28 Feb 2019

Yes the sharing of pleasure is the ultimate......... And it starts with a gentle kiss, a butterfly touch on the lips; a small lick of the tongue across the lips of the other.

Moving your bodies closer into each others space, feeling the anticipation rolling off each others bodies. Feeling his hands hesitantly place themselves on your jaw line, cupping your face and drawing you closer, your mouth opens to accept his offering........... Your body yielding to his invitation…….

You don’t hear the question with your ears as no sound has passed his lips, but you feel the question in his touch, the way he holds your face gently in his hands feeling the length of his body moving in a slow dance against your body, hypnotizing your senses, drugging your mind, all voice of reason taken flight as your body answers his call.

Tension mounts, you feel his hands moving in circles over your back, circles which widen and caress the sides of your body. Breathing deeply you surrender to his sensual touch, you yearn to quicken the pace, you want his hands on your breasts but you are a slave to his progress. Slowly his hands move to the underside of your ribcage, you stop breathing in anticipation and you feel a gentle brush of his knuckles under your breasts, your nipples harden, sensitivity increasing as they rub against the material of your bra, a moan escapes from your lips. Resting his hands on your waist, his fingertips teasing you, he deepens the kiss, seeking your submission to surrender………

Your surrender is inevitable, your offering like a gift to the gods you yield to his passion, sinking into a world of erotic pleasure.

Senseless with mounting desire you return his kisses with abandon, no longer wanting to be a passive partner; you place your hands over his hands and urge them to cup your breasts, you run his fingers over your nipples but it’s not enough as there are too many layers of clothing between the two of you.

Breathing hard with frustration you break away, staring into his eyes, you rip off his shirt and encourage him to do the same to you.

Both stripping with urgency as desire overcomes all resistance and over the edge of sanity the two of us falls, collapsing onto the bed of our clothing; descending to our inevitable consummation; falling into the hunger of our passion………

Devouring each other, consuming the flesh, enslaving the mind, an entrapment of our own desire, seeking our pleasure ……………..heading for our release…….the ultimate pleasure