Written by Subdue

03 Jun 2014

You are on an adventure trip in the berg. You have been booked in an ancient cottage, thick stone walls, and no windows. It is in the middle of the winter and you are cold. You are tired and hungry. In the cottage a nice fire is raging. In the corner is a nice big bed with nothing more than thick wool duvets on it. On the fire simmers an oxtail potjie. A wooden table, 2 chairs and candles complete the room. A bottle of warm full bodied red wine is uncorked..... You see 2 glasses and wonder why 2 as you were supposed to be here alone. You pour yourself a glass and try to decipher a book with culti-ish pictures. You close your eyes and that is the sign for me to enter the room. I blindfold you tenderly and you want to say something. All you hear is shhhhh. I lead you to another warm area. You allow me to slowly undress you. You don’t know what is happening to you, but it feels good. I see your naked shoulders, your muscled body. I like what I see. When you are totally naked I lead you to a table with sheep skins and you lie down for me. I pour warm citrus oil mixed with clove extract on your body and start massaging those hard shoulders. You start relaxing, a little smile on your face. Slowly I move downwards. I see you shivering. Does it turn you on? My fingers are discovering your butt cheeks; more shivering. I pour a little oil between them and my finger is following the spoor. I hear a soft moan. I smile, but say nothing. I leave them alone to attend to your feet. I take my time to enjoy your great legs. I touch your thighs... you sigh. You move a little to make space.... space for what...... Then it is time for you to turn around. I am pleased with what I see. Unexpectedly I grab your wrists and tie them together with a velvet shawl. You don’t resist. The same happens to your feet. There is no escape possible. Your beautiful manhood is growing nicely and looks gorgeous in this half state. I behave myself and refuse to touch it. Not yet at least. More warm oil on your chest. And my fingers continue the exploration of this glorious body. My fingers play with your nipples. I pinch them a bit. Another moan......more shivers.... My tongue cannot wait and has to feel them. Then I leave you alone. You don’t know what is going to happen and you feel a little uneasy, exposed. You feel the softest touch. You don’t know what it is..... With a little feather I tease you. You move trying to get more of the soft tingling feeling, but I don’t allow you.... All of a sudden your ears are filled with soft music, singing monks and you think of the book that you saw in the other room. Is this some sort of ritual? What ritual? I climb on the table and sit between your legs. I see a nice drop of nectar on top of your manhood. My tongue touches it. It feels salty sweet. It tastes of more. My tongue is teasing this beautiful rod; it is playing with that little split while my hands are massaging it at the same time. If there was any resistance in the beginning from your side it is completely gone by the time my lips touch you, kissing your body and then kissing your manhood. It gets harder. The size is great and you feel hard. I smile a wicked smile. I take it in my mouth tickling your balls with the little feather. I feel you pulsing, but I don’t allow you to come. Not yet. I stop for a while to relieve you a little. Then I disappear again. My hands have gone up again, pinching your nipples again. I give you a soft kiss on your lips that open slightly, almost automatically; then I descent on your manhood. You feel my warm wetness and a loud moan expresses your emotion. Hmmmm it feels great. I feel you pulsing and wait till the storm in you calms down a bit. Then I start moving slowly: up and down, circling, my breasts massaging your chest, touching your beautiful nipples. Another moan and that pain stricken face again.... I know your climax is not far away and I decide to give it to you. I move faster, deeper, deeper..... I become wetter and wetter. I feel an enormous orgasm building up in me and let myself go. Instinctively you know what you have to do and you move your hips upwards. Ahhhhhh I keep moving. I feel that pulsing movement in me and keep going. And all of a sudden I feel your warm sticky cum shooting in me... more and more..... The most stunning smile appears on your lips. Slowly I lay myself on you, keeping you warm with my naked body. You relax and when I hear your soft breathing I know you are in Morpheus' arms. I give you another soft kiss before leaving the room. 10 minutes later you enter the main room where I am just dishing up supper while wearing a green organza gown... "Hello stranger" I say, "My name is Anais. Nice to meet you....”