Written by Mason2016

10 Mar 2016

She smiles at me as she pulls me closer by my belt and as I am about to kiss her, she faces her back to me and makes sure that I am standing right close to her. She places one arm over her head and slowly pulls my neck down to her shoulder so that I can kiss her soft skin on her sexy neck. My hands slide down her slender body to her lovely hips as my lips bounce off her skin. Then lets my head go and pushes that sexy ass into my crotch as she bends to her toes in order for her to feel how hard I am through my pants. I step back to get a perfect view of her sweet ass and sexy smooth bald pussy as I notice a tiny droplet begin to form on her pussy lips.

Looking back at me, she steps into my house and signals me to follow her. I pick up her clothes from the garage floor and follow her into the house and straight to the lounge. There she is sitting naked on my leather couch and as I get closer to her, I notice that naughty smile on her face as she spreads her sexy legs wide open and bites her bottom lip and signals me with her right index finger to come closer. I immediately kneel down and hold her sexy thighs apart as my lips bounce off her inner thigh getting closer to her sweet smooth pussy that is already wet and hot. Then without warning, my lips touch her hot and wanting pussy. “Aaaaaaaah,” she moans softly and places her hands on my head while my tongue darts inside her hot snatch getting a taste of that sweet juices forming on the inside. “Mmmmm, yessssss,” she moans feeling my tongue hitting her clit as I also gently nibble her emerging clit and taste those sweet juices as they start flowing down my throat.

She throws her head back moaning in ecstasy as her hands hold my head in place while she lifts that pussy and grinds it hard into my tongue. I keep on tongue fucking her making sure to keep hitting that engorged clit of her’s and reaching her g-spot just as she slams her thighs shut trapping my head while I keep sucking on her pussy and clit as she can’t hold back any longer and has her first explosive orgasm, feeding me all of those sweet tasting juices as I swallow every last drop.