Written by Angel59

01 May 2015

...I bend down to tie the last knot in scarf around your ankle which leaves you bound on the bed and totally at my mercy....your eyes widen in surprise as I turn away and back again with another scarf in my hands. I crawl onto the bed, your eyes hungrily speeding over my breast, slipping downwards,,,but before you can look your fill, darkness ascends as I cover your eyes and secure the scarf snugly around your head. My hands are shaking with excitement and I feel my juices flowing to my dark opening....pushing off the bed I drag my hard nub across your belly...over your twitching rod and I am gone.

You start with surprise when you feel the featherlight touch of my fingernails across your nipples....they bud erect....my wet tongue follows my nails swirling round and round and gently nipping before I blow cool air across your wet nipples. My arousal is increasing with yours as your hips start a barely noticeable bucking motion. I alternate scraping my nails, then licking and nibbling from your nipples down your ribcage to your belly and hips. As my teeth hit a particularly sensitive spot there a muffled growl escapes your lips and you involuntarily pull on your restraints.

Continuing my journey downwards, now more with my lips and teeth, I bypass the area that is begging for any kind of touch....scooting off the bed I return momentarily to settle on my stomach between your spreadeagled legs. A shout erupts from behind your clenched teeth when the first cold touch of an ice cube grazes your inner thigh....immediately followed by the soothing touch of my hot tongue...your cock starts twitching and a pearly drop of tumescence appears on the slit....popping the cube in my mouth...I bend forwards and flick out my tongue to catch it before it falls....making you lift your hips off the bed as the cold touch of my tongue surprises you once again.

My tongue flicks out again....this time to the baggy sack. I gently suck the one orb and then the other into my mouth...rolling it around on my tongue where the ice cube is slowly melting. Gradually as my mouth becomes warmer, your breath hitches......my lips and hot, wet tongue trailing a wet path from the base of your rod to the top where another drops await my mouth....my tongue sneaks out, captures the drop and flicks out to swirl around the head, just below the rim. Its twitching non stop now, you hips bucking, your arms and legs pulling and your restraints....then my mouth clamps down gently, sucking your cock into my mouth deeply....pumping the base with my hand.

I free it from my mouth with a wet popping sound and perching above you sink down on you until your cock fills my passage snugly.......setting the pace I rock my hips backwards and forwards, rubbing and squeezing my nipples. I feel my inner muscles starting to contract and feel the urge to increase my pace.....whimpering helplessly at the approaching storm, I sink down on you one last time....with a roar you flood my pulsating passage with your hot release triggering more contractions in my muscles. I collapse breathlessly on top of you capturing your lips breathing quietly......