29 Jul 2019

The Sitter (Part 2)

We took a long steamy shower where we made turns to explore and wash each other's bodies. The slippery naked skin, being smooth from the soap ensured that my hard-on never faded even for a bit. I stood behind her as I washed her soft smooth tits, with my dick slipping through her legs, softly massaging and sliding through her vagina's lips. Squeezing her tits seems to let out a soft moan.

After the shower she blindfolded me on the bed, tied my hands to the bed's supports and lit some candles with the lights off.

She put some music on softly in the background, and climbed on the bed. She would lower her cunt into my face, then lift it back up as she softly kiss the tip of my dick with her soft warm lips. She would then push her cunt into my face as she slides my dick into her mouth in one motion.

She started this rhythm where as my dick goes into her mouth she slides her cunt over my mouth. Our breathing continued to deepen as she kept up the pace. As we got close to the edge I pushed my head into her smooth thighs, this forced her face into my mouth and pushed her over the edge. We came together and cleaned up with a hot rag.

She untied me and removed the blindfold. I immediately tied her in the same position as I was. I grabbed some oil and started massaging her feet, I could see her whole posture relax. I moved up from her feet and ankles to her calves, with long intense massaging as I slowly move up and down on her calves spending time on each spot.

I moved to her upper legs and stomach, where I would massage her legs and thighs and softly caress her stomach up to just below the tits. I then moved over to her tits and arms. Firmly rubbing them with oil as I massage then in long slow movements...

I could sense the relaxed spirit in her with the slow soft breathing and her closed eyes.

I lifted her knees and spread her legs apart and started inserting a finger into cunt while I lick and suck her clit.

Then 2 fingers and three. Her mouth opened slightly as she moaned softly.

I then took her legs, threw them over my shoulders and inserted my dick slowly to first get it lubricated after the shower.

I slowly pushed it in all the way pulling her oily thighs into my waist. I sped up my motion rapidly as if there is only one speed from startup. I rammed her cunt continuously hard and deep. I grabbed her ankles and put her feet on my stomach with her knees touching each other and slowly fucked her in and out. I rammed her again over the edge, and came on her stomach... Suddenly the garage door opened and I knew the misses was home. She rushed to the bathroom and I jumped in our shower as if ready to go to bed...


Tags: affair, attraction, begging