19 Jul 2016

She looked out from her window, across the lane and past the verdant green of a cornfield, focusing on the deep green forest beyond. Dark and mysterious, with only a dirt path covered in shadows leading into it, the forest was a forbidden place.

As a child, her mother had warned her, never to go into the forest. In fact, she was not even allowed to enter the cornfield. The only safe place was the little cottage and the little cleared yard. Anything beyond the neat little clearly defined borders were dangerous.

And she had always obeyed. There was danger in the forest.

Now, as a young woman, she found herself staring into the mysterious darkness once more. What was out there?

Her mother had said that the forest was the abode of the Wolf. The Wicked Wolf. The wolf that would take her, carry her away and consume her. The Wicked Wolf was not safe. And the young woman wondered what the wolf was like. And the more she thought about the darkness and the wolf that prowled in that darkness, the more her imagination became captivated by the wolf.

It was a warm summer morning. The sun shone bright and warm on the young woman's face. The light played in the gold of her hair. She could smell the sweetness of the corn and it smelled so good and the morning so perfect that she crept closer, lost in the fragrance of earth and field and summer, breathing deeply of their scent.

And like an unseen force pulling her ever closer was the forbidden place, the forest where the wolf prowled. She didn't even realize until she felt the cooling shade wash over her that she had gone too far. She was on the path, the path that led away from the safety she had always known.

And although she knew she should stop, there was a compelling need inside to keep walking forward, deeper and deeper into the darkness. Almost in a daze, she kept walking slowly, placing one foot in front of another until she came to a small clearing.

From behind she heard a voice, clear and strong; "I have been expecting you."

She turned quickly and looked for the first time, into the eyes of the Wicked Wolf.

The wolf stood stunning in her beauty. Deep, dark eyes sparkled and her movement was both powerful and elegant.

"How can you have been expecting me since i have only come here by accident?" she asked.

"You are not here by accident, you are here by choice and desire. I have watched you, and know that you have been looking for me even without understanding that desire or knowing what it is you seek."

She stared, transfixed by the wolf, knowing she should flee but unable to move her feet. "You are dangerous."

"Yes, sweet girl, I am dangerous. And that is why you want me, need me, and why you have come to me."

And before she even knew what had happened, the wolf was on her, taking her to the ground. She felt the wolf's teeth graze against her throat and without understanding why, she arched her head and exposed her throat to those teeth. Her body melted beneath the wolf.

Everything seemed a dream. Her eyes closed as she felt her dress being pushed up, and could feel the teeth bite into her flesh, and the strap on slipping deep inside her as the wolf consumed her.

Her body trembled, heart pounding, breathing ragged and then she was falling over the edge as explosions of lust erupted deep from within.

And she became one with the wolf.