Written by Desiree_1

11 Jun 2013

The Unwilling Bride


Des looked at the golden band on her finger hating the round circle it formed.  This was not the life she imagined. Married to a man she hardly knew or wanted to know for that matter.  The wedding ceremony had been a farce, something her family had forced her into saying that a girl her age should be married. 

Looking at the wedding guests brought a sudden feeling of disgust to her stomach; then she spotted her husband the tall dark figure that loomed over her future.  He must have felt her eyes on him because he immediately turned towards her and smiled the simply action lighting up his handsome face, another cruel joke life was playing on her.  Why did he have to be a so darn good looking.  She was determined to hate him even before they met, when her family sat plotting how to marry her off to a rich family. No this will not do, they had made a pack between themselves.  Neither one of them wanted this marriage.  It was done with the sole intend of pleasing their families and after tomorrow they would go their separate ways. The contract was sealed and stamped and lay neatly packed at the bottom of her lingerie draw.  They would remain married to keep up appearances but would live separate lives unencumbered by the rights of either husband or wife.  Then after a year of marriage they would have their marriage annulled on the grounds that it was never consummated. 

Sighing with relief she finally allowed herself to smile.  Just one year and she would be free.  She was so deep in thought that she did not see that her husband had joined her by the window until she felt his warm breath on her neck.

‘May I have this dance’ he whispered in her ear like one conspirator to another.

Des shook herself watching his dazzling blue eyes as they danced with mischief.

When she did not budge he tried again, ‘It’s customary for the bride and groom to open the dance floor at their wedding’.

Pouting her lips like a child Des reluctantly took the hand he extended and allowed him to guide her to the dance floor.


Marcus smiled showing a clean set of even teeth knowing how much it annoyed his dear little wife.  If she only knew how adorable she looked when she pouted her lips at him.  It took all his willpower not to drag her into his arms there and then and showing her how much he wanted her.  Asking her to dance was just another feeble attempt on his side to touch her and have her close to him.  Her delicate frame moulded to his hard body sending a pleasurable sensation through his being as he slowly led her into a waltz.

His senses were playing havoc with him as he watched the tiny black ringlets which were heaped on top of her head held together by a single diamond clip. He could almost imagine removing it and allowing her long curly hair to flow freely down her back.

‘Marcus!’ the vision in his arms said sharply bringing him out of his dream with a jolt.

‘Did you remember to book separate rooms at the hotel?’

Marcus eyed his wife disapprovingly before replying, ‘Now don’t you think that will raise some suspicion’. 

‘Well I am not sleeping in the same bed as you.  I made it clear in the contract’ Des spat back at him angrily trying to break free from his arms.

That stupid contract! Marcus cursed himself for ever agreeing to such an idiotic idea.  But it was the only way he could get her to marry him. 

Reluctantly he agreed to compromise, ‘You can have the bed, I will sleep in the sitting room on one condition.’

‘What condition?’ Des asked slowly looking at his suspiciously.

‘Oh nothing that you can’t grant me’ he began nonchalantly ‘just a simple request.  I require ten kisses.’

‘What!’ Des exclaimed so hard that it made half the wedding guests turn to look at them.

Marcus smiled broadly allowing a dimple to form in his cheek, ‘Payment for spending the night on the sofa.’

‘Don’t be simple’ Des spat back at him ‘I don’t owe you anything, it’s in the contract.’

‘Nowhere in the contract does it say that I am not to share our marriage bed. So if I don’t get my kisses. I’m sleeping in MY wedding bed.’

He was quite enjoying the sudden realization that crept into her eyes.  How would she try to get herself out of this one?

Finally she relented, ‘Okay get it over with take your damn kisses and let me be!’

Marcus bent his head as she pouted her mouth at him.  Sweet pink lips were raised to him nearly touching his nose. He hovered over them nearly touching them as he watched her eyes which were now firmly shut as if she was waiting to be punished.  Abruptly he raised his head and let go of the warm body that now clung to him and left the room leaving a dazed and confused Des alone on the dance floor.

Men! She stamped her foot hard on the wooden platform.  She would never understand them. As if the heavens heard her exclamation a cloud broke over head sending down a sea of rain that splashed uncontrolled against the huge windows of the hall, but somehow Des thought that this was a fitting end to a miserable day.


Something wet tickled her ear drawing her out of her daze.  Des froze; someone was holding her drawing her against him.  She shifted again in the dark but this only worsened the situation as it wedged her under him.

Marcus chuckled softly; she was so caught up in her own little world she did not even feel him slip between the covers.  He planted a kiss on her ear making her turn to face him, her wide eyes trying to see him in the dark.

‘What do you think you are doing?’ she asked out of breath.

Marcus smiled into her eyes moving his hand over the length of her body.  As he thought the little vixen had nothing on.  ‘I’ve come to collect my kisses’.

