29 Feb 2016

My first attempt at writing a lit bit of erotica, hope you enjoy and please comment

The Hitch-Hiker

It’s been a long day at work, been in the office from 7am and it is now 8pm, I have been working nonstop from the moment I switched on my computer. There were brief intervals during the day known as “comfort breaks” which can been seen as a smoke break or toilet break?

Looking over at the clock I realise the time, slam down the screen of my laptop, get my stuff together and walk right out the door. It’s dark, however, you can still feel the heat and humidity in the air as I step outside the office, jump into my car, start up the engine and drive out the parking lot.

Whilst driving I noticed a something in the distance, unable to tell what it is as the road is poorly lit, my headlamps casting enough light to give me view, as I approach I see it’s a female standing on the side of the road, wearing a pink t-shirt, white short skirt and a pair of sandals. I slow down more, until my car comes to a complete stop, rolling down the window, I ask, “Do you need a ride, miss?” As she leans over to look into the car I notice her face, with a smile of relief on her face, she says “Yes please sir, anywhere closer to home would be better than standing out in this secluded road.” I lean over and open the door for her, she gets into the car and tells me where she is going to, I reply and tell her that I’m going to the same area and ask her what was she doing on this side of town as it is a long drive to where we going. (The drive from this point to the place we are heading is between 60 – 75 minutes)

We start to make a conversation, she wasn’t too interested in talking, and maybe she was a little shy or afraid of this stranger who is giving her a ride. I kept looking over to her as I tried to make a conversation, noticing her long legs, small waist and of course her noticeable breasts. The t-shirt she wore was a bit more revealing that I noticed at first, as we drove and my eyes kept catching her breasts, I noticed that her t-shirt was somewhat “see through” and she had no bra on. I would see the curves of her breasts with her areolas a little puffy and then her little hard nipples poking through the shirt.

As we drove she (Lets call her Amy) got a bit more comfortable and told me what had happened, she went to see a friend and her friend (Bev) literally through Amy out the house when Bev’s boyfriend arrived. She was to spend the night there as it was late for her to travel back home, with no money or anything with her, she decided to walk up to the road and see if she is able to get a lift, and then I come pass and pick her up.

Amy is 19 years old, first year in college studying to become a teacher, she lives with her sister and her husband as her parents had passed away when she was 11.

We been driving for about 15 minutes and I get out a cigarette, light it up and start to smoke, she looks are me with a look like “what the fuck?”, but I have misread that look, she leans over and pull the cigarette out my mouth and starts to smoke it. I tell her, you should have just asked for a smoke and I wold have given you, no need to take it away from me. She laughs and says, “I do what I want, when I want, how I want” as she takes the deep pull into the cigarette and blows it out into my face. Kicking off her sandals, she bends her knees up and lets the soles of her feet rest on the seat, her skirt falling higher up her thigh showing off her beautiful legs… I can’t help but notice her incredible body. Amy lays her head back against the head rest and runs her hand up and down along her legs whilst smoking. She can see that I am watching her, taking her hand up her thigh she finds the trim of her little skirt and wraps her index finger with the fabric of her skirt lifting her skirt off the skin from her thigh. As she lifts the skirt off her skin, I get a glimpse of her white panty, unable to tell the texture of the fabric of the panty as it is a little dark in the car, only the light from the dashboard and radio casting enough light inside the car.

As my eyes follow the contours of her body I see her nipples even harder than before as they pressing against her t-shirt…I start to undress her in my mind.

I guess Amy has read my mind, her eyes close as her finger is unwrapped by her skirt fabric, sliding between her thighs as runs her finger over her panties. I watch her chest move up and down as she starts to breathe heavier, as she starts to tease herself. I watch her, unable to contain myself I feel my cock grow inside my pants.

Amy knows exactly what she is doing, throwing the cigarette out the window, she runs the now free hand over her breasts and pinches her nipple through her t-shirt… her lips slight parted as she moans softly. I take one hand off the steering wheel and run my hand over her leg, so smooth, he skin soft yet firm, the higher up her leg I run my hand the heavier she breaths. My hand finds its way to the top of her tight, for the first time I feel the softness of her silk panty, my finger meeting hers as she continues to slide her finger up and down over her pussy, her finger guiding mine as she leads. I can feel the warmth and wetness of the pussy through her panty.

