14 Jul 2018

Perfect scenario would be:

I walk around cpt browsing through material shops looking for material.

Unaware of my surroundings, looking at all the beautifull colours and textures.

Me bending down a few times feeling the fabric. Unaware of a stranger's eyes on me. Material stacked high and in places you cant see the rest of the people in the shop.

Walking to an area that looked like it could have what l am looking for.

When suddenly, the stranger appears behind me. Wrapping his arms around me, putting his hands up my skirt. Forcing his fingers inside my wet pussy. Feeling the warmth wetness of my pussy. Removing his fingers and putting it in my mouth make me taste my own juices.

Whispering in my ear, red car, make model and registration. I am waiting. Leaving me breathless, shocked and extremely horny.

My legs trembling and l cant move.

Shop assistant walking up to me later asking mam are you ok?

I'll reply, no l need to go.

Getting outside l scan the area for the car. Walk towards it, browse through the window.

The most gorgeous guy sitting there with his cock in his hand. I smile, think twice. Just as l wanted to walk away. He says "get in, you know you want to"

Without thinking twice, l get in. Me getting in and grabbing his manhood were one move.

No words were exchanged or eye contact.

Driving off in silence. Driving towars Wellington he puts his hand behind my neck, guiding me towards his manhood.

I instinctively open my mouth and wrap my lips around his gorgeous manhood. Feeling it throbbing under my lips and tongue.

Him concentrating on the road and me doing what l love the most. Enjoy sucking cock.

We must have driven almost 40km with me sucking his cock. Driving up Bainskloof pass, l were sitting up taking the awesome view around us.

A few km up the pass he pulls over. Takes out a picnic blanket and backpack. Grabbing hold of my hand, giding me through a parthway leading towards an overhanging cliff.

He puts down the blanket. Showed me to where l must sit. He unpacks the backpack. Not much in it, apart from two glasses,Ice cold wine, biltong and condoms.

He stairs at me and we both smiled.

He sat down, pour the wine and we just sit there enjoying our first glass together.

Not much were said but the tention between us electical.

We laid there on the overhanging cliff just staring at the scenary.

He moved closer. Me on my back, slipping his hands up my skirt. In search of my honeyhole. He found it, stared into my eyes, smiled and had a twinkle in his eye.

Showing me he found what he were looking for. Parting my legs he smiled, kneeling infront of me. Give me a last cheeky smile and lowered his head between my thights.

Can feel his tongue on my lips and on my clit. Making my heart race faster and faster. Sending me over the edge and into an amazing orgasm. My whole body shaking and pulling his head closer to my joy.

I can see the excitement on his face. He were ready to enter me. He lifted my bum and put the backpack underneath it.

He lowered himself onto me. Kissing me, l could taste my pussy juice on his lips. He kissed me so intimately with all the tention in his body.

Feeling his manhood rubbing on my pussy, sending me into ecstacy. Begging him to enter me. He said patience luv.

Gently he started entering me so gently and so carefully afraid of hurting me and putting to much pressure on me.

Constantly asking me if l am ok. Knowing there is just a blanket between me and the rocks.

Frankly l couldn't care. I just pulled him closer and deeper inside me. Finding our perfect position. With him being heavier than me we changed pisition and it were my turn to do all the work. His hands cupped my breasts while l sit on his manhood. My pussy wrapping around his manhood. Riding him like a jockey rides his horse. I started riding him harder and faster, faster, faster.

I could see it in his eyes he want to shoot his load. I went faster and it took him over the edge. Us cumming together were the best feeling ever. I fell down on his chest with his manhood still inside of me.

A scenario yet to experience