Written by funrisk

18 Apr 2012

The organisers promised my wife (see profile) R50,000 if she would participate in a paintball hunt naked as the day she was born - BUT only if she was not caught and raped by the hunters.

She was given a gun and paintballs and allowed to fire back to ward them off.

There was a fortress where she could defend and I was allowed in there too so as to help out.

She had to ward off all of the hunters or survive for a couple of hours to get her prize.

She told me she was for the idea of getting R50,000 so easily and was sure she could defend herself.

So we went on a hot sunny afternoon.

The place was thickly wooded and extensive but there were also some open fields

The men knew her body from the preliminary viewing the week before and had subscribed quite a lot for each ticket. They were hungry to fuck her I could tell by their looks.

She is slim black petite and has lovely face and hairdo and smiles well

We were given only 5 minutes start

We ran naked into the forest and explored the options.

Where was the fort? Downstream they had said

We moved quickly towards it knowing that the hunters would go there too. But it seemed a best chance we had.

We found it - wooden walls all four sides with an open gap at the back with steps up. It had a commanding view but not for far as the trees and bush were thick and quite close

I took up a position outside to the side. She poked her head over the rop wearing a glass mask as I did for protection.

Soon we heard the rustling of the bushes and the steps coming forward

I advanced and saw one man ahead. I shot at him

just missed

shot again. Hit

One down and...wow nine to go! Hell that many?

Others had seen my shot and took precautions

I saw them mobilising an ambush of my position.

shots came all directions suddenly

and one behind me hit home

I was out of the game

Hell would she manage to cope with nine expert shots without me on guard?

I was allowed in with her as adviser but nothing more.

She was a tempting sight indeed - in fact so much that I was feeling her breasts as she peered over the walls and I was wanting to fuck her there and then

She pushed me off - "I cannot defend with you doing that!"

She saw two guys close up and fired. Got both

Seven left

Another was seen creeping around the side. Bang - another shot at him. Missed.

Three had decided to co-ordinate and were coming up at different angles stealthily. They were also naked and had rock hard cocks we could see.

This turned her on. I saw her tremble and sink with lust in her eyes - but I reminded her of the money

Straightening up she took aim at the one of the three but wham! she had been hit from behind. Damn. The money gone the rape to begin.

There was a rush as six guys scrambled to get her, Held her arms and grabbed her waiste.

Took her out of the fort and got her laid on the ground.

One guy had rope and stakes all prepared. They staked her naked face up arms and legs akimbo

then mounter her

rough sex

forcefully thrusting

I was held back and tied to a tree watching. She was scared at first but soon seemed to get use to it. In fact she asked to be released so she can hold them and play with their cocks.

The losers were there too and allowed to masturbate over her.

A man on each side took a breast and sucked and one thrusting inside her while she reached for two cocks - one for each hand.

Soon I could tell - she was loving it.

Then someone grabbed her and took her to a tree

They tied her arms above her head and raped her from front and back together.

This went on for a good hour and then, exhausted, they let us both go.

"Would you try again dear? The Money you know..."

"Well I will think about it. But I need more training...."

And so we went home. I fucked her to sleep...