Amy makes sure her hand is on top of mine, making me feel the softness of her pussy lips through her panties, pressing my finger harder into her, my finger sliding between the lips of her pussy, I begin to feel a little bump between the fabric and my fingers, it’s her clit, I start to rub and tease her clit, her moans get louder as her breathing increases. She slide one hand under her shirt and takes her breasts into her hand, playing, teasing and caressing her firm breasts, pinching her hardened nipples…her hand leaves mine as I continue to tease her clit, sliding my finger every so often between her pussy lips, her panty is wet I can feel the wetness as I run my fingers down and back up.

Both her hands are under her shirt, each hand full as she lifts her shirt just above below her collar bone, exposing her bare breasts.

I continue to run my finger over her wet pussy. I am now using 2 fingers, one on side of her pussy lips, tracing the contours of her panty line, starting at crotch, I slide my fingers down as far as I can, as I reach the bottom, I grip her panty between my fingers and give her a little front wedgy, not too forceful enough to show off her smooth pussy lips. My fingers glide between them, I whisper to her, “You so wet”, in a moaning pleasurable tone she says yes just for you, I haven’t been fucked in a long time. As she says that, her hand runs across the bulge in my pants…she begins to stroke my throbbing dick through my pants… all I want is for this throbbing dick to be released. It was as if she been reading my mind, she unbuckles my belt, opens the buttons and teases my cock head which is now stranded in my boxers. Sliding her hand into my boxers she grips the shaft of my throbbing cock and stokes it, slowly moving up and down… as she strokes me my fingers find their way to her pussy, my finger teasing her wet pussy hole, not entering entirely, with little dabs in and out with just a enough going in as far as the first knuckle. As I enter her, she moans more and more, spreading her legs wider giving me more access to her soaked pussy. As she moans she grips the shaft of my cock tighter.

With all the teasing I been doing to Amy I know what she wants, I move her panties to the side and begin to slow finger fuck her. As I move her panties, I move enough to expose her full bare pussy, one finger sliding in and out her wet pussy while the palm of my hand pressing against her clit. She grips my cock tighter as I feel the walls of her tight pussy contract, her moaning is louder than before, screaming, “Oh fuck me please, I’m gonna cum”, I thrust my finger in a little deeper, whilst inside her, I massage/caress/tease her g-spot, moaning more, breathing heavier, she yells “Fuck I’m gonna cum!” I go on, her grip get tighter and tighter on my cock, she is now strangling my cock with her bare hand…I glance over at her, lips parted, tongue out as she starts to lick and bite her own nipples, I continue to fuck her pussy with my finger and without warning she starts to cum on my finger, her legs tremble, she flops back into the seat and loses the grip around my cock, looking at me she smiles. “Did you like that”, I ask. Without a word being said, she just smiles and nods in the positive, moving my hand away from her pussy, she holds my hand and licks my finger, “hmmmm, taste good, I wonder how you taste?” she says as she grips my cock and in one motion takes the head of my cock into her mouth.

Her lips slowly wrap around the head of my throbbing cock as she swirls her tongue over it, as she starts to lick the length of my shaft.I find a slip road and take it, whilst driving down I turn into a dark undercover parking lot… Amy is unaware of where we as her head is buried on my crotch.

I park the car and turn of the engine, I get my pants off as Amy continues to suck on my rock hard cock… this girl really knows how to suck on dick! As she sucks me off I start to fondle and touch her breasts, the first time I feel them for the night, they so firm and smooth, her nipples are really hard and much bigger than I initially thought they were. Rolling her nipple between my fingers I feel my cock being swallowed, she taking as much as she can into her mouth and throat. With my free hand I hold her head down on my cock, I notice she is struggling to breathe as I grip her hair and pull her head off. I help and encourage her to bob her head on my cock as I begin to mouth fuck her, I start calling her names like, “bitch, slut, cock sucker, whore”. She was enjoying being called a slut, I could tell as she moans in pleasure… my hands finds its way to her wet pussy again and I start to finger fuck her, starting out with 1 finger and then a second finger, she was really tight and moaned loudly as I fucked her pussy with 2 fingers….I took my fingers out her pussy and ripped her panties off, she kneels on the seat as she continues to suck me off…I reach and rub her clit, sliding my fingers between her pussy lips and into her and back to her clit, doing this repeatedly… she is enjoying having her pussy played with…she starts to stroke my cock fast, I feel the pressure build up inside me, my cock head swells even more in her mouth as I start to fill her mouth with my hot cum, sucking, licking and swallowing every drop of cum from my cock.

