15 Feb 2018

It was dark in the smoke filled bar. Sitting in the back on a high chair I could see most every person in the bar. The music was loud and not really my type, but belonged in this type of place. Like me, other guys were sitting by themselves sipping on their drinks, some smoking. The bar keep was a friendly young girl, plump, with a full bosom that popped put of her low cut shirt. Outside the rain was drizzling down cooling the earth.

Across from me sat a guy and a woman. She was in her mid-thirties I would guess. Raven black long hair falling down her shoulders to hide part of her perfectly rounded breasts. In the dark her pale skin stood out and showed off the full lipped mouth coloured with a dark lip colour. She wore a very low cut blouse, white in colour. From where I was sitting it seemed that there were no under garments restricting her perfect roundings.

She sat facing me, crossing and uncrossing her legs. It might have been purposely, or not, but it caught my attention. She had long legs ending in high heeled shoes. From the shoes upward, the legs stopped where a very short denim skirt covered only the last bit of her lower body. In the darkness I wanted to believe that, like the top, nothing was covering her hidden secret. She stopped mid action of crossing her legs, just to confirm my wishes, nothing to hide her mound from my gaze.

I was wearing jeans as usual and, as always, nothing underneath my jeans. Blue T shirt and a pair of sneakers. I could feel my groin getting warm and swelling. The couple of drinks I have had relaxed me enough to waken my desire for this stunning woman, who obviously was also in some state of arousal. Impulsively I rub my cock through my jeans…… felt hard and good.

She was watching me and a faint smile crossed her face, she wet her lips with her tongue and let it linger on her lips longer than needed. She opened her legs to give me a full view of her perfect mound. It seemed to be clean shaven with nice swollen lips. The man next to her left the table, going to the bar.

I stood up and indicated with a subtle head movement for her to follow me out the side door of the bar. I walk out into a narrow passage between two buildings. A fire escape staircase obstructed a clear passage and limited the view for any passers-by. The soft drizzle was dampening my clothes. I turned and she was right next to me.

She came to me with the passion of a wild spirited woman lusting for excitement and satisfaction. Her hungry mouth locked onto mine with a wet darting tongue exploring every part of my mouth. Her breath through her nose was warm in the cool drizzling night. As her hands held my head locked to her mouth, her hips were grinding into mine. She had a very protruding mound, which was rubbing my already hard cock into a state of an iron hard erection, rubbing pleasantly against my jeans. At stages it was hurtful but pleasurable as well.

Her hard erect nipples were pressing into my chest. My hand ran down the back of her rounded butt and lifted the very short skirt. The heat coming from between her legs increased my state of arousal to the next level. Touching her inner thigh from behind, I could feel the wetness off her arousal spread all across her inner thighs. The juice of her passion was running down her thighs and wetting my hand desperate trying the part her swollen wet lips from behind.

She released my mouth and bent to her knees. Unzipping my jeans she took my cock into her warm wet mouth, sucking just my head, playing with her tongue around the head. One hand holding the shaft and the other massaging my balls gently, teasing my head into a swollen state twice the normal size. She sank her mouth over the rest of my cock, sucking hard as she did so. She kept it deep in her mouth and I could feel her tongue twirling around my shaft all the time.

She made my shaft and head wet with her saliva and let her soft closed palm play up and down, from my swollen head to the base of my shaft. She sank her long red nails into the bottom of my shaft, squeezing hard. The sensation of pain discomfort and pleasure was exhilarating. She opened her crouching legs and ran her hand through her wet pussy, rubbing her love juice over my shaft, just to suck it off again. She stood up and kissed me with a mouth tasting of her dripping pussy.

I took the belt of my jeans and tied her hand above her head to the fire escape staircase. She was moaning softly and I realised from the way she opened her legs that she liked the idea of being bound. I lifted her T shirt and covered one erect hard nipple with my mouth, sucking hard. She let out a soft cry. Hips grinding toward me, I gently rubbed her pussy through her denim skirt, pressing hard on her mound.

Sucking hard on one nipple, massaging the free boob her nipples grew into two protruding sex objects of extreme pleasure. Tracing down her perfect tummy my mouth stopped on her sopping wet and dripping pussy, denim skirt around her waist. Her clit was swollen and warm, the scent emanating from her aroused state was intoxicating. I pushed her legs further apart and inserted two fingers into her wet pussy. She pulled her breath in hard and loud.

Sitting in front of her on my knees, rain dampening our clothes, I used the full palm of my hand to rub her pussy, lubricated with her own juice. Her lips kept on swelling. I took her clit between my teeth and bit down lightly. She squirmed. She opened up even more. I ran my finger from the top of her wet snatch inserting it as I go down. A second and third finger went in. I started pumping and pounding her opening and could hear and feel how the juice came out of her. She was shaking and squirming, opening and closing her legs.

In her bound state I turned her around, facing her back. Pulling her butt cheeks apart I rubbed my bursting cock up and down her crevice. Wetting my head with her juice I rubbed my cock head in her very open pussy. Not inserting all the way I started fucking just her opening, more juice coming out. This went on for a while up to her being very close to an orgasm. Slowly I pushed in all the way, deep, the base of my shaft hard against her buttocks. Slowly pulling out again, feeling every part of her swollen pussy.

Rain started to come down harder, intensifying my thrusts into her welcoming little cunt taking every inch with pleasure. I could feel the cum in me welling up, ready to explode. Her whole body went into shivers and I knew that she was about to explode which prompted me to shoot my load deep inside her. I could feel the cum running out over my shaft down her legs.

Looking around I saw the guy she was with standing on the other side of the staircase, wanking his cock hard and as he saw me looking at him he shot his massive load. I realised I was set up by them and this was their fantasy, not mine.