23 Jun 2018

Thought I would share a fantasy I just got inspired to write about. The first bit will be some background on the fantasy idea then I will get into the juicy part of the imagination. Hope you enjoy!

So I live in a complex and the flats are all close together,one hot summer's Friday now earlier in the year I got home early and as soon as I stepped in through the door I got my clothes off and tossed them in the washing machine and went about doing some housework as was the norm at the end of the week.Being a nice hot day I decided to do it naked aas I often do anyway.

When I was done with the dishes and some cleaning,all that was left was the clothes in the machine and that would take a while still. I got myself a beer,got my lube out and decided to load some porn for a nice afternoon wank while the washing machine was doing it's thing. While watching the hot girls sucking and fucking big porn cocks and me stroking my hard oiled up cock I noticed I had not closed the curtains and if you walk passed the kitchen window and cared to look in you could see to where I sat and was enjoying myself. It was at this moment the neighbor (BIG BOOBED BRUNETTE,SLIGHTLY CHUBBY BUT NOT BAD) also came home and walked by the window and looked in on passing and saw me,I caught the movement out of my peripheral vision there was someone and when I froze and slowly turned my head to look. I saw her looking at me with a big smile,I got a fright and went cold but I thought fuck it,Im in my own place and I got brave (WHAT WAS SHE GOING TO DO,COMPLAIN IM WANKING IN MY OWN PLACE?). I smiled back at her while slowly stroking my hardon. She went in to her flat and not long after I caught more movement when a friend of hers followed and went into her flat. After I while I could hear them giggling and the sliding door to their balcony,next to mine,open and them stepping out laughing and chatting.I could hear cigarettes being lit from the sound of their lighters. Now as I said it was a hot summers day and all my windows were open and I decided to tease them a bit,every now and then I could hear them whisper and giggle and then I would take the porn of mute so that they could hear and they would laugh and then tease back with a porn like moan. Man it was fun and I came super hard. Later when she went out again she walked by the window and I was in the kitchen unloading the washing machine,saw her and she turned around and squeezed her boobs together and shook them at me while she and her girlfriend laughed and walked away down the stairs. A couple of days later in the week I had to go knock on their door to give a key their cleaning lady had left with me for them, and when she opened the door she had just come out of the shower and had a bathrobe on,I made no effort in hiding how I was looking at her breasts and undressing her with my eyes and she knew this,when I gave her the keys and she let her robe fall open revealing one her big boobs to me and just said thanx and closed the door. Her breasts I saw were quite big but a bit saggy with small pink nipples. I was so hard I had to go have a wank. Never went further than teasing as I did not want any shit so close to home although I had fantasized a lot of having a 3some with her and her boyfriend.

So here goes my fantasy!

Like I said we live in a complex and these people I mentioned never really fit in here,they are a bit noisy and tend to fight a bit when they got drunk.They were young and was told by the body corporate their lease would not be renewed due to all the complaints against them.

So today was moving day. I just got home after doing some Saturday work and saw them carrying out their stuff and loading up a bakkie.I had some free time and decided again to watch some porn. I got myself sorted and was watching while the neighbors were in and out with their stuff. I closed the curtains this time (LOL) but left just a little creak open so she could she me if she stopped to look. Sure enough she did and after a while I guess the boyfriend needed to go and drop some of their stuff I saw here move pass the window and I could hear she was outside my door,being in a complex my gate is usually open and door unlocked,she knew what I was doing inside and heard the gate move open and the door handle turning,I could hear my heart beating in my ears and sure as shit she walked in and closed the door behind her,she came over to me and as she did she started taking her top off bra and all,I got up and met her mid stride and grabbed those big breasts and clamped my mouth over one of those little pink nipples,she groaned and grabbed my cock that was already hard and out from playing and she started tugging on him! She pushed me back to couch and went on her knees before me and starting sucking me off,I was fondling her breasts and rubbing my hands over her bum and she just moaned with my cock in her mouth. I pushed her back,got up and squeezed her breast together and slid my rod in between them. She grabbed my arse cheeks and pulled me in hard and at every thrust met the head of my cock with her greedy tongue as it peeked out between her breasts.

I lifted her up and pushed her towards the bedroom,kissing and sucking nipples and her tugging at my hardon as we went.

Got in the bedroom and I wrestledd with her pants,off they came and I went down and saw her wet neatly trimmed little pussy was blooming,I stuck my index finger in there and tongued her clit while squeezing her breast and pinching her one nipple with my other hand. I got up,went over to the dresser,got a condom out and had her slide it on with her mouth,I pulled her to the edge of the bed and lifted her legs up and rammed myself into her wet waiting pussy. This was just pure lustful hard fucking,nothing fancy or gentle,just hard fucking. As I rammed her she was moaning loudly and was squeezing her big soft breast together. I let go of her legs and squeezed her breasts and sucked on them while fucking her. I don't know how long it was but I could feel I was not going to last must longer and came hard into the condom while still inside her,I just kept ramming and could feel her tightening also and she let out a long low sigh and came also. I pulled out,went to bathroom to clean up and as I came out she was already getting dressed,i squeezed and sucked one of her boobs again and just like that she left,no one saying a word.

They were moving for a while still and caught a glimpse of her every so often through the window and could she had a satisfied glow on her