As I calm down from blowing my load down her mouth, she looks at me, our eyes meet, and she smiles and say “You have a really nice dick, wish you would fuck me with it.” I smile and tell her your wish is my command, she very quickly responds and tells me that no one is expecting her home until tomorrow and wondering if she can spend the night at my place, I eagerly responded yeah sure, why not.

As we head back to my place, I start to become the Dom that I am, instructing her to do things which I want her to do… I tell her fuck herself with her fingers until we get back to my house… the drive from the parking lot to my house is only 5 minutes so it won’t be too long before we get home…

We pull up into my drive-way, the garage door opens and I drive inside. We both get out the car, as I get around to the other side to lead the way into the house, she pulls me into her and kisses me passionately, out lips locked against each other, her breasts firmly pressed against me. As much as I am enjoying the kiss, I pull her away, grabbing a hand full of her hair, I tell her in a strict dominant voice, “You are now in my playground and will do as you are told!” Her eyes light up as if she likes to be dominated, she likes being used, but with that she responds in a fearful, almost cry like voice, “ J…J..J…” command her, “YES WHO??” she replies “Yes sir”. “Now that’s a good little slut” is sigh.Grabbing her by the hair I lead her into the house, all the lights are off, I refuse to turn any of the lights now, I lead her down the passage, pass the lounge and kitchen, up the stairs and into “the room”…as we enter the room I push her inside by her hair, “Now get undress” I command. She trying to see around the room as she slowly removes her skirt and then her t-shirt, her naked body just an arm’s length away from me, I can reach out and touch her if I want. “For being such a bad girl in the car and taking my cigarette without my permission you will be punished”, I tell her. I see the throw the darkness, she nods her head in the positive, and I stand right behind her grabbing her hands and lifting them above her head. With no knowledge of that is in the room, her wrists are cuffed to a steel bar, she is afraid, terrified of what is to happen to her. As I cuff her hand I run my finger tip down her arm and walk to the front of her, outlining her body with my finger tip, brushing my hand over her erect nipples, around her waist as I step to the side of her, up her spine….I can feel the goose bumps on her skin.