Des removed his wondering hand from her body.  She had completely forgotten about their strange bargain.

‘I only promised you ten kisses, so get your hands off me’ she said sharply drawing the sheet firmly against her naked body.

‘Ten kisses’ he breathed over her mouth capturing her lips, but her stubborn mouth remained closed, but this did not deter him.  He found a spot on her neck kissing it gently at first before drawing the soft skin into his mouth to suck it.

Des breathed heavily finding in difficult to force out the words, ‘That’s two, now get it over with’. 

Marcus willingly complied, before she could stop him he swiftly removed the sheet from her body exposing her nakedness then covering her body with his own, pinning her hands on her sides.

‘I only agreed to be kissed’ Des yelled out in shock.

‘I’m a gentleman madam, it’s only kisses I want’ Marcus said laughing, ‘where I place them is another matter all together.’

His mouth found her nipples, sucking each in turn.  While Des struggled hopelessly under his wondering mouth that kept moving further down her body until it found her naval.  She tried to break free but he was much too strong for her.  She gasped in bewilderment when he parted her thighs and opened her up with his tongue, torturing her as he slipped a finger in next to his tongue.  A strange feeling started building deep inside her making her buck suddenly, needing more than just his tongue to quench the fire.  Marcus stilled her raging body, removing his mouth from her most secret place to kiss her thighs instead.  But the greedy little girl wanted more coaxing him back to the spot he had just deserted.  He buried his head between her thighs again and resumed his eager ministrations sucking and licking her until he heard her scream out in pleasure, letting his tongue devour her right down to the core. 

Des thought she was going to die, she never imagined men could do things like this, it was completely scandalous, but it still wasn’t enough she needed more.  She needed all of him.  He stopped suddenly making Des cry out in pain, moving over her to whisper in her ear, ‘Do you want me?’

His breath was heavy and staggered his need as desperate as hers.  She could feel his hard member pressing against her thigh wanting to follow where his mouth had just stopped.  ‘Say you want me, so we can end this madness’ he said with difficulty. 

But the stubborn little fool would not budge, ‘No’ she whispered before she could stop herself.

Abruptly he withdrew from the bed standing in front of her in all his glory.  Des caught her breath; he looked magnificent, all muscles and firm skin.  His proud manhood mocking her, he bend down to place a final kiss on her cheek whispering softly, ‘all you have to do is ask and I am yours.’

His voice mocked her, he knew that he had brought her to the brink of ecstasy and left her dangling there.  She would make him pay for this insult.

‘Never!’ the she threw at him, regretting the words as soon as it escaped her mouth.

He laughed merrily and if she had said something funny.

‘I never took you for a liar Desireé; you will be mine sooner than you think’.

Des watched in awe as he left her there, proudly striding out of the door naked.

She would never let him know just how much she wanted him.  Her body ached for the pleasures only he could give her.

Still aching for that unknown entity, she covered herself and watched the rain beat against the window.  She would never admit that she needed him, even if it meant spending the rest of her life alone.


Des shivered as another bolt of lightening flashed overhead it was almost two in the morning. Feeling objects in the dark she made her way to the adjoining sitting room where a fire burned softly in the grate.  Marcus lay stretched out on an ottoman admiring the dancing flames a peaceful smile on his face.

‘I thought you were sleeping?’ he asked casually when she entered.

‘Who can sleep with this noise howling over my head’ Des replied miserably, she was glad that he was still awake.  She couldn’t imagine being here alone in this storm.

Another sharp bang sent her running to the ottoman for comfort nearly throwing Marcus off balance.

‘Close the curtain’ she shouted in panic.

Marcus smiled patiently enjoying the feel of her warm body against his.

‘If you let go of me for a second I’ll happily close the curtains for you’ he replied with a wry smile, but thought to hell with the damned curtains if she let go now she might not return to his arms so willingly again.

Reluctantly he moved to the window when she let go of him and drew the thick velvet fabric across the glass covering them in darkness except for the light from the fire. 

‘You can stop holding me now’ he said hating the lie as soon as it spilled out of him.  Poor little Desireé had followed him to the window and still clang to him like a frightened child.

Desireé dug her face into Marcus’s chest holding on to him for dear life; she always hated lightening and often imagined that she would be struck down for all the mischief she had caused in her life. 

A sudden rumble of thunder only worsened her nerves as she immediately started shaking in terror.

Marcus eased her gently towards the bedroom hating to let her go.

‘I think some sleep will do you good’ he coaxed softly.

But Des shook her head her face still buried in the folds on his ruffled shirt.

‘I don’t want to be alone’ she said nervously.

Marcus breathed out slowly she was causing havoc to his senses.

‘I’ll stay with you until you fall asleep’ he said unemotionally.

When Des remained quiet he picked her up and carried her through the double door that led to her bedroom, lightly depositing her on the bed but her arms immediately flew around his neck.

