Written by Oneisneverenough

12 Feb 2015

It’s early evening, warm and breezy, golden colours in the sky. I’m lying on the bed on my back, firm breasts, nipples hard, all naked, clean and shaven pussy. As the light breeze washes over my tits, they get even harder. My boyfriend walks in from the bathroom and, kisses me deeply on the mouth and strokes my one breast, playing with the nipple in just the way I like it, a bit firm, he moves down to suck my other breast and gently nibbles on it. I’m getting turned on and my moans are filling the rooms as he inserts first one and then two fingers into my pussy.

He then pulls from the drawer a blindfold and neckties that he uses to tie my hands to the bedpost. I love this feeling of being completely at his mercy, but I trust this man and so know that I can only expect pleasure at his hands. He kisses me deeply, from mouth to my breasts all the way down to my core, where he expertly plays with my clitoris, then all of a sudden I feel another hand on my breast, this one slightly bigger than I’m used to. Ohmigod, is this happening, I’ve shared this fantasy with my boyfriend before, but I never thought he’d actually want to share me with anyone. I’m slightly nervous and ask my boyfriend what is going on and he says “I’m giving you your fantasy, shut up and enjoy it”. Then he gives me a deep and passionate kiss, meanwhile the other guy is sucking on my nipple and I feel his fingers inside of my now dripping pussy, he’s got bigger hands and his two fingers are stretching my tight pussy, he’s bends over and sucks my clitoris, oh god, it feels so damn good, he starts fucking me with tongue and all the while playing with my clit. I can feel my tummy tightening. Meanwhile boyfriend puts his thick cock in my mouth. He’s got a nice thick cock that has a nice length to it. Just the way I like it, big, but not uncomfortable, and i love giving him head, he’s now slowly fucking my mouth and love the way he tastes. .

The other guy is still working my pussy and I’m about to cum, when I feel a third mouth on my breast, I’m now going absolutely crazy, this new guy let’s call him Guy2 has a hot mouth and is slightly rough, but I like it. I cum immediately when he sucks my nipple and gush all over Guy1, who goes absolutely crazy. I feel him rub his cock over my clit, all the way from the top, to just before my anus, he does this slowly and unhurried, I’m moaning so hard and just want to feel a cock inside me. He slowly inserts his monster cock inside of me, and as I’m tight he takes his time, until I feel my pussy stretching around him, then he slowly starts pounding into me, my hips are grinding furiously against him and wanting to be fucked harder. He starts grinding into me and fucking me so hard I can feel his cock hit my cervix. He cums loudly, inside me and stays there for some time. I can feel him pull out then pass out on the bed.

Meanwhile Guy2 swaps, with my boyfriend and I now have his cock inside my mouth, I thought Guy1 had a big cock, I can barely fit this guy’s cock into my mouth, it’s so thick and long, I gag as he tries to go to deep in my throat, I can only suck the top of his head but I’m loving this sensation. My boyfriend is all the while playing my tits. He can see that I’m struggling to give Guy2 good head, they swap and I now feel this huge alien cock stretching my pussy so wide and despite my earlier orgasm and Guy1 having already stretched me, I’m sure I will not be able to take this, but I’m going to die trying. And it’s a good thing I persevered. This one is not gentle at all, he tries to enter me in one stroke but I yell as my pussy is still a bit tender from Guy1’s attention. He slows down and acclimatises my pussy to this porn star cock. I cum so hard and he just keeps going, this man can last. Ohmigod, I’m forever ruined for the guys with average cocks. I love this feeling of being so full. As he’s fucking me, boyfriend is sucking my tits and nibbling a bit hard, Guy1 insert his finger into my anus. Oh lord, is this kind of pleasure even legal. I scream and it’s like I lose it a bit and have the biggest orgasm I have ever had. This is nothing like I’ve ever experienced. Guy2 drops another load of cum in my pussy. I fall asleep exhausted from all this exertion.

When I wake up, blindfold off, hands untied, my boyfriend is wiping me down with a warm and wet towel. He gently rolls on top of me kisses me and says “you’re the sexiest creature alive and now I’m going to fuck you like the little slut that you are”