips" and bolted out "FOUND IT!" . So the both the guys in the front looked back so they can see whats going on, (to cut the details abit shorter,) the guys cheered us on and carried on driving. She gently carried on rubbing my clit with her thumb and acted as if it was nothing, I got suprisingly wetter and wetter, so she pushed one of her fingers in me, It felt sooo good, I started moaning, making noise, So the guys looked back and become very horny quickly. She left me alone for a second and raunchily kissed and sucked my mans neck, And her man turned over from the passenger seat and picked up where she left off. My man pulled over on this empty dirt road and her man and I got out and left the other two in the car. He started passionately kissing me and rubbing me, probing me with his fingers, he spun me around and arched me over the bonnet, teased my pussy by rubbing his shaft against me. He slipped himself in me and started pounding me, As my moans got louder and louder the closer we got to orgasm. I let out a last moan and he pulled out and came all over my back, we were both out of breath and were in such a daze, what the other two did or were busy with was there own thing,

I wasn't cared, I just wanted more....