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The way days should end...

It could happen....


9 minute read

What a day in the office. No such thing as normal any more. Reduced staff so working twice as hard, and then just to add to the mix, load shedding started up again. Heading home, takes forever now, and all I want to do is get there, kick my feet up and have a long hot bath and soak away the day. As I get back to the complex, the gates not working….friggin load shedding, and the battery is on the blink. The car in front of me, stopped and the lady on her phone. I get out to put the gate to manual so I can slide the gate open. Looking into the car as I walk passed, the lady opens her window and blushes. She said she didn’t know how to do that, and has been sitting there for half an hour. I glance at what shes wearing, jeans and a polo neck, my mind wanders to whats under that…its been a while since I’ve seen a good looking lady let alone one that’s so easy on the eye! I mention, no problem about opening the gate and ask her how long shes been living here, as I have never seen her before? Im new in the area, just moved back for work. She says to me for ages, stange how she never knew about the manual gate unlock, or maybe it was a ploy - damsel in distress, I laugh in my head! As I climb back in my car and wait for her to start driving, the rain starts. Just whats needed now. Driving through the gate, she stops again, I get out and close the gate and get back into the car now soaked. She drives off, and pulls into her parking bay a few passed mine. No wonder I haven’t noticed her before. Climbing out, I see her loading up bags of shopping, and trying to use her elbow to close the boot. I’m already soaked through, so jog over to help her, again. Grabbing a few bags from her to free up one hand, I follow her to her place, so she can let us in. Walking in I ask where can I sit the bags down, she says follow her. As I follow, I notice the polo neck slightly damp, outlining her figure nicely. And my eyes dart down to her nice firm looking ass in the jeans. Bad good thoughts running through my head, I cant but smile again. In the kitchen I set the bags down, and she turns round, asks if I would like a towel to dry off? Im soaked to the bone, my own place is 5 doors down, I’m cold to the bone and wanting nothing more than a hot bath to warm up. I accept her offer of the towel, makes this encounter last a little longer. Off she trots to get one, and I glance around. She comes back with the towel, and one for her. I wonder to myself as she gives me the towel whats going on in her pretty little head. Idle chit chat and moaning about loadsedding as we towel our selves off, man shes good at not letting onto anything. Suddenly she says, “be right back, need to turn the bath off before it overflows.” Now that’s adding insult to injury in my world, man I could so do with warming up. I make mention that I should be on the way, and ask where I can put the wet towel? She comes back through and says “drop it in the hamper in the bathroom. “ I wonder through, and put it in the hamper, and look at the bath shes just run. Steam rising off the bath, and filled with bubbles. Man this is just what I wanted. Throwing out all consideration, and since I’ve just helped out twice…I get out of my wet clothes and climb in. Not a minute later she calls out “did I find the hamper?” “I did thanks” I call back, “and the nice bath you ran for me!” “What?” she says as she walked down the passage towards the bathroom. “that was for me” “Opps” I said. “My bad, but feel free to join me.” Since there was no power, just a phone to light the bathroom, it is pretty hard to see anything. Right now I was just enjoying getting warm. I hear the door open and close, and then hear wet clothes hitting the floor. She climbs in and sits with her knees drawn up to her chest at the other end of the bath. All the time im lounging here like its my kings mansion, legs almost the whole way straight. I jokingly say “I wont bite, unless you ask me to, you can get comfortable you know, it is your place after all.” I feel her slowly stretch her legs out, 1 each side of mine. My feet against the side of her hips now as she slowly sinks into the bath. Man I wish I could see more now, damn load shedding piece of crap. I reach down with my hands and slowly lift one of her legs up. I start rubbing her foot and calf…behaving in my actions, for now. After a few minutes I lower that leg and lift the other one up and do the same. Shes not said a word the whole time, but I can hear her breathing has gotten faster, and her hips move gently as I run my hands up her calves. I tuck my feet behind her hips and move her forwards to me, stopping when she ends up about half way up my legs. Reaching down now I take her hand, and start rubbing it, all the way up her to her shoulder…nice gentle massage. One arm then the other. Trying to see her face and her reactions, but only hearing her breathe as I do what I do. I reach my hands behind her neck now, pulling her head downwards, so my fingers can work the days stress out of her neck. Dead silence but very rapid breathing now. Seems the finger magic is working well. I take my hands and move them straight down to her hips now, pulling her forwards even more and then gently pushing her head backwards, getting her to lay against my knees with her back. I use my fingers to slowly start tracing the outline of her breasts, gently coating them with hot water and bubbles and then letting my fingertips feel the shapes. Gorgeous and full by my feel. With lovely nipples that seem to be enjoying my feeling. I cup one breast in my hand, lifting it up, I bow my head down and gently blow over the nipple. Feeling how hard its getting I then place it in my mouth and lick the tip with my tongue. As I do this I feel her sit up, and lift her own other breast up and do the same herself. I wont be out done, so I move my head to the same breast that shes working on and start with my tongue and mouth as she is. We sharing her own nipple, kissing each other and it at the same time. I can feel her hips grinding against me now in a furious mannor…..who said you could do that Miss? I move her legs apart now, getting them either side of me, and reach down with my hands, placing them under her ass. My word, just as I imagined, small and perfect feel. Lifting her ass up, with her legs apart now, I raise my legs so she can rest her back against them. Moving my head forwards, I slowly part her pussy lips with my tongue, and let my mouth find her clit. Very gently I lick up and down over it, parting her pussy with my tongue so just her clit is ready to be licked and sucked. I feel her hands start to wonder around under her to find my now very erect cock. I stop, move my head back out the way. Reaching down I take her hands, and place one each side of her pussy and using her hands with mine on top, I get her to spread herself wide open for me. As she does, I bury my face back in between her legs again. Lifting he ass up and letting my tongue lick all over her. Letting it dart over her clit, then into her pussy and back up to her clit. Feeling her breathing quicken as I do this, I then let my tongue spend more time in her pussy, licking all around it. Pausing for a moment, I tell her “to start rubbing her clit a little, and to open her legs wider.” She hooks one leg over the side of the bath now, and half supports herself which allows me to have one hand free to start playing with her. As I lick her pussy, I start to play with her with my thumb. I push it into her pussy then lick it as it comes out, then again and deeper, moving it around in her then back out. Then as I do it again, as it comes out and my mouth clamps over her pussy again, I press my thumb against her ass. I leave it just sitting there, waiting for her move. Slowly she starts to push down against my thumb and mouth, letting my tongue explore deep in her pussy as my thumb slides into her tight little ass. I feel her start moving against me now, slowly in circles and back and forward, building momentum as she goes. Man what a sight this would be if there was power, but wow how it is playing with all my other senses without having sight. I feel for the bottom of the bath with my feet now to anchor myself and then move her downwards so that my aching cock is now right in line with her hips. I move my hand and mouth away and slowly lower her down onto my cock. Just the tip inside her pussy for now and my fingers now on her clit. As she lets herself slide down, I can feel her warm, tight pussy wrap around my cock and start squeezing it not wanting to let go…. Pt 2 to follow

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