26 Aug 2018

She stood in a dark room, a single light above her illuminating her semi-naked body and restricting her vision into the rest of the room. She was bent over a small Louis XIV’th coffee table, her wrists and feet tied to its legs with delicate metal chains. In the darkness she could make out a man sitting in a chair, from the same period, a few feet in front of her. The room smelled sweet, of flowers, leather and cigar. Behind her stood a woman silent, studying her, evaluating her, deciding how to proceed. She felt her skin tense slightly as the women's long nail grazed her bottom and ran along the line of the black latex garter belt that she was wearing. The single finger explored her cheek, her thigh; it ran across the top of her silk stocking and up her inner thigh. She sighed but kept her composure. In the darkness she could not make out the figure in front of her except for the fact that he was handsome and naked. What she could see of his expression was blank except for a small smile. The hand of the woman behind her explored further up her inner thigh and back to her bottom, then up across her back, lightly tracing the line of her spine. She sighed again which made the man's smile a little more prominent. Then the hand withdrew. There was a long silence before she heard the words that she had been waiting for all night "Shall we begin?"

Eve withdrew her hand from the woman in front of her. She could tell that she was ready to proceed without even looking at her. Her breath was a little shallower and faster, her flesh had been responsive, her stance had changed ever so slightly. Her skin, her perfect skin was slightly damp and Eve knew that the warm room was not the cause of this. “Shall we begin”, she asked. No response came. “Shall we begin?” she asked again, slightly more stern. “Yes” came the answer in a hesitant voice, that sounded almost small. “Yes what?“ she demanded. “Yes Miss” was all that the woman could muster. Her voice sounded husky with anticipation but yet hesitant. This amused Eve. “Such innocence …” she thought, “… so untainted by experience.” She pressed a button on the remote and soft sensual music started weaving into the room. Slow melodies with whispering lyrics that could barely be made out. The words may not have been audible but the meaning behind the female voice was very clear. Soft, seductive tones lazily glided into their ears. The voice was moaning or singing, whichever it was didn’t matter. Only the slow lethargic gliding of the sound into their receptive ears mattered. Eve started to sway slightly and then went to work.

He looked at the two women intently, almost amazed at the beauty of the scene in front of him. The soft music and the smell of the room made it seem almost dreamlike, but he knew that it wasn’t a dream. He looked up as Eve put the blindfold over the women’s eyes. He preferred it that way, not that he was ashamed of his body. In fact he was very proud of it, he had worked very hard to get it the way it was. Trystan was a handsome man with dark brown eyes and short strawberry blonde hair. His beard, no not a beard, a 5’clock shadow was long enough for Eve to call it sexy but not long enough to become prickly and irritating. He considered his arms his best asset, though his 6 pack and V-shape tummy didn’t hurt the aesthetics of his body. His arms, however, were strong and toned and often Eve would walk past him and playfully ask him to flex. No he was not ashamed of his body but only Eve could ever really appreciate it and he preferred for it to stay that way.He sat back and folded one long leg over the other, watching the response of the woman in front of him while taking another sip of his cognac. He loved these moments when he could just drink in the scene in front of him. Eve signalled that she was ready to begin and he wondered how the woman would react to the treatment she was about to receive.

The music was intoxicating and it became apparent that the playlist was compiled specifically for these types of situations. She soaked in the music, which lifted her up and threatened to carry her off but, like a cruel lover the promise was not fulfilled. When the first slap hit she heard it before she felt it, which startled her a little and made her gasp. The next slap did not follow immediately; it seemed as if Eve hesitated to gage her response. With her sight taken, her other senses went into overdrive. Her right cheek tingled slightly, which was not an entirely unpleasant feeling. The next one came sooner than she thought though and with a little bit more force. Again she gasped and this time her left cheek tingled. She was given a moment and then the hand struck again. It was more than just her cheeks tingling now. Deep inside her she felt something come alive, like a little spark that has flickered up after it had gone to rest when Eve’s hand left her back. With each slap the tingling grew a little more and each slap was received with a gasp. The sound of the rhythm with which they came was as captivating as the music. Like a treacherously calm river the soft slow rhythm of the music, the slap and lull of her buttocks being warmed and the rise and fall of the tingling inside her all carried her along. Soon, she was lost.

Eve was in her special place. She knew exactly what she was doing and she was good at it too. There was a process that had to be followed. Her hand acted masterfully as she controlled the woman’s body the way only another woman could, and she responded better than expected. Soon she could see colour coming to her cheeks. She knew exactly what the woman was experiencing as she had been there many times herself. Now was not the time to be rash, she gave one more slap and then gently stroked her cheeks to ease her down a little. This was not going to be over soon and she needed the woman to last the evening. With gentle light strokes she moved her hand over the woman’s skin. Later, when the skin was ready, even the lightest breeze would cause pleasure. Right now there was a little more work to do and the gentle rubbing was replaced with less gentle slapping. The gasps became more silent and were replaced with small moans. Once again Eve brought the woman down. This time she leaned forward and cupped the woman’s breasts, squeezing them and lightly pinching her nipples, which made her arch her back and give a long low moan. This was rewarded with a stinging slap on the bottom that made the woman give a sharp yelp in surprise.

