19 Jul 2019

The Office.

It's a Friday morning, I've been so busy this whole week with the admin that no-one seems to care about. I sit in my secluded office busy as always as the traffic in the office seems more than usual. I couldn't help but notice the new employee that sits across the isle from me. he was busy packing his things out. His tight pants just gives away his identity.

Later the day I found him at the printers where we officially met for the first time. He was leaning on the wall next to the printer waiting for a big document he was printing. We shook hands and i couldn't help seeing his hard dick bulging through his pants.. I chuckled out of reaction and did my best to stop. He noticed something was up but could not pin point.

I acted stupid and walked to the kitchen to get coffee before I get my printed documents. When I got back to the printer he was already gone to my relief. As i got to my desk i found a note saying "I saw those eyes of yours..."

My heart started pounding deeply all of a sudden as I realized I've been caught red handed.. I thought I'll act as if nothing happened and continue as per usual. As the day got a to a close and everyone has left, or so I thought.. He appeared at my door. He did not even knock , he stood at the entrance leaning on the door, looking into my soul with a smirk on his face.

I knew what he was thinking and could not help but to blush and started packing my things away as if I'm on my way out.

He started moving towards me as I packed away my laptop. When he got to me it felt like there was no space to breathe between us.... Me still looking down at my laptop bag I saw his huge dick bulging through his pants. I looked up into his eyes that tried to dissect my soul as they met. He saw right through me, and I had nowhere to hide. "Uhm...." I started and he grabbed me around the waist before I could finish. He sunk his lips into mine as he pulled my waist into his.

It blew me away and the lust was ignited. He lifted me up and pressed me into the wall next to my desk. My clean shaven legs entangled around him as he pushed me into the wall. I lost myself in his lust as his bulging dick pushed against my thong. He dropped his pants in a very smooth way, pulled my thong to the side and trusted his hard dick into my small wet pussy. He starred into my eyes as he pounded me increasingly harder with each thrust.

We turned around and he wiped the documents off the desk as he sat me down. He spread my legs apart and continued as if he never stopped. I could not help the lust of this new stranger pounding me without permission. He increased in tempo, I could not help myself and moaned load on every thrust. This did not last very long as the whole sensation of the spur of the moment pushed me over the edge and I screamed as I came on my desk.

He cleaned me up like a gentleman, then disappeared into the weekend...

What just happened...