23 Jan 2019

We had known each other less than a week, Amy and I. We had met in a bar by accident when she was waiting for her boyfriend she said, but invited me to sit with her until he arrived. She seemed cute and fun, was dressed provocatively in slops and hot pants, and was touchy from the get go. She was also a little tipsy, so of course I was happy to join.

I got her a cocktail from the bar and sat next to her. It was a loud bar so she leaned in to speak and her knee rested against mine as she did. It was a nice way to chat, and we got on well. She shed her shoes, and placed her feet on mine claiming the floor was cold. I was pretty aroused I must say, and every time I tried to speak to her, she lowered her head so I could shout in her ear, but that also meant she was staring at my bulging shorts... a fact she made obvious, with a flirty smile and a comment. I was embarrassed, but since she seemed pleased I just went with it.

She leaned in and kissed me, her hand moving to my bulge and caressing it for a moment, Then though she leaned to my ear and whispered that her boyfriend had arrived. She kept her hand on my cock while she waved at him on the other side of the bar, only removing it just before he reached us. It was a strange moment and I didn't stand up to greet him, but shook his hand nonetheless.

Overall it was a fun evening. Amy flirted with us both, and gave me a kiss on the lips goodnight, while her boyfriend paid the bill. It was slow and lingering with her mouth open. I pulled her body to me, and she didn't resist. I could feel her soft breasts against me through her shirt. I didnt expect to here from her again, but I really hoped I would.

Three days later, a message came through on my phone, saying "road trip"? I could feel myself turned on at the thought so said yes, before actually checking who it was from. It turned out to be from the boyfriend rather than Amy, but having committed, decided it would be fun anyway.

Friday night came, and the buzzer rang. I let Amy in, and she explained her boyfriend and a friend of his would be there shortly. She kissed me on the cheek, I was disappointed to say but went and got a class of water, and kissed me on the mouth when she came back, her soft wet tongue darting into my mouth. She pushed me down on the sofa, and straddled me in her short skirt, resting her clit against my bulge, and rocking herself there. She pulled my hand to her breast, while her other hand went behind her to massage my erection through my trousers.

It was then that my buzzer went. Amy unzipped my fly and grasped my cock frankly, but when the buzzer went again, she let go and went to answer the door. I got myself together as quickly as I could. It wasn't the boyfriend at the door though, but a girl called Sam. The boyfriend it seemed couldn't go and Sam had stepped in, as became obvious when Amy checked her phone. While that was even better for me, it meant I would have to do all the driving.

It was a long slow drive to the first nights stop. The girls chatted to each other most of the way, leaving me to do the driving, and we arrived late at our rest stop and fell asleep with the girls in one room and me in another. The next day we headed to our beach-side stop, arriving about lunch. Amy had forgotten to book and there was only one room free, but they could confirm later a second room.

We headed to the beach, unconcerned, but about 2pm I headed back to the hotel to shower and eat. I was actually in the shower when I heard the door open. I was hard immediately, but since nothing happened, I thought I would take control. I whisked the curtain back, but it wasnt Amy in the room, it was Sam, sitting quietly on the loo. She didn't seem startled at all, despite being mid-pee and wearing just a bikini top. Instead she smiled at me, and my erection, nearly within reaching distance, and said "hello". I took an uncertain step forward, and then waited, uncertainly, while she finished peeing. She stood up, flushed and brushed past me on the way to the basin.

She washed her hands carefully, then examined her make up carefully in the mirror, pouting her tush in my direction so I could see her shaven pussy. Almost an invite but not quite. I didn't dare touch myself much less her. A minute passed, and then another, while my invisible erection stood proud but uncertain. The she turned around, pushed me on to a chair and mounted me. Feeling my cock disappear into the folds of her pussy felt amazing. I tugged at her bikini top, and buried my face in her breasts, tucking a nipple in my mouth, while she rocked feverishly on my lap.

On each rock back and forth, she let out a small, adorable squeak. I really should have wondered whether Amy was within earshot or not, but at the time I didn't really care. So it was perhaps no surprise that her little blond bob popped around the door. I myself was startled, making Sam look around, but it certainly didn't put her off. On the contrary I felt a shiver go through her pussy as the girls locked eyes. Amy looked surprised, but perhaps pleasantly so. She paused, then came into the bathroom, and watched Sam straddling my cock and moaning.

They kissed, gently, romantically, softly , slowly. Then Amy curled a hand down to Sam's clit, and rubbed in small circles one way and then another. Sam nearly came immediately. She grabbed Amy's crotch through her bikini. Then Amy squeezed

her clit firmly, and somehow my own throbbing cock at the same time. I could feel Sam's orgasm roll in like thunder and that set my own cock spurting into her pussy. Then she released her orgasm, in long slow beautiful screams with each remaining thrust into her. She rested there on my lap... spent... more by Amy than myself I knew.

Amy went out and lay on the bed, and started to frig herself. When Sam climbed off, I went to watch. She let me sit between her legs for a moment, but then hooked an ankle behind my neck, and drew my face down onto her pussy. She had moisturised it with something sweet, and that and her encouraging noises made me eager to tongue fuck her. She ground her pussy into my face hard, touching her pussy herself the way she knew she wanted. She was close to orgasm quickly, but my face and her own fingering were not quite enough. Then Sam sat on the pillow above her head, and started sucking her nipples, her own breasts dangling in Amy's mouth. It was that that pushed Amy over the edge, but tasting her as she came was lovely.

I sat back on the floor, my second erection from watching Amy's orgasm. Sam came over knelt in front of me and started licking my cock. She did it casually, in no hurry to taste my cum. I knew I couldn't last long though, and told her so. It was long enough though for Amy to recover, and push Sam away and turn to my cock, which she proceeded to expertly milk. Sam had her fingers in Amy now, and Amy sucked me in time. I am cumming I told her, but instead of backing off she took my manhood deep in her throat and entered my backside with a finger. She swallowed all but a drop of cum, which landed awkwardly on her cheek.

The rest of the road trip was actually almost as amazing to tell the truth, although not with the spontaneity of that first afternoon together. Nevertheless, the clearest memory of that trip is still that moment where she smiled at me and wiped that last drop into her mouth.