Written by Cloud_and_Tifa

27 Apr 2013

She handed him a towel carefully studied his naked body, knowing that she has not yet replied to his sudden confession.

" I came here because i need your help.."

Impulsively he placed his hand on hers. He had never attempted to approach her this way before, but instinct urged him onward, daring him to take the chance.

It was frightening, exhilarating.

His fingers was smooth and cool

"Tell me what it is, off coarse I will help you,"

He felt something lurking with in him. Asif someone else was looking at the world through his eyes.Whenever he reached out to his unconsciousness, it felt as if his bare soul rubbed against someone elses.

The world suddenly gone silent and it was asif he was lost.

He slowly walked closer to her, his eyes focussing on hers.

She smiled uncertainly and felt her heart skip a beat as he suddenly pulled her close to him.

As he embraced her he kissed her soft and pale neck, gently at first but with mounting vigour as each second passed.

His fingers explored up her neckline and into her hair. He then unexpectbly grabbed her neck, chocking her, pulling her hair backwards.

She gasped for air as he suddenly bit the skin on her exposed neck.

She tasted good..

He thrust her onto the bed, pushing her legs open and leaving her with no choice but to comply. Heat suffused her cheeks, as she gazed at him with his intense lust for her.

He ripped off her shirt, and finally touched her where he always dreamed of touching her. He slowly started licking the sides of her vagina up and down, fingering her slowly while simultaneously teasing her clit. He listened to the rhythm of her breathing as she closed her eyes and pulled her muscles tight to intensify the pleasure that existed between her thighs.

It felt wonderful yet sadistic to her, deepened her breathing, moaning as he slipped his tongue deep into her, reaching her most pleaurable part with his fingers...it forced her heart to quicken.

He caught her waist and yanked her around to face him.

She was almost frightened by the strength he had to so easily dominate and subdue her.

He took out his chain, and tied her hands up with them, connecting them to the bed.

He forced open her legs again and finally went inside of her .

A smile flickered across his lips when she moaned louder. He whispered something so faint, the meaning was lost in the tide of the moment.

He opened his eyes and returned to full awareness when his whole body was consumed with sex, realising that he was inside of Lily. Warm and wonderful.

She looked beautiful as he fucked her from behind. It left his cheeks burning and his breath short.

He loosened the chains around her hands and now tied it up around her neck, pulling her upwards, still fucking her. He pinched her nipples hard and continued biting her neck and shoulders. She cried out from the pain, but yet it gave her a pleasure she had never known.

Seduced by the him she wanted to scream, she wanted him to fuck her harder, she wanted to beg him to pull his cock out and put it between her lips. She wanted to taste him but she could not move.

It was asif some stronger entity was present.