Written by Karen

10 Apr 2018

I had to go on a two day course out of town. Normally these can be pretty boring especially after the training the first day. Not this time.....

During one off the breaks I dropped my phone and before I could even bent to pick it up this guy already did so. I looked up to thank him and as I looked into his eyes I was lost for words. He was not young with grey hair but had the greenest eyes I have ever seen.

I got my tongue back and thanked him. We started chatting and before long we sounded like old friends. Every break we had we spent together and decided that the next day we would sit at the same table. Training ended for the day and we went our own way.

I was pleasantly surprised to see at dinner that evening that we where booked in the same hotel. Needless to say we dined toghether. Later he walked with me to my room. At my door he said goodnight and as I was about to turn away he took my face in his big hands and gave me a feather light kiss. "Good night and thank you for a wonderful day". He turned and walked away.

After I had a shower I was lying on the bed not able to sleep, I was wondering how it would feel to have those big hands move over my naked body. Then I would scold myself reminding myself that he could have been my father.

I was just about to turn in when there was a soft knock on my door. I put on my gown and answered the door, there he was and my heart raced. There was no mistake in what I read in his eyes. I opened the door and he came in hesitantly. "Sorry, what was I thinking" he whispered and made to leave. I pushed the door closed and and pulled his face closer and kissed him.

As we kissed I felt he was already rock hard. I pressed my pussy against him and made sircula r movements with my hips. Making sure he undrstands what I want. He pulled away asking if I am sure. In answer I undid his pants and pulled it down to his ankles. As I pulled his undies down his rock hard cock prang free. I licked it slowly teasingly, before I could take it into my mouth he yanked me up and basically tore my pj's from my body.

He slowly lowered his body to mine on the bed, I looked down at his glorious erection and could not wait to feel him inside my wet horny pussy. "Not so fast my sweet" .... he nuzzled my breasts, my neck, lower over my stomach. He got up and yanked me to the edge of the bed throws my legs over his shoulders and licked slowly up and down my bald pussy. I begged him to fuck me but he had his own plans. "I want to taste your sweet nectar"he said before thrusting his tongue into my wet pussy. I grabbed his head and pulled him closer. Not long and I had a screaming orgasm.

He slowly licked my cum from my pussy. He got up and I moved up on the bed. He leaned over and flipped me onto my stomach, nudging my legs wide open. He leaned over me licking and kissing my back. He sat up and rubbed his cock over my pussy and ass. He slowly entered me, fucking me deep and slow. He whispered in my ear...." now it is my turn to cum" He pulled back and the next thing I feel his cock pressing againt my ass. I tried to push up saying I never had anal before, "hush lil one, relax" and with that he entered me. I could not help it and screamed into the pillow. He lay perfectly still, kissing my neck. Slowly I got used to the invasion and relaxed, he started to move slowly at first but soon was pounding away at my ass. I felt him tense and then he shot his load up my ass.

He collapsed next to me on the bed, pulled me into his arms and kissed me. I thought that was it and made myself comfortable in his arms to sleep. He laughed softly and asked me if I thought that was it?

We fucked till the morning hours and I eventually fell asleep from exhaustion. When my alarm clock went off he was gone. I met him at the breakfast table and his smile sent shivers of pleasure through me. I wondered how he can look so rested when every movement I make tells me I have been fucked good.

At the training he leaned over to me and whispered in my ear...."Hope you are not in a hurry as I booked a room for us tonight."...........