Written by Adventureman

24 Jan 2017

One afternoon in late January of 2017 a friend and I were visiting one of our favourite pubs in Kempton Park. It is a cosy little place and close to my factory. We often went there for a pub lunch and a couple of drinks. The place is usually not very crowded and a lot of business owners in the area visit the pub.

From time to time we get spoiled by the presence of women, but it does not happen often. This particular afternoon was just as usual. As I sat sipping on my beer I happen to notice the door opening. Clearly a man opened the door, but to our surprise he just held it open for his lady. In walked this beautiful petite lady which distracted me from the conversation immediately. You could see this lady was in her forties, but oh boy she had the sex appeal of a playboy model. She walked with absolute confidence in her beautiful red mini dress.

Suddenly I felt a tap on my shoulder. It was my mate trying to get my attention. “Yes” I answered. “Do you want another drink?”. Oh yes please. “Wat sien jy? “ Was the next question. “Check daai stunning vrou!!” was my answer. He was the next guy staring at her and I had to tap him on his shoulder.

We had another beer and started discussing this beautiful women. She was clearly involved with the guy she was with and he was most probably her husband. As we chatted I could not help that she was staring in our direction . I smiled and she smiled back. I knew she was interested, but I can not just walk over there. You never know what the guy will do and I was definitely not in the mood for a fight. But that is the great thing about a pub. There is always an excuse. So I bought a round of tequila and send it over. Both obliged with a courteous smile and a wife. I hinted that the must come over and join our table which they accepted. The lady walked right up and sat next to me and the guy sat opposite her. She introduced herself as Fantasy and the guy also greeted and gave his name. I really can not remember his name and really did not care. I bought another round and we started chatting. The usual stuff came up. Where are you from, what work do you do etc. As the conversation progressed I could not help myself and I started rubbing my leg against hers. She returned the favour with a light stroke on my upper thigh. This sent all sorts of tingling feelings through my body and I started feeling something else come alive.

We kept on touching each other under the table, but I at least tried to be as discreet as possible. When she got up to go to the little girl’s room, I thought this was my chance. I waited a little while and then went in the same direction. As I approached the bathroom I saw her coming out. I took 2 quick steps, grabbed her in my arms and we extended an awesome lustful kiss. I grabbed her crotch and felt she had no panties on. I stuck my finger into her soaking wet pussy and started fingering her. I pushed her backwards into a cubicle and started to finger fuck her moist pussy. I could see the lust in her eyes and suddenly saw her arching her back into a soaking wet orgasm. I want to be inside you I said. I would love that she replied, but I want your friend to join. A bit stunned I looked at her and said that he would love that. After all it would not be the first time we shared a women at the same time. We actually liked that.

Ok but we can not do it here and what about your husband was my next question. Oh he is cool with it, he let me live my fantasies. Oh awesome. Then I suggest we get out of here. We went back and I saw my friend with his grin on his face. He definitely suspects I did something. Ok guys lets go. I got the bill and we left. Fantasy got in the double cab with us. Ok where are we going? Was my question. She gave me the choice. At this stage I was so horny. It was just after five so my first thought was the boardroom at the factory. We arrived there and I asked my friend to lock the gate after us. I opened the boardroom door, grabbed fantasy in my arms and almost threw her on the boardroom table. She had my cock out in no time. I got her clothes off and saw the nicest pair of boobs I have seen in a long time. I let her lie back and pushed my cock inside her. I just want to feel. She was nice and tight and very wet. I started riding her, pushing my cock as deep as I can into her. I heard the door and called my friend in. Get off your clothes, she wants both of us I said. He quickly obliged. Fantasy got me to sit on the boardroom table and started sucking my cock. She really knew what she was doing and it felt awesome. I nudged my friend to come closer and showed him he must stick it in. He obliged and started fucking her hard. I heard little screams coming out as he rode her.

I was about to cum and gently took her beautiful mouth of my cock. Shawn also stopped and got ready for his BJ. I watched them for a little while and then stuck my cock into that beautiful shaven pussy. I started pounding her with my thick cock and she suddenly gave out a loud scream of pleasure. I felt her juices oozing out of her pussy. I took it out and lied down on the table. Will you ride me? Offcourse was the answer and she got on top of me. She started riding me, rubbing her clit on me and it was not long before she got an earth shattering orgasm. I thought she was going to scream the roof off. I was on the point to climax myself. Where do you want my cum I asked. Inside me was the immediate reply. Are you sure? Yes I want to feel you explode inside me. I happily obliged.

Shawn was still hard and very horny. He got on top of her and started to slowly fuck her. He went faster and faster and eventually exploded inside her.

All of a sudden I remembered her husband. He was standing there stark naked with a rock hard cock waiting his turn. Fantasy asked him to ride her with a big smile. I want your cum to mix with theirs my love said fantasy. He started riding her passionately, which made me and Shawn horny again, but that is a story for another day…….