I grab a handful of her hair and yank her head back as I kiss her lips, my tongue exploring her mouth as our tongues meet and start to wrestle with each other...i hear her moaning under our kiss. Y hand sliding down her back and onto her bare ass as I squeeze her ass cheek…I break the kiss and slap her ass. She squeals…I slap again, and again taking turns on each ass cheek, hard enough to leave hand prints but not hard enough to make her cry! Each cheek receiving 8-12 slaps each, with the last slap both hands, one per cheek and I slap them I squeeze, spreading her ass, I can see the wetness of her pussy through the dim lights. “You like this, don’t you?” I ask… “Yes I do” she replied….I kick her legs wider apart, enough for the restraints to get to her legs…I follow the back of her thighs down her leg until I reach her ankles and SNAP, her legs are cuffed too, as I slide my hand up her leg I brush it over her wet pussy…I ask “have you been this wet since you walked into the room?”… She mumbles, “Yes”, SMACK!! On her ass my hand falls, “You are lying to me, you were not this wet when you entered the room”As Amy opens her mouth to respond, I cup her mouth with my hand, not allowing her to speak. I reach to the steel table I have strategically placed in the room, reach for a candy ball gag, and gag her. Running the tip of my down her chin, throat, between her breasts and over her nipples…I pinch her nipple really hard, she squirms and moans through the gag, she closes her eyes, I can tell that she likes it…I ask if it feels good, she nods in acceptance…with my free hand I pinch the other nipple, both hands on each breast, pinching and twisting her big hard nipples, moaning through the gag she drops her head back, her chest enlarges as she takes a deep breath in, as she breaths out I squeeze and twist even harder as a muffled scream evolves from the gag. Leaving her breasts and nipples to relax for a moment I see a little redness on the skin of her breast from the slight nipple torture she had just received. I run my finger tip down her tummy and between her wet pussy lips, her pussy is wetter than before, feels as if she had cum. I begin to rub her clit, she is enjoying in as she thrusts her hips harder onto my finger. I can sense she is really excited and wants to cum as I stop teasing her clit… “You will not cum unless you are told you are allowed you, you fucking slut” I tell her, she nods in response.Walking away from her, I hear Amy mumble something from under the gag, I turn around and spank her ass hard, harder than before, I could feel the sting of my hand against her ass, she moves her hips trying to soften the spank, I yell out to her “What did you say?”, as I remove the gag slight allowing her to speak. “Nothing Sir, I never say a word, I promise”, says Amy.Hard forceful slaps slam against the tender skin of Amy’s ass. “You fucking liar! I heard you say something, now tell me what you said, bitch!” I yell at her.I see her eyes fill up with tears, and then it rolls down her cheeks. I get the gag out her mouth, waiting patiently for an answer. She softly speaks, “Please don’t hurt me, sir. I’m just a young girl who wanted a lift from you, please don’t leave me alone here! I will do anything you want, anything…I mean anything you want…please don’t.” as she begins to cry.Releasing the gag and resting it on her throat, I run my hand over her cheek, wiping of the tears, I kiss her soft lips. Breaking the kiss, I whisper into her ear,” I will not do anything to harm you. As long as you are obedient and do as you are told you would be safe with me. If there is anything I do that you do not like or is beyond you limit, just say these words.” As I hold up a piece of paper which has her “safe” word written. Amy looking at the piece of paper, trying to read the writing through her teary eyes, she lets out the word written on the paper. “Good girl, remember the word, if you don’t I will assume you are still within your limits” I tell her, as I give her a kiss on her lips. I walk away from her, opening the door, leaving the room. As I slam the door shut, Amy screams “FUCK! Don’t leave me here”. I hear her but I decide to ignore her as im sure she will love what is still to come.I must have left her in the room, all tied and helpless for about 15 minutes, as I prepared a hot bath, with some champagne in an ice bucket.I walk back into the room, I can get the scent of her wet pussy in the air, mixed with her fearful emotions. I hear Amy sigh in relief, “Thank goodness, you are back, I was so afraid here in the dark”. “Relax babe, you going to have one of the best nights of your life, and you have told me that you would do anything I want. What I want, is for you to be my slave, slut, bitch…whatever I want you to be you will be it, you are now mine” I replied. Amy nods her head and boldly says “Yes Sir”. I walk up behind her and take her long brown silky hair into my hands as I tie it back into a ponytail, running my hands down her back and onto her ass I give her a little smack, before running my fingers between her legs as I begin to part her pussy lips and slide my finger into her. As I begin to finger fuck her, her moans get louder, breathing heavier. “Please fuck me Sir, I want you to fuck me like the slut I am” she moans. I begin to finger fuck her pussy faster, deeper. I can feel the walls of her pussy starting to clench against my finger, I know she is about to cum. I stop and slowly lick her pussy tasting her juices. She looks at me with begging eyes, “Please make me cum, can you stop fucking me to a point where I want to cum and stop. You frustrating me!” she wines. I look into her eyes and just smiling at her, I kiss her lips, letting her taste her juices from my tongue. I walk over to the steel table, picking