‘Would – would you mind staying with?’ she asked softly.

‘I won’t be far’ he coaxed again ‘but if you want I can place my chair next to your bed.’

‘No!’ Des exclaimed in a panic and to Marcus’s surprise.  He had no idea his presence repulsed her so much.

‘Calm down’ he began again ‘I won’t come near you.  I’ll stay by the window until you are asleep’.

‘You don’t understand’ Des’s voice quivered ‘I want you here next to me not so far away’.

Finally comprehending the meaning of her words he laid down on the bed beside her, happy when he felt her tense body relax.

Thank God for thunderstorms Marcus smiled in the darkness as he lay on his back while the little figure lay curled up beside him.

It took all his strength not to reach out and pull her into his arms but he did not want to frighten her anymore than she already was. 

Marcus was enjoying himself it wasn’t long before Des willingly threw herself on his chest clinging to him, ‘What was that?’ she asked nervously, turning expectant eyes towards him.

Marcus had not heard a thing but was not about to let that little fact spoil the moment.  ‘The storms getting worse’ he lied enfolding her in his arms but just then the lightening cracked across the sky followed by a drone of thunder making Des cry out in panic as if she had just been struck.

Des was completely out of her senses now screaming at the top of her lungs as she shot upright in bed.  ‘Please make it stop! Make it stop!’

Marcus tried drawing her back into his arms but Des let out another terrifying shriek.  Well she might slap him but there was only one way to get her mind off the rumble outside Marcus thought as he pulled her against his chest roughly taking her lips in a bruising kiss.

Des let out an approving sigh as she sank closer into his arms the storm outside suddenly forgotten.  Hesitantly her arms stole up his body and around his neck drawing his mouth nearer to hers. His kiss softened parting her lips to draw her tongue next to his.  Her lips were softer than he remembered and willingly parted under his pressure, she tasted like strawberries he contemplated as he deepened the kiss gently laying her back onto the bed.  Slowly his hands flattered over the thin fabric of her nightdress, she felt so soft and inviting but he did not want to spoil this moment by doing anything she might not approve off.

Instead his hands moved to her face cupping it as his mouth left hers to lightly plant kisses on her cheeks.  Somehow the fabric magically slipped down her body producing one perfectly shaped shoulder. Des gasped with pleasure when she felt his mouth move to her ear, then her neck finally nibbling on the delicate skin of her shoulder.  Her nightdress slipped further down revealing two perfectly shaped breasts that peaked when his warm hands surrounded them, instantly her nipples hardened at his touch.  Des sucked in air when his mouth followed his hands and started kissing each swollen mount in turn taking a ripe rose bud into his mouth gently flicking it with his tongue.  Two persistent hands grabbed at his back trying to undress him finally digging themselves in his hair as he moved from one breast to the other.

Marcus breathed heavily he was trying very hard not to rush things but he could feel her body eagerly responding to his subtle seduction.  In a moment of complete madness he slipped her dress off leaving her naked before him and waited for her to pull back.  When she made no attempt to flee his hands continued its wondering journey parting her thighs to kiss the soft skin at her thighs moving up towards the juncture between her thighs.  Des squirmed with pleasure when his tongue found her core teasing her until she thought she could not stand the pressure anymore.  Somehow his clothes had vanished as magically as hers, but he continued to tease her most secret place nearly suffocating from the force of her warm thighs on his ears as she grew wilder by every stroke of his tongue.  Ferocious hands grabbed at his hair anxiously needing fulfillment forcing his face hard between her thighs making him draw back sharply as he gasped for air.

Calming her frantic body he moved between her thighs wrapping her legs around his waist and began teasing her naval tracing a line of kisses up her smooth skin until he reached the valley between her breasts determined not to rush their union as he had done before.  Des sighed softly enjoying the feel of him between her legs and the weight of his abdomen on her womanhood, breathing in sharply when she felt his hard erection slip slowly into her an intense feeling of fulfillment as if he belonged there in the sweet confines of her body.  He was moving now teasing her in the same way his tongue had moments ago but this was so different, each movement bringing her to the brink of insanity as he penetrated deeper into her but it wasn’t enough she hungered for more some unexplainable need that yet had to be fulfilled.  Marcus watched her in wonder trying to memorize each expression; each sound she made as he moved inside her wishing she would open her eyes so he could read her feelings too.  Then just as they were reaching the peek of there lovemaking her eyes flew open and he saw the exquisite ecstasy she was experiencing making him grow bolder as quickened his pace taking them to the point of no return.  Des reached her peak first as waves of pleasure surrounded her followed by Marcus who exploded inside her allowing her to enjoy their ending before collapsing drained and tired on her heaving body.  With their sweaty bodies clinging together they fell asleep.  It would be the first peaceful sleep either one had since their engagement any thought of an annulment forgetten.