Written by aquarius29

26 Jan 2015

I call u and ask u to wear a short red dress no underwear.... it must be loose but still sexy enough to show off your lovely curves and those smooth silky soft legs. It must accentuate those firm beautiful breast as they pop out of ur top! Red sexy lipstick with black high heels that make any man drool as you walk past wondering how hot it must feel to run his hand up and down those legs. I'm very specific on how I want u to look... u r mine and I own u for the night.

I book us dinner at a restaurant which is dimly lit with cosy side tables all around. It allows for a really romantic setting and the long table cloths and warm candles set the perfect tone for our evening. I arrive first order a bottle or red and browse the menu. Dressed in formal black pants white shirt and a strong smell of dunhill desire coated on my shirt.

As you arrive the waiter directs you to the table I gently kiss your cheek before sliding over to my side of the table. The setup it kinda like the seat arrangements at spur no individual seats but a joint comfy cushion seat allowing me to swoop over to u whenever I want. I pour us both a full glass of red and stare deeply at ur lips saying how gorgeous you look tonight. Ur lips are so soft and succulent.... I am dreaming of my kiss later already as the conversation flows. Oysters and delicious seafood smothered with glasses of wine flow and I cannot help but pull myself closer to u and whisper in your ear how sexy you look. The wine has taken a lovely effect on you with your eyes drooping low in lust anticipating my kiss. I turn ur face to me and softly kiss your lips..... its so amazing as I slide my tongue inside your mouth and caress yours. Your eyes close deeply and u moan quietly as I suck on the bottle lip. Pulling you closer to me.

As we kiss slowly things get more heated. I slide my hand away from your face and start to caress your inner thigh... moving away from your lips I kiss my way down your neck. your perfume is intoxicating and sexy.... love the way you smell. With each kiss I gently suck on ur neck as my hand slowly runs up and down ur soft silky smooth thighs. Ur tummy is full of butterflies waiting in anticipation for my hand to move higher up and feel the dripping wetness between ur legs but for now I am enjoying every inch of ur sexy body. I stop my kisses and stare at you directly in your eyes as my hand moves up ur skirt..... I am now caressing your inner thigh. The heat from between your legs is so evident on my hands. U can't contain yourself and you start to feel my cock through my pants. Rubbing the swollen hardness trying to free it so you can feel that thick meat in your hands. As I kiss you deeply again I run my fingers over your wet lips feeling ur moistness for the first time!!. U gasp at my touch... and I quickly nibble on your lips distracting you from the pleasure downstairs. I coat your pussy lips with your juices as I run my fingers up and down your slit.... parting your lips with one hand I slide my finger down... dipping it in the moistness and then coming up to caress your swollen clit. Making tiny circles on your clit with the wetness I have picked up. Your stomach is in your chest, breathing is heavy and laboured, you grinding your thighs together trying to make me stop but I have too strong a hold on u. Finally u close ur eyes.... lean back and bite your tongue. ... just enjoying it now as u realise u can't fight back.

I slide another finger down to collect your wetness as I continue to rub your clit slowly but now a bit harder. I can see the beads of sweat forming on your forehead as i rub your swollen throbbing clit. I then stop.... I kiss you passionately and say see u just nw! Confused and full of wanton lust u seem upset... but soon see me disappear under the table cloth. I crawl up between your legs grab your hips and pull you closer to the edge of the seat.... I kiss slowly your inner thighs as I work my way towards your sweet wetness. I can dimly see the pool of cum u have left on the seat from the earlier fingering and I am fantasizing how nice that must taste. Your thighs are soft and sexy.... kissing your skin makes my cock throb through my pants. I spread ur legs wider. No one notices a thing as its so dimly lit. As my kisses move closer I lick the top of ur wet clit hood... you jolt in your seat at the touch of my tongue. I grab your legs hold you firmly open and slide my tongue inside your wet dripping hole. U taste so sweet that I lick ur pussy from the bottom up until the swollen clit spending time to lick the clit with my full tongue so u can feel my tastebuds caressing your clit like tiny fingers. Your hand moves down and runs through my hair as you try to grind into me.... I increase the pressure of my licking and slide a finger inside u. I am now fingering you and licking your clit.... I can feel your legs tremble against my face and I go faster. You pulling my hair hard as u cum with a force on my face.... under the table. You cover your mouth to prevent urself from screaming. And I watch as those sweet cum juices leak out onto the seat.