up a blind fold, walking behind her, I place the blind fold over her eyes. I begin to remove the cuffs from her feet first, as I remove them Amy remains with her legs still spread open, then her hands, as I release the first hand I hold it firmly before releasing the second. I hold her hands behind her back with one hand, the other grabbing onto her ponytail as I lead her out the room. “Where are we going to? I cant leave this house naked.” She tells me.Getting frustrated with the talk and complaining, I gag her again, telling her to shut up and not say a word. I lead her for a long walk around the top floor of the house before taking her into the bathroom. I make her stand in the middle of the bathroom, she can feel it is much warmer in this room compared to the others, for the first time I get to see her entire body under full light. I can see the sweat on her body, making her soft silky skin shine. I take her by the hand and lead her into the bath tub, which I filled with warm/hot water and full of bubbles. As I lead her in, her feet go in very slowly not know where she is being lead, the suspense in her mind must be running wild. I tell her that it is ok, we just going to relax a bit here and enjoy each other’s company. I tell her to sit and once seated she can take the blind fold off. As she sits her ass cheeks touching the hot warm, she squirms as the beating on her ass is not met with the heat of the water sending a wave of ecstacy through her body, finally she manages to sit and removes the blindfold. I hand her a glass of champagne, she smiles and says Thank You, sir. I sit behind her and massage and soap her back as she slowly drinks on the cold champagne.My hands massaging her back and shoulders…moving across her neck, Amy closing her eyes as she begins to eye her massage after putting down the glass of champagne. I move her hair to the side as my lips meets the skin of her neck, I begin to kiss her, gently biting. My hands running down the side of her hands, across her belly as I hold her with my lips stuck to your neck. As I bite into her skin my hands begin to cup her breasts, her nipples between my fingers, she moans. Amy moves her head slightly giving me a little more access to her neck and enabling me to kiss her lips. My lips meets hers and we kiss passionately, I feel her hand running up and down my thigh, until she gets to my dick. She begins to stroke my growing dick as we continue to kiss. I begin to think that she wants to start taking control, with that thought in mind, I break the kiss and pinch and pull her nipples really hard. She moans louder, and grips the shaft of my erect dick with force. I get up and out the bath, she turn to look at me, watching my every move as I dry myself. “Get out!” I tell her, as she slowly stands up, the water dripping off her body, I throw a towel to her and let her dry herself. “Thanks enough pampering you have had, now the real fun begins”, I tell her. Without answer she continues to dry herself off, I grab her by her hair, pulling her head back, my face up against hers I tell her in a strict tone of voice, “I was talking to you, bitch! When I speak to you, you will respond to me”, she slowly opens her mouth and says “Yes Sir, Im sorry” in a sweet soft voice.We both completely dry, I tell her to put the blind fold on, once she has blinded herself, I place the cuffs back on her wrists and lead out the bathroom and back to “the room”. Pushing her to the ground, and dragging her by the hair, removing her cuffs, I place her head and hands into a Pillory, which was only about 1 foot high. I place a gag over her mouth, walking around to her once I ensured she is unable to speak, move her hands and head; I prop her ass into the air, making her almost sit on her knees. kicking her legs open and spread, I place a spreader bar at her knees making sure it is well fastened.I walk over to the steel table, grabbing my cane, I swing, the cane lands on her ass leaving a single red line across her cheeks. She pulls her ass in as the cane lands, I can hear her cursing from under the gag. “Are you cursing me, you fucking slut?” I yell as I start to beat her ass with the cane, I struck her ass about 10 times. Her ass red from the beating with a little bruise across her ass. I take my hand and massage her bruises. I step away from her, and stand next to my table, full of goodies which I will use on her today. First I get a light weight clamp, and clamp her nipples, she screams under the gag, I see the sweat on her body. The clamp is a 3 way chain clamp,a clamp for each nipple…hmmm I wonder where the third clamp should go. Leaving the 3rd clamp hanging to the ground, I walk up behind her, and slap her ass with my bare hands, before spreading her ass cheeks and spitting into the tight little asshole. I take my finger and massage my spit well into her asshole as I begin to finger fuck her ass. At first the asshole kept a tight grip on my first but as I continues to fuck her she eased up as began to push her ass onto my finger, I knew she was enjoying it…pulling out my finger, I run my finger across her nose, “Smell what your ass is like”, I tell her. Walking back I take a little fox tail butt-plug, with a bit of lube, I press it deep into her.As I press the plug into her ass, I run my fingers over her wet pussy and being to finger fuck her pussy, lowering my head I remove my fingers and being to tongue fuck her. I hear her muffled moans and she is getting more aroused and wet, I can taste her sweet pussy juices on my tongue and lips. My hand begins to rub against her clit. She breathes heavier and heavier, her heavy breathing becomes panting. I feel her pussy tighten on my tongue. I stop and tell her she is not allowed to cum until she is instructed to. I walk across to her face