26 Jul 2019

The Sitter:

So we've been occupied with work and the whole cycle of kids, school, events sports etc. that it's been ages since we've had time for each other.

My other half was away on business to the States and I was swamped in a big project. Thus we arranged for a sitter for the kids for the week since I had to spend most of my time on site to get through all the snags to not miss our deadline.

The Thursday evening we get a setback as we discovered a power issue on the electrician's side. This forced us to leave site, as we require power for our commissioning.. I left site just before 10... I got home sweaty and drained from being on my feet the whole day.

In my restless mind I'm busy planning my next day to sort out this mess, as I noticed the sitter's bathroom light still on in the guest room. Through the slightly open door I happen to see her on the bed playing with herself.

I'm quite shocked at first as it's unexpected to see the sitter in a client's house playing with herself.. This girl though, she's a full time masters student in her late 20's, Brunette tall, built like a racehorse due to the cross fit she's competing in.

Must i add she is fucking gorgeous.... I softly stood up walking closer and opened the door on her. She got a slight fright and immediately : " I'm so sorry sir, I didn't realize..." I stopped her and loosened my belt. She got this naughty look as she continued rubbing her vagina. She inserted 2 fingers as she bit her lip with her eyes locked with mine. I dropped my pants and took my shirt off. I climbed onto the bed diving my mouth into her crotch. She shushed me on the mouth and put her wet slippery fingers into my mouth.

I grabbed her thighs and pushed my tongue deep into her warm soaking cunt. She could not resist being eaten as she moaned with her fingers running through my hair, whilst sequentially pulling my hair and pulling my face hard into her.

She turned me around so that I'm flat on my back, and sat on my face. She rode my mouth like a horse with the odd change in motion where I pull her into my mouth and give her no break.. She gave a scream as her back arched and she came on my face.

I led her to the shower where the night started...