19 May 2016

I had just moved into the new cottage when my landlords wife came over to welcome me' she was Afrikaans chicky' her accent was thick just as her thighs' she had a big butt just like my colored sisters....she quickly put out her hand for me to kiss them' as the gentleman I am responded very swiftly because I was also waiting for this moment' she pulled my head closer and whisperd in my ear ' My husband wants me to fuck you now she told me' her warm breath against my ear gave me a instant cock stand....I put my long fingers under her skirt and I could feel she didn't have any panties on' I put my fingers in her love hole, I could feel her jelly bean ' had to admit that hers was the hottest clot I ever felt' it was very oddly huge' I rubbed the top of pussy with long strokes ' I started moving deep into her vagina in quick successions and then I could feel her water well release her love juices ' she moaned and gently took my 22cm shaft out my levy jeans.....yes my thick brown cock was ready for this moment ' after all my sleepless nights thinking about this pussy I knew today I was going to kill this pussy' she put my shivering cock in her mouth as I could see her cheeks get red' I pulled her head closer and forced my throbber into small mouth' I could see tears of joy at the corner of her eyes' but it could also mean my cock was never going to fit ' I pulled out my cock and put her on the couch' I then folded her knees but frmly under my armpits ' with this type of grip she wasn't going nowhere' I put the shaft into her wet pussy ' I began to move but just enough to use my circumsised head' just my tip I started using as she moaned and then very gradually I started to go deeper but still not forgetting her clit' yeah I could feel the heat of her pussy as she came on my head ' I could see her juices at the end of my cock' I began pounding her now I could feel the passage tighten up' she held my arms tight now because the pleasure also had some pain ' her eyes were closed but now she open them' from moaning she began to start shouting now and I was afraid someone would hear ' I put my smelly fingers into her mouth for her to keep quite as I continued to pound that Dutch pussy ' yeah man I had to teach her a lesson ' I could feel the other end of my cock towards my stomach' yeah I could feel I'm finally eating this pussy ' the howls got louder now and just by her pitch I new she came again' I could also feel turn was coming ' I quickly pulled me out and put my throbber back into her mouth ' by this time I was on my tippy toes ' I could feel the rush coming over as my cock spewed the cream milk on her face' it was a load no doubt ' all the mess iv been carrying since I moved in....all those nights dreaming about this pussy it was finally a reality' yeah she even thanked me.....baai dankie my skaat' I didn't think in my wildest dreams a woman would thank me.