and remove the gag, sticking my wet fingers into her mouth, she begins to suck on it, she can see my cock is hard and eager for her. Removing my fingers, I place my cock close to her mouth, her tongue sticking out in anticipation to lick the tip. I allow her to just lick the tip as I bring the tip of my cock to her mouth, I feel her moist tongue on the tip, I slam cock into her mouth and begin to fuck her mouth. My cock is covered with her saliva, with about 12-15 deep thrusts into her mouth I take my cock out and slap it on her lips and tongue. Walking around I slap her ass making sure the plug is secure in her ass, as my finger brushes over her wet pussy lips. I grab the loose clamp, and clamp it to her clit, she cries out”FUCK!”, with still no sign of the safe word being used. Going to the table I grab a make shift hitachi stand and the hitachi, placing it under her, I switch it on, adjusting the position so that it lies right against her clamped clit. She begins to moan, I see that the starts to move her hips against the hitachi, as she moves back the chains stretching, pulling against her nipples and clit…her moaning becomes louder, she says she wants to cum, I refuse her from cumming. She moans in pleasure being me for her to cum. I start to cane her ass again, moans of pain and pleasure combined, I cane her at a slow pace.after about 5 shots on her bare ass, she screams “Fuck I want to cum!! Let me cum you fucking bastard!” with that I hit her ass really hard with the cane, “Who is a bastard, you fucking bitch? Have you got no manners? You are being a real brat speaking to me like that!” I tell her as another hit finds her ass.” Pain fills her ass, as she struggles to clench her ass cheeks together due to the plug in her. “Please may I cum, Sir” she moans. I begin to rub her ass, feeling the thick lines which have been caused by the cane as I move my hand to her pussy, its much wetter than before, 2 fingers slide into her with ease, as I being to finger fuck her slow at first, with each thrust going deeper and deeper, until my fingers as buried deep inside her wet cunt, I pick up the pace. “You wanna cum bitch?” I ask her, with a pleasurable moan she responds “Yes sir, I want to cum”, after about a minute of just finger fucking her and no response from me, the words she wanted to hear, “You may cum now”. Continuing to finger fuck her, the hitachi against her clamped clit, she begins to moan and within seconds, I feel a gush of wetness on my fingers and hand, she begins to cum and squirt all over my fingers. Her body weakening as he back flops down as she cums, trying to close her constrained legs she has what seems like an endless orgasm. Losing her breath as she had been cumming, she starts to pant a little as she start to get her breath back.As she begins to get her breath back, I remove the hitachi and clamps, she lets out a sigh of relief. Her clit and nipples is extremely sensitive now as one hand gently rubs her nipples and the other her clit. My hard erect cock pressing against her wet pussy. “Fuck me Sir” she moans, teasing her pussy with my cock I rub the tip of my cock against her pussy, using her own juices as lube as I slowly being to enter her. She moans, “Yes sir, fuck me, I wanted your cock all night inside me”. My cock begins to fuck her, deeper with each stroke until im balls deep inside her. Her moaning gets louder, before she could even ask, I tell her, “You are allowed to cum as you wish, as many times as you want whilst my cock is inside you”, moaning she says with heavy breaths “ Yes sir, I will cum for you”. As she spoke those words, her pussy squeezes my cock as her moans and breathing gets heavier, she begins to cum again, I don’t stop fucking her deep I fuck her…we fuck for about 10 -15 minutes and within this time she has had at the least 5 orgasms, with 2 strong squirting orgasms. She realises what is happening as she tells me “Please don’t cum inside me, im fertile and unprotected”, with a smile on my face I start to pound her faster and deeper, the head of my cock hitting her womb, I slap her ass and tell her, you will be my slut, you are my cum dumpster”, with a deep thrust into her, I squirt my load of cum deep into her pussy, I could have been the pulsation of my cock that brought her to yet another squirting orgasm. Her squirt so strong it pushed my cock out her pussy a bit. As she recovers from the orgasm, I slide my cock out and make her lick me clean. “You have been a very good girl today, and you have not used the safe word. I am very proud of you” I tell her with a smile on my face. “Thank you sir, it is only my pleasure to please you” she responded. As I remove all the restraints off her, I tell her, I have one more present for you, but first lets go shower.After the shower, I give her a tour of my house and lead her to the lounge where we watch a bit of tv and have something to eat and drink. I tell her I will be back shortly, as I leave the room. As I walk back into the room, I throw a blindfold to her and tell, cover your eyes…I have a little surprise for you. As she slips on the blindfold, I walk behind. She feels the touch of leather against her skin and then the sound of a metal click, I tell her to remove the blind folder. I hold a mirror in front of her. Her hands immediately goes to the leather collar I have placed on her as she feels it, “ You are now collared and owned my be, everything you say and do will need to be done through me. You are mine” I tell her, she stands up, runs around the couch and hugs me, “Thank you, Thank you, thank you so much sir. I have always wanted to be collared and owned, but never found anyone and I never knew I would meet me master as a hitch hiker. May I call you Master or Sir?”The End of the beginning to many tales to cum :)