Written by Mason2016

14 Mar 2016

It all started with chatting over social media. Been chatting for while as we both understood that discretion is a must. I am not always home alone and the day came when I was all alone for an entire week. I made sure I’d let her know that I was alone as would even pick her up and drop her off. Due to me working that week also, we arranged it for a Thursday as the next day was a holiday and everyone was only coming back home that late Friday evening.

That day arrived when I picked her up and she was wearing just a short skirt and top. She was looking absolutely stunning and she took my hand and placed it on her ass allowing me to run it under her skirt only to feel she wore no underwear. She was slim, tall cute smile, and one sexy white chick. As for me, tall well built Indian male and 100% South African.

So, after feeling her sexy ass, we both get into my car and I start to drive heading back home. As we driving she looks at me and smiles and unclips her seat belt and starts to rub her hand over my crotch. I slowly start to get hard and she continues to rub me. Then she unzips my pants and places her inside and cups my balls through my jocks. Eventually as she plays with my balls and my now stiff dick, she gets it all out of my pants and winks and smiles saying I should concentrate on the road.

Suddenly she dips her head under my hand on the gear knob and I feel her tongue twirl around the tip of my dick that already has some pre-cum on it. She then presses her lips on the tip and I can feel how my dick slowly enters her mouth as she starts to bop her head slowly up and down sucking on my throbbing cock and she keeps that up for at least twenty minutes while I have to seriously concentrate on my driving. Just as we get close to my place she lifts her head and zips me back up and I open the garage door and pull inside. After locking the door, as it is already past 6pm in the evening, she gets out the car and we kiss. My hands feeling her all over her sexy body and then she pushes me away and unzips her skirt and drops it to the floor and steps out of it while she removes her top and revealing her hot sexy well toned body. Perfect ass, perfect tits and perfect smooth clean pussy. Everything about her oozed hot steamy sex.

She smiles at me as she pulls me closer by my belt and as I am about to kiss her, she faces her back to me and makes sure that I am standing right close to her. She places one arm over her head and slowly pulls my neck down to her shoulder so that I can kiss her soft skin on her sexy neck. My hands slide down her slender body to her lovely hips as my lips bounce off her skin. Then lets my head go and pushes that sexy ass into my crotch as she bends to her toes in order for her to feel how hard I am through my pants. I step back to get a perfect view of her sweet ass and sexy smooth bald pussy as I notice a tiny droplet begin to form on her pussy lips.

Looking back at me, she steps into my house and signals me to follow her. I pick up her clothes from the garage floor and follow her into the house and straight to the lounge. There she is sitting naked on my leather couch and as I get closer to her, I notice that naughty smile on her face as she spreads her sexy legs wide open and bites her bottom lip and signals me with her right index finger to come closer. I immediately kneel down and hold her sexy thighs apart as my lips bounce off her inner thigh getting closer to her sweet smooth pussy that is already wet and hot. Then without warning, my lips touch her hot and wanting pussy. “Aaaaaaaah,” she moans softly and places her hands on my head while my tongue darts inside her hot snatch getting a taste of that sweet juices forming on the inside. “Mmmmm, yessssss,” she moans feeling my tongue hitting her clit as I also gently nibble her emerging clit and taste those sweet juices as they start flowing down my throat.

She throws her head back moaning in ecstasy as her hands holds my head in place while she lifts that pussy and grinds it hard into my tongue. I keep on tongue fucking her making sure to keep hitting that engorged clit of her’s and reaching her g-spot just as he slams her thighs shut trapping my head while I keep sucking on her pussy and clit as she can’t hold back any longer and has her first explosive orgasm, feeding me all of those sweet tasting juices as I swallow every last drop.

She spreads her thighs open as I lean across to her and kiss her deeply as she gets a taste of her own pussy on my tongue and as I stand up in front of her I remove my shirt while she moves forward to the edge of the couch. Running her hand over my crotch and smiling as she opens my pants and drops it to the floor as my stiff cock stares her in the face with a drop of pre-cum on the head. She holds my shaft as the tip of her tongue licks that pre-cum off slowly and then kisses my rock hard shaft all the way down to my clean shaved smooth balls. He tongue licking my balls and taking one nut at the time in her mouth and sucking on it. ‘Aaaah Hmmmm,” I moan as that feels so awesome. She continues to twirl her tongue around my nut sack as she licks me all the way back to the tip of my dick and smiles as she looks up at me and presses her soft lips on the tip as he places her hands on my waist. I feel how her lips slowly part and watch as my thick rock hard dick starts to slowly disappear into her warm wet and inviting mouth. Her head goes all the way down my shaft and then I feel the tip of her tongue on my balls as she has my entire shaft in her mouth. She pulls me closer to her and squeezes my ass as she starts to bop her head and I start to fuck my cock down that sexy mouth of her’s.

She keeps on sucking me nice and hard for at least ten minutes as I feel the build up in my balls and also feel them swell up with all that cum that is ready to explode down that sexy mouth throat of her’s. “Ooh, baby I’m gonna cum,” I moan as she just keeps sucking and then I can’t hold back any longer and “Aaaah,” I moan and I hear her muffled moans. “Hmmmmm,” she moans as she swallows my entire load and keeps sucking until she has every last drop. She slowly slides her mouth off my dick and as she lets the tip go, it springs up still hard. I help her position herself on my couch with her knees on the seat and arms on the back rest as I slide my hard cock up and down between those sexy ass cheeks. I tease her as I push just the tip in and out that wet and wanting pussy. Once i Have my cock wet enough with her own pussy juices, I press the tip against that tight virgin ass of her’s and slowly get the head of my cock inside. “Aaaah, fuck yessss,” she gasps and waits as I push more inside her. As she relaxes, I start to get a good rhythm and soon I am fucking my full length cock deep in that sexy tight ass making her scream in satisfaction while she sticks her one hard between her thighs and is rubbing her aching pussy while I fuck that sexy ass.

I keep fucking that ass for about twenty minutes and watch as she orgasms with her fingers and clenches her ass tight causing me to shoot my second load deep in her ass. After cumming inside her ass and making feel my hot load, my lip cock slips out and as I step back, I see my cum ooze out and runs down to her pussy. I then turn her around and pick her up as we kiss and walk towards the bathroom. I run the tub with just warm water and we both get in ready for the next sexual encounter.

The end.

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