Eve’s looked straight into Trystan’s eyes when she fondled the woman’s breasts and he knew she did it for his benefit and no-one else’s. He stared at her as she released the woman. She walked to the small table next to where she was standing and collected a small bottle of massage oil. He smiled at her and in return she winked at him. The woman was breathing heavily now, almost panting, still lost in the music and the flood of sensation that her body was subjected to. He could see that she had started pulling against her restraints and he knew why. He had been teased like this by Eve before. He knew what was going through the woman’s mind, the building need for release and then the sudden absence of any stimulation. The wanting hunger that was building, begging for more, begging for a quick release. Eve would never allow this. She was utterly fascinating in the way she resembled a cat playing with its prey, toying with it, giving it hope and then snatching it away. She was ecstatically cruel. He watched Eve move in behind the woman and she started rubbing oil into the woman’s skin. First her bottom, softly, sensually, light movements that kissed the skin. He watched as the woman responded, pushing herself into Eve’s hands, moaning softly. The light illuminated her face perfectly and Trystan could see the sides of her face were as rosy as her other cheeks probably were. He sat up, adjusting himself to avoid any discomfort. He looked down and smiled. “Don’t worry old friend, your turn will come”. He watched Eve move, working her way slowly up to the woman’s back, catching his gaze with her clear blue eyes. Seemingly reading his mind, she nodded and he rose, quietly walking over to the woman. He stood right in front of her, so close that he could feel her hot breath on his nakedness.

She was in a world of her own now. Somewhere along the line the music had changed, it was still slow but the beat was more prominent, almost throbbing. The sighs were intertwined with the moans of a saxophone. She felt Eve’s hands on her skin. The light soothing motions felt almost like little butterflies caressing her. It was as overwhelming and intoxicating as the punishment she had just endured. She moaned and leaned into the touch. She was aching, down there, deep inside her now. She could feel light spasms as the spark had grown into a surge, building into a full electric storm. If she had not been restrained she would have finished herself there and then but she knew this would only happen once Eve was good and ready for it to happen. Slowly, through the fog, she became aware of Trystan standing in front of her. She could feel his heat on her face. She could hear his slow shallow breathing and instinctively she opened her mouth.

Eve looked up and saw Trystan looking at her. He was silent but his eyes were pleading and she knew what he wanted. Still locked in his gaze, she took the woman by the hair and pushed her head down on him, giggling silently as she heard Trystan groan. His eyes were closed now, his body tense and she could see that he was rapidly losing himself in the moment. She leaned forward and whispered to the woman that she was about to be flogged. The woman hesitated for a moment and Eve expected this was fear. She glided a finger down the woman’s spine, between her cheeks and softly, slowly, sensually, between her lips, hovering with a promise that the reward would be worth the pain. She turned around and looked at the assortment of instruments in front of her. The sadist in her was tempted to pick up the large leather flogger, but she knew that would be too much. Instead she picked up the velvet one. It was a beautiful weapon with long broad black velvet strips and a silver handle that could easily be used for other, more pleasurable purposes.

Even though his eyes were closed, he could feel Eve’s smile, that small wicked smile that he found irresistible. The woman enveloped him again and he could not help but gasp at the sensation. He knew the effect that it would have on Eve and it made him want her more. Suddenly the woman stopped and he opened his eyes, not knowing what to expect. He looked down and saw Eve whisper into her ear, then he saw Eve’s hand move and it aroused him even more. He moved just a little and the woman continued her warm, soft, slow teasing. He closed his eyes again and fully amerced himself in the sensation that was now starting to radiate through his body. He grabbed her hair, half to steady himself and half to guide her into the pace that he wanted. She seemed eager to please and complied without hesitation. Eve was silent and somewhere, between the rhythm of the woman’s movement and the pleasure building, he wondered what she was up to.

She felt the cold metal on her warm skin as Eve placed the flogger on her back. She knew Eve was staring at her again, evaluating her, drinking in the picture of the black and silver weapon on her firm white skin, wrapped partially in black latex. She almost feared what she knew, would come next but the excitement overtook the fear. Trystan gave a little groan and she knew that, even though he had a firm grip on her hair, she was in charge. She teased him a little more, concentrating on making him breath heavier. She swayed to and thro, lips sliding up and down, tongue swirling, stroking, pausing to lick. She could feel him respond to her, moving at her pace not his. His hands had turned to fists, holding her tightly. She had not thought it possible but he grew even firmer. She quickened her pace a little, feeling his own pace quicken, then she slowed down. This was a game in which she was the master. She was so engrossed in her cat-and-mouse game with Trystan that she had forgotten about Eve. This was a mistake that she soon regretted.

Eve let the flogger fly. As the first lash fell, it caught the woman by surprise and she cried out, rearing up and releasing Trystan. Eve saw his eyes fling open, ripped from the sweet pleasure that he was bathing in. He opened his mouth to speak but she looked at him sternly, almost threateningly. He submitted and looked at the woman who was panting. Eve had not anticipated this reaction and gently took the woman by the shoulders. She had started too hard, overestimating the depth of her haze. She confirmed that the woman was ok and that she was ready to continue. Then she ordered her to resume her position. She looked at Trystan and simply said “Well?”.

