03 Oct 2016

The sun streamed its rays down upon the cool water of the swimming pool. I see the water calmly move in the breeze. I miss her, I really do. Just the thought of her made me sweaty and wet in places a guy shouldn't be.

She showed me the ways of enjoying sex to the fullest and to maximise my climax, so intense, I feel like passing out half the time.

I walk to the pool and dive in to cool down.

Getting out on the other side I thought it may be a good time to remove all my clothing to ensure a full body tan.

I feel myself being aroused by the warm cement, laying flat on my back while my hand strokes my naked body, feeling and sensing every part of my cock. Soft, flexible, sensitive, semi self lubricated.

I feel my testicles, running my hand up and down over the sack, tickling them in a way, up and down my cocock. You feel, grasp and pinch your hormone filled nipples. Not too hard, just enough to increase the horny level your pussy is feeling.

By this time I'm moaning so loud and jerking my cock so hard and rough that the sexual aggression makes you break into a sweat, feeling your panties soaked from your juices, penetrating the material of lacy finish.

You watch me moan louder and harder as my hand seems to about rip my cock off my body. You sense the sexual aggression I show, knowing how I just know to show the need for over stimulation.

You rub your clit, legs spread over the wall, following my lead on presenting your excitement of sexual stimulation.

I'm so hot and horny. Jerking harder and faster, my cock feeling like it's going to pop open.

I turn my head to the side and see you rubbing your clit, penetrating your pussy with 3 fingers at a time. Harder, faster, as if to compete with my sexual aggression.

I'm too close to stop now. I moan louder and louder. My cock hardens as it gets ready to shoot the load of pleasure...

I watch you rubbing faster and faster, deeper, more violently. Your pussy lips red and swollen as I watch your juices gushing from between your fingers, dripping onto the wall.

I lift my head and lean forward. I give a loud scream of excitement as I present you with the blow of warmth and thickness shooting up onto my chest, bursts of cum splatter shooting onto areas of my face and neck.

We watch each other wetting our hands with cum, so much that the enjoyment makes each of us show the other the pleasure of self-taste. Flirting into each other's eyes. The list, the aggression, the sexual violence.