25 Jun 2018

Topless handy man service, season 1:

Monday is arriving yet again, another week another crazy week he thinks to himself, James is a typical mature younge male, tall and handsome and full of life, running his own business of maintainance and repairs of homes, hes always had a dream of doing something different, something extraordinary, irregular and out of the norm, he wants to offer a topless service for the extra entertainment, “get your dirty work done with something pleasurable to look at.” His slogan reads...

Monday arrives and sitting there in his office chair, James goes and submits the add, “Topless handyman at your service”, it reads. Further more “Get your dirty work done while looking good”, he clicks send and carries on with his day as he normaly does, not 10 minutes later as he is on his way to fetch his team does his special phone ring, the number he got just for THS specifically, “ THS Looking good, how can i help you?” He says as he answers the phone, and this tiny cute voice says: “um hi ,yes i saw your add of THS, and was wondering if you could help?, my washing machine and water supply has stopped working can you please come help me with my washing and plumbing? And how much will you charge?” She asks “yes hi there ma’am, i can gladly assist you with your plumbing and washing machine, we charge 450 per hour on site ma’am, send me your address and i will be there by lunch time” he replies, so off he goes drops off his team on site for his other business and gets into work for the first three hours, while he is constantly wondering what is going to happen when he gets to “the appointment” what does he say he thinks to himself, any way the time arrives and he gets to the address which he got in a text from this tiny cute voice on the other side of the phone, he doesnt even know her name as she did not tell him on the text nor on the phone, the house is massive clean and neat, “hmm must have some financial backup” he thinks to himself, he rings the door bell and again the tiny voice on the other end answers the intercom “hello is that THS”, “Hi there ma’am yes it is” he replies , and the gates start to open, he drives in and up this beautiful long drive way with tall trees on either side and pulls up into a round about fountain like in the movies.

He has never seen a home this big and beautiful it was like a hotel, grass was beautiful and green and well trimmed and maintained the flower beds well manacured with beautiful different colours of different species of plants all spaced strategically to enhance the look of the already impressive garden

he parks his car and steps out and walks up the large staircase to the front door, when he realises “shit i forgot to take my shirt off”, he runs to the car again and shuffles off his shirt, ti reveal this tall masculine well built athletic body well defined on every muscle in his body quite a beautiful specimen he is, he stretches out his muscles and takes a deep breath revealing the strength of his beautiful abs and size of his big lungs, he runs back uo the stairs and gets to the door “knock,knock” he knocks on the door.

“its open, come on in” says the tiny voice, he opens the door and in this, also, very impressive hallway standing in the center of the hall with this beautiful pink gown covering this tiny small, beautiful, housewife. He closes the door behind him whilst not removing his eyes from hers, as the door clicks into place and the heat in the room increases as she bites her lip and looks James up and down, inspecting every bump and inch of his upper torso, inspecting every muscle line and vein that reveals its self to her, satisfied she pulls open her gown and drops it to the floor to reveal this tiny but surprisingly sexy figure tucked into this sexy black leather suit on her belt she has, cuffs, a leather whip, and what looks like to be some funky keyring, in her hand she held a riding crop...

she looked like something from a fetish porn movie, “holt” she says “not one more step, there will be no names, no numbers no messages nothing, you will replie with yes ma’am to everything i say do you understand?” She asks “um er... sho... um” he stammers as he is shocked beyond words right now as this was the last thing he was expecting, she cracks her whip on the dide of her leather pants, “oh man up” she orders as she walks over to a cabinet on the side of the hall under this massive beautiful mirror, and pulls open a draw, pulls out a envelope that looks to be quite densely packed with what he can only assume is cash, now James, being someone completely new to this fetish let alone this experience has no idea what to do, so he decides to man up and go for it, he straightens his strong well ripped body and stands tall and proud and takes a deep breath and replies “Yes mistress, but mistress do you realize i am a handyman service not a call boy?”, she laughs out loud and says in what seems to be a more stern and rather sexy voice, “I know exactly what you are and you are going to beg to come back for more! Now follow me upstairs,.... “to be continued”