He moved closer to the woman and she took him into her mouth again. Soon he was moaning softly. She resumed the flogging but this time the lash was softer. The woman’s body moved instinctively as the next lash fell. Eve alternated between lashing and softly letting the ribbons of the flogger slide over the woman’s back, hitting and teasing her back into the haze. The sucking was audible now and Eve smiled.Trystan knew better than to disobey her. She was not beyond making him trade places with the woman and thoroughly punishing him for challenging her. Not that this would normally be a problem for him but he was enjoying the game that the woman was playing too much to risk it ending. “Lord“ he thought “she really is good”. The tingling feeling started to spread again. It started crawling up his body slowly; his own body teasing him. It infected his veins, his blood, building up like the feeders of a volcano building pressure until it erupts. Gently she eased up on her relentless assault and the pressure subsided. Soon, though her assault began anew and this time she took all of him into her mouth and she bit down ever so lightly. He moaned loudly just as the next lash fell. He was close now, so close and then it stopped.

She was caught up in her game with Trystan again, a game she was winning when, she felt Eve’s hand in her hair. She was pulled up sharply and he slipped out of her mouth. The sudden emptiness felt foreign and she yearned to have him again, to finish the game, to taste him. The next lash fell and she arched her back. She did not realise how soothing the lashing had become, her skin was alive with feeling. The slightest wind sent tingles up her spine, and down. Again the lash fell and she gripped the table, her knuckles white and her fingers almost clawing at the wood. Then, she felt the soothing feeling of the velvet sliding softly over her and more shivers now run amuck through her body. The electricity was now building, spreading over her skin and inside her. That familiar pulling feeling was now tugging between her legs, getting heavier as the current became stronger. Her nipples begged to be touched and Trystan complied as another lash fell. She was ready, oh dear lord she was ready.

Eve’s finger snaked across the woman’s body, exploring, teasing, probing until it finally found its mark, slowly sliding in. She was wet, very wet in fact. They both were. The woman moaned, sending a pulse of pleasure through Trystan’s body. Eve found this amusing. She had never considered using sound to pleasure Trystan. She nudged a little deeper and the woman groaned. The effect this had on Trystan was more visible now. Eve contemplated how much fun she could have with this. She slipped her panties off anticipating Trystan’s eventual reaction. She stood next to the woman, who was caught up in some sort of game with her lover, and listened to the music. The night was going exactly as planned and the music was right on cue. The melodies of earlier had given way to the steady low rhythm of a base drum, the seductive lyrics gave way to low moans. The music was pure sex. Eve’s hand found its target again.

She moaned again as Eve slid two fingers along her slit. Electricity flashed through her like chain lightning. Her mind was ablaze with it. The storm built, growing more intense, reaching ever further, filling her body. Her nipples ached, her mind was wild, her hands gripped, her muscles tightened and convulsed and then she was lost. Lightning surged through her in waves as her entire body pulsed with pleasure. Wave after wave, as her silent scream became a low, deep moan. Her game with Trystan was lost; nothing existed except the storm raging inside her. She bucked her hips and thrust against Eve’s hand. “oooohhhhhhh ggggggooooooooooooddddddddddd” was all that escaped her.

Utterly spent, the woman collapsed on the table. Trystan walked around and in one smooth motion, bent Eve forward and down so that her face rested on the woman’s back. He moved in behind her, grabbing her wrists he tied her hands behind her back with a leather belt. He looked at her and thought to himself how perfect her behind was. He slapped her hard, so hard she cried out then he moved in. Placing his hands firmly on her hips he probed her just a little, just enough to make her squeal. His hand slipped down between her legs and he could feel that she was ready for him. “Do you want me to fuck you?” he asked calmly. “Yesssss I'm yours all yours!!!!!”, came the reply. There was urgency in her voice as she breathed the words through her teeth. He complied by slamming into her. Her head lifted and she screamed a silent scream, pain and pleasure intertwined, indistinguishable. He withdrew and slammed into her again, another silent scream. She was whimpering, silently begging him to do it again and he complied causing her to make a deep guttural sound that was born in the pit of her being and violently escaped her mouth.

Trystan thrust into her again, a little more violently. Then he withdrew, waiting for her to push back onto him, teasing her. He entered her again, slower now, thrusting rhythmically, slowly increasing his pace and force. His nerves were alive and he could feel the fire in him build with every movement. Again the tempo changed and he heard Eve breathe words that only she understood. He raised the tempo again, faster and harder till his entire body was ablaze, the rivers of pleasure flowing freely through him, filling him, entrancing him, capturing him. Then he exploded, crying out and sending Eve over the edge. In that moment they were one, their bodies, their voices and their beings in harmony alone in all of creation. Then they collapsed around the woman, exhausted.

She opened her eyes slowly, trying to focus through the haze in her head. She looked at Eve, who was stroking her back and she smiled slightly, content with the slight buzz that was still washing through her body. The only words that she could muster were “What is my name?”