18 Oct 2016

Its been a long wait but finally I see your car turn into the driveway , excited now that you're home.

I watch you pull in then, get your stuff before you make your way to the door and to me.

You let yourself in and after putting your stuff down you do a funny kind of semi jog run hop manoeuvre as you've been holding your pee for ages because of the traffic, slamming the door behind you , you dont hear me walk up to the door , I stand listening waiting.

You flush , I hear you wash your hands , I watch the doorhandle waiting. You open the door and the sight of me makes you jump , all in black balaclava and gloves , looking at you menacingly , you dont have time to scream . In an instant my hand is over your mouth and i overpower you , moving behind you wrapping my arm around your neck while gagging you with my hand . You try to fight me . I laugh . Being twice your size and a good deal taller than you overpowering you is easy.

I drag you protesting all the way to your bed. Growling into your ear that I now own your ass. Ripping your work clothes off buttons flying every which way , its seconds before i have you in your underwear . Black thong and matching bra.

I throw you onto the bed and you whimper pa ple please don't hurt me , please dont do this . Hurt you I say? Id never hurt you , but do this ? Oh yes im going to do this .

Seconds later you are bound to the bed ,semi exposed , covered only by your underwear. You start to cry . Suddenly I'm between your legs sliding your panties to the side exposing your recently waxed pussy. Parting your lips I run my tongue up the entire length of your slit , stopping at your clit I suck it hard while brushing the roughest part of my tongue against it . You arch your back freaked out about how good that felt and how much you enjoyed it. Licking and sucking your clit you and I are both suprised at how quick you get wet, and not just moist but dripping . Smiling to myself I drive to fingers inside you hard . Leaving them there while I eat you , its not long before I feel you grinding against my hand . You grind harder and begin moaning . The entire time im licking your pussy . You tense up then start to shake as you cum hard .

I losen your ties and flip you over exposing your sweet little ass. Oh im going to enjoy this i say as i slap your ass hard before grabbing your butt cheecks parting them , I rub your pussy juices onto your little ass and then I spit on it before licking it . Not knowing what to do you try fighting me off but im to strong ,you stop fighting knowing its futile . Getting you into position you wince as you feel me press my now extremely hard condom covered cock against the entrance to your backdoor. Its not long before Im balls deep inside your ass , pumping long deliberate strokes in and out of you . At first you resist but once again you submit to me . Grabbing your waist and pump deep inside you as I cum I hold it there. Eventually I slide out , turning you over I remove my mask saying wow babygirl you truly are amazing . Daddy likes to play dress up with his babygirl.

Smiling you get on your knees and take me in your mouth sucking me hard before you push me down and mount me . Reverse cowgirl you grind against me , I start pumping up into you . Your orgasm comes on hard and fast . Oh yea daddy fuck me , fuck me harder you scream as you cum . I stand taking your long hair into my hands guiding your mouth over my cock . Your lips like heaven up.and down my shaft . Suddenly I pull out holding you in place as i blast my load over your face and breasts .

Go clean yourself off I say then come lie by daddy till Im ready to play again . You may watch tv but no pleasing yourself till I say or you will be punished

Yes daddy you say smiling cheekily knowing you will enjoy the punishment just as much if not more than the reward you get for being a good girl.