Written by Mason2016

08 Mar 2016

It all started with chatting over social media. Been chatting for while as we both understood that discretion is a must. I am not always home alone and the day came when I was all alone for an entire week. I made sure I’d let her know that I was alone as would even pick her up and drop her off. Due to me working that week also, we arranged it for a Thursday as the next day was a holiday and everyone was only coming back home that late Friday evening.

That day arrived when I picked her up and she was wearing just a short skirt and top. She was looking absolutely stunning and she took my hand and placed it on her ass allowing me to run it under her skirt only to feel she wore no underwear. She was slim, tall cute smile, and one sexy white chick. As for me, tall well built Indian male and 100% South African.

So, after feeling her sexy ass, we both get into my car and I start to drive heading back home. As we driving she looks at me and smiles and unclips her seat belt and starts to rub her hand over my crotch. I slowly start to get hard and she continues to rub me. Then she unzips my pants and places her inside and cups my balls through my jocks. Eventually as she plays with my balls and my now stiff dick, she gets it all out of my pants and winks and smiles saying I should concentrate on the road.

Suddenly she dips her head under my hand on the gear knob and I feel her tongue twirl around the tip of my dick that already has some pre-cum on it. She then presses her lips on the tip and I can feel how my dick slowly enters her mouth as she starts to bop her head slowly up and down sucking on my throbbing cock and she keeps that up for at least twenty minutes while I have to seriously concentrate on my driving. Just as we get close to my place she lifts her head and zips me back up and I open the garage door and pull inside. After locking the door, as it is already past 6pm in the evening, she gets out the car and we kiss. My hands feeling her all over her sexy body and then she pushes me away and unzips her skirt and drops it to the floor and steps out of it while she removes her top and revealing her hot sexy well toned body. Perfect ass, perfect tits and perfect smooth clean pussy. Everything about her oozed hot steamy sex.