Written by Desiree_1

12 Jun 2013

Three to Tango


Joe wedged the Allen-Key out of the nut and standing up kicked the wheel for good measure.

‘That should do the trick’ he said with satisfaction to the anxious face that peered through the window. Then continued, ‘Can I escort you girls home, it’s really late and I don’t think it’s wise to travel alone.’

The girl with the blonde hair smiled thankful for the offer while the red head next to her nudged her giggling from the opposite seat.

‘Sure’ she said half leaning out of the car exposing a full set of double D Cup breasts that pooped out from above her halter top.

‘Why don’t you join us for a drink’ giggled her companion ‘then we can thank you properly’

Sauntering off to his Harley he followed them while they drove ahead finally stopping in front of a dimly lit motel where they were staying for the night and as the true gentleman that Joe was he delivered them straight to their door.  It was never his intention to take them up on their offer of a thank you drink since Joe had a strict rule of not drinking after twelve at night. So as soon as he was sure that they were safe and out of harms way he prepared to make a speedy exist but was not prepared for the warm fingers that wrapped around his arms from both girls dragging him inside the motel room.

‘I really have to go’ he said awkwardly as the redhead shut and locked the door behind them.

Both girls were smiling and giggling now mischief clearly written on their features.

‘But we have not thanked you yet’ the blonde interrupted him licking her lips while redhead lead him unceremoniously to the bed pushing him down on it in a sitting position before climbing up behind him.

Joe gulped, nearly swallowing his tongue when the girl behind started to seductively run her hands down the side of his arms finally slipping them under his t-shirt to caress his naked skin.  Her fingers teased him as she drew herself closer making his whole body tingle.  Things like this never happened to him.  His mind told him to get out of here remembering the early morning meeting he had to attend but his body urged him to stay.

Speechless Joe sat as his senses were being assaulted from both sides as the blonde slowly starting moving in front of him dancing to a tune that only she could hear running her hands seductively over the smooth curves of her voluptuous body up to her breasts which she now grabbed in both hands pushing them together to reveal a deep cravat between her breasts.  She was mesmerising.  Her pale white skin glistened as she slowly pushed her halter top down over her waist revealing a pair of milky white breast topped with two tiny pink nipples.  She was still dancing as she bend down further to relieve herself of both top and mini skirt which skid to the ground as she stepped out of them only leaving on a tiny translucent g-string that moulded to the juncture between her thighs into a small black butterfly.  From the expression on her face Joe knew that this was a performance she had given many times before as unashamedly walk over to him and ran her stiletto clad foot against his groin.

Somehow in the midst of all of this Joe found that the girl with the red hair had removed his t-shirt and was rubbing her naked body against his back.  Her soft breast against his skin felt incredible it took all his will power not to twist around and grab her onto his lap but right now the blonde had his full attention as she kneeled on the floor and crawled seductively between his legs to slowly loosen his belt, zip and almost magically removed his jeans, socks and shoes.  He was now completely naked and totally at their mercy.

The blonde was smiling again almost pouting she asked sweetly.

‘What’s your pleasure?’

When he didn’t reply she wrapped her warm fingers around his long hard shaft teasing its smooth pink tip with her thumb.

Joe breathed in sharply as she massaged him slowly and could feel himself growing bigger in her hand.  The ribbed veins of his member pumping red as it shot erect.

Then he felt it, that glorious feeling of moisture mingled with softness as her tongue slipped over his head and she enveloped him fully between her lips.  He almost cry out in pain when she left his head and slipped her mouth down the length of his shaft licking the sides as her hand massaged the sack below.  Her fingers slipped deeper between his thighs until he could feel her thumb pressing against the base of his groin driving him insane as the pleasure washed over him.  Damn he had never been so hard before.  Holding his groin in hand and the fingers of her other hand wrapped around his shaft she once again slipped him into her mouth tasting him and teasing him with her tongue before taking the length of him down her throat.  Joe sat watching with glazed eyes as the length of his shaft disappeared between her lips then reappeared again as she lifted her head up and down.

Every nerve in his body moving to the rhythm of her movements as she sucked and teased him with her tongue his senses totally consumed with the feel of her between her his thighs and the girl nibbling the flesh at his neck.  With a sudden urgency he dug his fingers into the smooth skin of the thighs that gripped his body from behind so sharply that the girl behind his let out a gasp. Then it came that explosive release like a cork being popped as his seed spilled uncontrolled into the soft confines of the mouth wrapped firmly around his shaft.  He watched as it oozed in long white streams down his member and gazed in awe as she swallowed a mouthful of seed licking up the spots that formed around her lips. Her smiling pleased face watching him quizzing.


From somewhere in the distance of his subconscious mind he could see them moving again gently pushing him down on the bed the redhead moving taking up a position at one side whilst the blonde climbed on the bed on his other side, both were kissing him soft lips moving simultaneously along the length of his naked torso licking and nibbling at his firm nipples further down to the rippling bands of muscle along his mid section.  Warm hands caressed him it felt different somehow than before the grip was firm and more urgent, he knew intuitively that the redhead was massaging his groin trying to revive his member and as if it had a mind of its own it slowly started raising again until it had grow a full length in her hand.  He could hear her giggling at his ear as she nibbled and whispered against the skin of his neck, ‘Are you ready for me big boy?’

Still lost in his dream he lifted himself up with one arm to assist her as she slipped a condom over his firm shaft but two strong hands pushed him down a smiling blonde hovering over him her firm white breasts hanging above his face.  She was leaning into him allowing his mouth access to her hard nipples which looked a darker shade of pink.

Then the sweet pressure came as the redhead straddled him drawing his shaft into her velvet lips.  Her tight soft body surrounded him sending a pleasure through his body as she moved and bounced on top of him riding him wild and giggling as he grabbed her hips to push himself further into her whenever she moved away while the girl above him shouted angrily, “don’t tire him out I haven’t had my turn yet. I want him from behind.’