Written by WillemVerwey

14 Feb 2014

Written by Breejay and Willemverwey

I'm sitting on the edge of the river staring at the sunset. It was such a lovely summers day. The water is as smooth as ice buth dark, almost scary but the surrounding trees and nature make it so romantic. I'm sitting on my own wondering what the week will bring. I look back and in the distance I see a silhoette. First I was not sure, but then I see the most beautifull figure......

She just stood there looking so lost and alone and my heart went out to her. I didnt want to scare her so i got up slowly and called softly out to her - she looked towards me and i could see the sadness in her whole body and i could feel her loneliness. I walked slowly towards her and held out my hand, she looked at it then up at me and i felt like she was looking into my soul. At first i thought she would turn and run but she surprised me by reaching out and putting her hand into mine and giving me a sweet but sad smile. I knew then that i would do anything and everything i could to protect her and make her whole again.

We stood there holding hands. I stared into her bright blue eyes and wondered what could have happened to this beautifull person I front of me. What caused here to lose the sparkle in her eyes? I slowly put my arms around her hoping she will feel secured and not scared. She slowly put her arms around me and her head on my shoulder. I can feel the tears dampening my shirt. I realize that this poor soul is longing for affection. I let her go and guide her to the bench I was sitting. Still no words, just two lost souls staring at a sunset. I see her shivering and once again I put my arms around her, she moves closer and closer until we are united on the bench. Her hand slowly reaching for my leg almost as if she is reaching for help. I feel her soft hand on my leg.

(I am now her) I feel the heat of his body through his jeans and a just want to snuggle up and feel the heat warm my whole body and take away the cold that has invaded it. I am so alone and so afraid, will i ever really feel safe again. My hand moves slowly up his leg and without thinking i move it to that extra warm place where leg joins groin and i feel him move slightly - his body automatically needing and asking for my touch and i don't think i just do. I move my hand over his cock and feel it pulsing and i know he is aroused by me and my touch and this makes me bolder. I hear him sigh as i start to caress him through his jeans and i can feel him getting harder as he starts to move against my hand. I know i shouldnt because i dont know this man but i just cant help it and so i slide down the zip and undo the button and move my hand inside to feel his warm, hard cock and i slowly lower my head down my mouth and tongue ready to taste, tease and enjoy.

The warmth of her breath breaks the cold and is almost inviting my cock into her mouth. My pre-cum on my cock shines brightly in the last bit of sunlight. I wait to see what her next move is going to be as I don't want to push this already fragile soul any furhter. She hesitates, but her breathing is shallow and she is obviously arroused by the site of my cock. I can see her hard nipples through the thin shirt. I put my hand on her beautiful natural breast, it feels soft and hard all at once. Almost as if this was the answer she was waiting for she takes my throbbing cock in her mouth. First only the head, she kisses it as if she is afraid she can break it. She licks the wetness with a satisfied look on her face. She strokes my cock while carressing the head, she then takes the whole shaft in her mouth working it up and down. I put my hand inside her shirt on her full breast. Afraid that I will come I guide her onto my lap. looking deep into her eyes, I can almost recognize a smile. I kiss her full on her lips. Emmediately I feel her tong searching for mine. I slowly move my hand up her leg and underneath her skirt. I cup her whole pussy with my hand and I can feel the dampness through her panty. She gets up,take her panty off and once again sit on my lap.

I can feel the kindness in the man and i know somehow that he will never hurt me and so i decide to place my trust and myself in his hands and as i move to sit on his lap i know i have made a good choice. I can feel his cock warm and throbbing against my wet pussy and i know i want it inside me. I remove my shirt so that i can finally feel his lips on my nipples and feel his hands on my breasts. I look at his face and find that he is not looking at my breasts but at my face - it almost seems as though he is wanting to see my reaction to his touch and i slowly pull his head forward so that his lips are able to open and suckle on my hard nipple showing him my acceptance of his touch. I shudder and close my eyes as his tongue and lips move over my breasts and nipples. Then i lift myself up and holding his cock in my hand i lower my pussy onto his cock and slowly sit down so that he is deep inside me. We dont move, just sit still for a while, and then his hand slips down towards my clit and i know that the heat and the passion is going to take over and consume us.

I look into her beautifull eyes. The sadness dissapeared and for the first time I can see some excitement and acceptance. My cock is slowly swallowed by her warm and wet pussy. I don't want to move as the feeling is unexplainable. I play with her nipples in my mouth. Circling it with my tong and sucking it deep into my mouth. I find her clit with my finger and without moving our bodies start to play with her clit. Softly,slowly in small circles. I can feel how it is swollen from the pleasure. She softly moan in my ear and I know she is enjoying it. She wants to move on my cock, but I stop her and continue playing with her clit. I can feel her pussy tightening aroud my dick and realize that she is close to her first orgasm. I feel her tight pussy and then her cum running down the sides of my dick. I give her a moment, put my hands on her ass and start grinding her on my cock. I don't want this moment to end......

Oh my i feel my orgasm build as he rubs my clit and i want to move, to feel him cum with me but he wants to pleasure me first and i just let go. His cock is throbbing inside me and i feel his hands move to my arse and he holds me and finally starts to move. I feel him deep inside me and i can feel my orgasm start to build again and i am so surprised that i open my eyes and see him watching me with a sweet smile on his face and i realise he was waiting to see my reaction - how did he know that this had never happened to me before? Its almost like he can read my inner most thoughts and feelings - i am not sure how to react but he takes one hand and gently cups my face and i close my eyes and lean my head into his hands and it feels as if i have finally come home - this total stranger has, in such a short time, made me whole again and i want to repay him by showing him how grateful i am. I start to move with him feeling his balls tighten against my pussy every time i move down and i know its almost time....we move faster and faster and as the passion and heat build i lean forward and start to kiss him out tongues playing in time to our movements until our worlds explode Our orgasms are so intense and so strong that we just cling to each other. Slowly everything returns to normal and we kiss gently and i realise that this is where i belong, this is where i want to be and if he will have me then i will be his forever.