Written by Partyme

24 Jan 2015

You decide you want a few pictures of yourself and call me up. This is all innocent and just for fun but still decide a glass of wine may help the confidence. As i rock up we enjoy a glass together. Not knowing you already have a glass down. With some Confidence liquid inside you go pick an outfit. You come out and ask “ how do i look” I truthfully reply how stunning you look and grab the camera. Randomly i start taking some photos. You walk over take another sip of your glass and go back. You come out with another item. Again i tell you how stunning you are and snap up the moments. This time i try my luck and direct you to pose. Full of confidence now, and thoughts somewhat brave your next outfit show’s more skin. Now things heating up and camera man trying to focus and be professional. You head back for your next costume. Little do you know, i am not far behind you. As you take off the costume you see a flash behind you. “Hey “ you shout and laugh. I move closer and you take the closest towl and cover yourself. As you standing im still taking pics. You have your confidence juice you decide what the hell.

You move around and pose, showing some leg, laughing and making jokes.

I ask if you can remove the towl. You drop the towl and find a quick seat. I snap a few more pics. I ask if you can sit on the bed. You go to the bed. I ask you to pose in differant ways and snap up the shots.

You ask to see the photos. I jump on the bed and lie next to you and we go through the photos.

I then get up and ask for more.

You laugh and say “ no way “ and grab the camera.

You push me back on the bed and say “ its my turn “ you start taking photos of me and requesting pose positions.

You you come in for a close up i pull you back onto the bed and try get the camera. I pin you down sitting ontop of you but you still manage to keep the camera. I have to figure a way to get the camera. I lean in and Kiss you. As i kiss you, you loosen your grip and i take the camera. I start taking pics of your trying to get it back. I manage to find something to tie your hands back. I start taking pics of you tied. You try stop me and tell me to Kiss you again. This plan fails as when i kiss you i take another . You Distract me even more pulling me closer with your legs. This seems to work and i kiss you again. Suddenly we wrapped in a tense Kiss, You manage to get your hands free and push me off you. As you push me off you jump ontop so i cant move. A moment of silence you look at me and instead of reaching for the camera you lean in and Kiss me again. That moment of weakness i grab it. I take a pic of you, and push you off again. I figure you will leave the camera if you were naked as you dont want pics of you naked, and in the struggle i remove your underware. This back fires as it only turns you on more.

Next plan. In the on going battle i get a gap and lay you down... As you lie down i move my head lower and start nibbling your thighs. You instantly give up. I move my body up yours and as i get higher you get a grip of my boxers and pull them off. I Try to recover but again in the struggle you turn me over and now ontop again. I can not loose, i think. I again grab camera in hopes you will jump off and aim at you. This don’t stop you. You start moving your hips back and forth. I take the advantage and snap pic’s of you moving, you facial reactions, your hips.. I aim lower and instead of moving you lift your self showing me inside of you. I take a few pics of myself inside of you as you move up and down. I hold your hips as i get up turning you around still inside. You are now lying on the bed, me ontop between your legs. Thrusting back and forth. I turn you to your side and kneel beside you still with the motion. You turn tight over onto your tummy. I kneel behind you and slowly pushing myself back and forth, you can feel me rubbing up and down your bum cheeks and i push deeper inside your ViGI

The camera is long forgotten...